How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions!

Hey guys! So this is the first video of the year and it an and it's two weeks into the year so we're already behind schedule Sorry guys I was in Hawaii and hence the long hair I don't know what that has to do with Hawaii I don't know Hawaii Back to the topic So it's about two weeks into the new year and it's right about that time where half the people who make new years resolutions have already given up The other half are about to give up

And of course there's the half that you know never made resolutions Plus the half of people that actually keep their resolutions That's four halves? Not starting off strong Ryan But anyway! I don't know about you guys but I always make New Year's resolutions And to be completely honest I don't think I've ever kept one throughout the entire year I mean last year my resolution was to stop drinking energy drinks And if you guys watch the behind-the-scenes You know that I didn't even come close And after really thinking about it and questioning Why I always fail my new year's resolutions I think I figured it out! I always start the year off strong but then over time I slowly start BSing myself and Convincing myself that I'm not cheating on my goals but I am It sounds confusing Let me just show you! Here's how the beginning of last year kinda looked like for me This ain't so bad I don't even feel like having an energy drink But I do have to work today so maybe just one for emergencies I mean last year I was drinking five a day, so two a day is still an improvement Last time I checked, 3 is still less than 5 So was 4 5 would be a tie with last year, so I probably shouldn't But then again a tie does hang from a neck and a neck is connected to the head so this area could be called the ned or the heck, as in "Eh? What the heck" but this year, NOPE! This year's going to be different I'm not gonna BS myself this year And to be sure of that, I'm gonna hold myself accountable with me Here's your list of resolutions: Eat healthier, don't offend people, no more cursing, fart jokes, dark jokes, bad puns, dabs and redbull Actually that should say energy drinks, not Redbull Actually that's probably another thing you should stop doing You're always promoting random brands for free

Alright, add it to list then Okay! See once you have your resolutions all you have to do is not BS yourself, hold yourself accountable and just stick with it Especially because right now two weeks into the new year That's when everybody gives up on their goals Like that's statistically proven, When peopledon't fact-check me because I made that up But you get the point Here's some examples of some types of people that You don't want to be, two weeks into the new year starting with: "The New Years Hype" Person We have all seen it before And I'm not gonna lie I've been guilty of it too

"The New Years Hype" person is exactly what it sounds like It's somebody who is overly hyped for the New Year They're so sick of what happened in the previous year that they're ready to move on They spent so much time telling other people and themselves How great this new year is going to be And how it's nothing compared to the last year That they actually don't make any changes at all You've seen 'em before they all say the same old common basic bi- *UHP* What? Cursing, remember? Right They say all the same old Common basic types of things, such as (Epic voice) I am so ready for 2017! But is 2017 ready for me? Don't live in the past! Live in the now! #2017 #Ready Man, I'm so ready for 2017 And I'm ready to put in f**king work! What? No! That shouldn't count I was just acting as someone else You still cursed

I didn't know it counted in my videos too Video or not OK, well, I didn't know that See? So can I just start over? *sigh* Fine

but no more chances after that "The Technicality Cheater" Basically this is the guy who cheats on the resolution by a technicality Like I mentioned earlier people who BS themselves Something I am guilty of

Actually i'm probably guilty of everything you guys see here Because if not I wouldn't have thought of it I wrote this thinking about myself in the past Yeah, I'm annoying But anyway! This is the guy who BSes himself Into thinking that he's not cheating on his goals when he really is Basically they're cheating so it defeats the whole purpose Look something like this Just gonna have one drink a day~ Just gonna have one a day Just gonna have one slice What? *buzz* What? That was just for the skit, I didn't even eat it! Ryan

I'm you, Okay? I see all the behind-the-scenes too You can't hide things from me *louder buzz* "The Unrealistic Goals" Person I know this is gonna sound the opposite of every inspirational speaker Sometimes I don't think it's good to set your goals too high At least right away

