How to be Gangster 2.0

Dear Ryan, can you do how to be gangster? Dear Ryan can you remake how to be gangster? How to be gangster? How to be gangster? (many dear ryan comments looping) ( KABLOOOOOOOOSH ) ( Rap Music ) ( laughing sean ) ( Ryan Slams Seans Book ) S:I know how to be ninja now ! (u sure?) (BAM!! u dont) S:agh! Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it! (akward timing) S:Ow R:sorry BG voice:Hey you! S:Who, me? BG voice:Yeah you S:Mom? (?) BG voice:Still getting beat up at school? S:Yeah :/ BG voice: Still can't defend yourself? S:mhm _

Well then, How tolby Gangstir TOO BUENO is the DVD For u!! (really "how tolby gangstir TOO BUENO" f**k) S:Ahhh auh!, I caught it! 😀 ( poor sean

); ) (Ouch) BG voice:This DVD comes with your two very own personal trainers Yo yo yo what's up! gangster ryan: My name is R-Dissolve For Sweeten My Nozzle Off The Hotdog Dragon, Wait, what am I saying ? gangster sean: Ohh I see why :O gangster sean:There's autocorrect now Hold on, let me try this again TECHNICAL SEANICULTTYS BG voice:This DVD comes with your 2 very own personal trainers gangster ryan:Yo yo yo what's up? gangster ryan:My name is R-Dizzle-Fo-Shizzle-My-Nizzle-Off-The-Hizzle

-drizzle (lets call him GR) gangster sean:Yo yo yo what's up! gangster sean:My name is Mike can eat deez nuts on my face (inaudible)(again lets call him GS) GS:What am I saying? GR:I GR:really don't know ( its just MIKE! hahahahahaha!!! ) Lesson 1, in order to be a real G GR:You gotta sound like one GR:You got to use the right slang, say things with swag, use the right hand motions or else some real gangsters GR:are gonna suspect that you might not really be one and if that doesn't work like I always say: When worse comes to worse GR:All you gotta do, is curse! G 1:Homie and his girl came up to me with that mess talking about yeah, I seen IT G 1:But it wasn't better than the book -Pshh -Come on now You know he caught them hands – G 2:Yeah, that's whats up! G 1:You seen it? G 2:Nah GR:yO yo yo yo what's up my brothers from other mothers? WHAT THE F**K!? GR:Play it, player haters G 1:What's up GR:Not much fam Just out here hustling, hitting that paper

You know what I'm saying GR:24/7 on them forty's gang gang blang blang! GR:bruhssss G 2:What? G 1:Bro was good with you? -Wha what do you

what do you mean? -Man you acting REAL suspicious Hotseat: check (Oh shoot I'm dead) Becomes religious all of the sudden: check (Worse comes to worse all you gotta do is curse) (bleep) fake (bleep) wannabe gangsta' (bleep) *Awkward tension* -He's got a point -Shame is made of plastic Mint? Sure! 😀 Lesson 2: Every gangster knows that you gotta have a cool, quick handshake with all your homies Ye Yeah -Sup man -What's up Oh yeahh Fish (Giggle) Yep yep yeahh 8D Nooooooo Dammit! -Should've just stopped at the first part Lesson 3: Every gangster has to know how to pose

You gotta be able to stand cool with your homies Lesson 4: A true gangster, always breaks the law They don't abide by the rules, they do the opposite! *Scrolls mouse* *Click* How's this one breaking the law? -Well cause I'm errrr reading in the dark See? -Is that a physics textbook? -Yup! Newton's law of Gravity Lesson 5: Every gangster knows how to rap And if you're a real G, you can freestyle rap off the top of your head (Embarrassed laughter) I freestyled that line Hide your kids and hide your wives Cuz Stephen King wrote Pennywise! Ohhh! Ah alright, alright, alright Alright here we go They call me r- dizzy? you don't wanna piece of this! Cuzz I'll take you out like Chinese boy and watch you take a piss! Get your chapstick ready, boy! Cuz I'm coming for those lips! With one of my hands through your hairy leg Let me be your bi- Aye! woah, woah, woah Chill! -You need to relax dude

-Do you even know what you just said? My hands through your hairy legs let me be your Let me be your

biiiii- errrr Big Brother! Big Brother is what I was gonna say Yeah, yeah cause we don't curse -Nope mm-hmm not in here You're a bunch of (bleep) Yo if you follow all these lessons, it should a lil' something like this! TEEHEE (Bloopers) wait I go I don't really know what's happening -Ohh my bad -Ho ho ho I got scared *Laughs* Good job dude You're a bunch of babies (ohhh so that's what he said) That was like perfect

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