Especially for one year if you set your goal too high And you don't see any progress, like, it's unmotivating This is actually not a big part of not BSing yourself You have to be realistic Yep, this is gonna be the year Is the year I become a billionaire! Nice, man I mean you could do it if you really believe And I'm going to practice basketball every single day And finally make it into an NBA team! Yeah man Go for it Plus i'm going to travel the entire world and go to every single country Do it, man

We're rooting for you You know what? This is finally going to be the year that I get a girlfriend ) HAHAHAHA *laughs hysterically* Yeah~~ Oooookay~~ HAHAHAHA *laughs hysterically* Suuuure man~~ HAHAHAHA *laughs hysterically* HAHAHAHA *laughs hysterically* "The Way Too Easy Goals" Person pretty much the opposite of the unrealistic goals person this is the guy who set their goals too easy to the point where it's like why do you even have that goal *sigh* i need to stop using Vine(RIP Vine) the person in denial probably all know at least one of these people this is the person that makes resolutions about everything other than the actual obvious problem that they have No more Ah, I feel better already "The Person From China" It's not even New Years yet! "The Reset Button" Person Button, button, I don't know why people think I say that weird buh-nn is that how you are supposed to say it? buh-nn Butt-on there is two T's you gotta say one of them this is the guys who thinks that just because it's a new year it's a reset button on everything that happened in the past year Hey man, um, I know we haven't talked in a while but uh

I figured since this is the new year maybe we could just start over, you know, and I'm willing to put everything that happened between us behind me if you are, so, what do you say? You stole my wallet made out with Kat while we were still dating and you ran over my grandmother with your car Yes, and as bad as those things were you know i am still willing to put it all behind me wait is that my wallet is that you Kat? wait *GASP* see it's all behind me now you're failing two of them now? the pun wasn't even that bad and how was that a dark joke you killed a grandmother and threw her ashes on the ground Yes, yes, okay, I see your point but the pun wasn't that bad It really was though And that's your opinion my opinion was that it's fine We're the same person Fine then let's ask somebody else then Was the pun that bad? IT'S NOT

See? Hey, c'mon you can't take the pun goal away from me I'm actually working really hard on that one Fine but you still lose the dark jokes resolution Deal "The Secretive" Person Now these are people who have resolutions that they don't want to tell anyone about because it's probably embarrassing and these are the hardest resolutions to keep because they're secretive it's literally all on you hey Ryan can I borrow your- were you just- it's not what it looks like -dabbing? N-n-n-no I- I was just (dabs) I have a problem Hey, just curious, but why the lotion if you're just dabbing? Well why not? I mean, I do use it throughout my entire day After all it is Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair, which can heal your dry damaged skin in less than five days *tink* You seem to know a lot about moisturizing lotion Yeah, I guess you could say I DAB-ble You know what, I give up

Wait what? It's only been one day and I've already ruined all my resolutions already Well, not all of them, I mean, you still have no cursing no redbull, no fart jokes Surprisingly actually I thought those will be the first one to go and the most important one of all don't BS yourself remember and if you ask me actually think you're doing a really good job with that one I mean you didn't lie to yourself when you failed, you accepted it, and now you can learn from your failures and improve Yeah Hey you know what, you're right it doesn't matter if you fail your resolutions as long as you don't BS yourself actually I dont even have to say BS anymore I'm just gonna say it don't bullsh*t yourself oh wow, okay, uh, I think you're kind of missing the point of what I was trying to

It doesn't matter that I failed all my resolutions in fact, I should fail them, so that i can improve! No you shouldn't try to fail them I think No! You know what, you're right I need to stop bullsh*tting myself and just be me someone that makes bad puns and fart jokes and, and kills grandmothers and throws their ashes on the ground Well, uhh Because being honest with yourself and acknowledging your flaws and your fails are really the only way anyone can actually improve! Well I guess that last part was kind of accurate Either that or youcould also improve yourself with a nice cold refreshing sugar-free Red Bull energy drink now that is some good bull now that is some good bull (fart) Sh*t TEEHEE

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