How To Be Edgy!

Uhhhhhh *burps* Almost threw up

Hey gais en hepy new yer So this is the first video of the year I know I'm a little bit late But as usual, I went back home to Hawaii for the holidays And I had a lot of time to really reflect on myself, Like most people do around new years and I realized that I need to make some changes Most of you guys already know I've been doing Youtube for such a long time and; During that time I'd say 95% of the content was always relatively clean I mean not like Disney channel clean, But I've never shown drugs and alcohol, or anything too sexual

I have'nt even cursed on this channel without it getting bleeped At least recently, I might have done something when I was younger I mean, I can't even say the s-word and they say that on TV now You know the word *bleep*, see what I'm talking about, it's a bunch of bull *bleep* This is what happens when I try to curse here

It's not even my choice Son of a *bleep* Holy *bleep* What the *bleep* Oh *bleep* Surprise mother*bleep* ABRADA KEDABRA! Huh, I guess I can curse *bleep* See what I have to go through? It's time for a change You see this? This is why it gets censored This is 'PG MODE

' That's what I'm on right now It's ON Look at Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, even Selena Gomez They all switched off their "PG" switch and went from clean innocent stars to the drug using, bucket peeing, sexy, sexual, sex superstars And at first everyone thought, including myself, well that– they're just ruining their career

And now they're doing better than ever because that is what people want, which is why it is my time to break free By the end of this video, I'm gonna be switching this off for good I'm not gonna kill myself, I don't know why I did this No more Mr Nice Ryan

No more clean innocent videos It's time It's time to get a little edgy *flips switch* *flip* *flip* *flip* Huh? Guess it doesn't work Oh, you thought this was gonna be a vlog? *crash* That's something the old Ryan Higa would do

Guess what? The old Ryan Higa, he's dead This is the new and improved Ryan Higa, The Edgy Ryan Higa, Redgy Higa By the time you finish this video, this switch is going off for good Welcome to "How to be Edgy" I'm Redgy

Welcome to "How to be Edgy" I'm Redgy Yeah, I introduced myself twice, but that's the first lesson of being edgy We ain't afraid of the rules Edgy people, we don't do what's normal

We don't do what society tell us to do I mean, look at me Look at what i'm wearing right now See this jacket? The zipper don't go straight at the middle like every single other jacket It goes a little to the right

Why? 'Cause *beep* society That's why Now, look at my pants Ripped No big deal, right? They're just ripped pants

Well, guess what These pants are ripped on purpose And I know you guys can't see it right now, but I had some bad milk with my cereal today And now I got diarrhea Guess what color underwear I still chose to wear

That's right Oh, kinda pull that too hard Now, if you really want to be edgy, you gotta commit Just wearing edgy clothes is nothing 'cause you can change But if you really commit like how i did, that's a sign of a true edgy person

See my hair color? Not even my real hair color I dyed it Well, I mean I sprayed it But it's not gonna come off until I shower later And these piercings? Yeah, they may not be real, but they still will leave a really dark red mark when I take them off later

And most importantly, if you want to be edgy, you gotta have tats Can you grab that sleeve? Thank you Every edgy person you can think of has tats And I know you guys think you know what I'm gonna say, but no These tats, these are real

These are real temporary tattoos And they're all edgy These are tattoos that nobody gets This Chinese character right here? It's in Japanese I can't even read Korean

Tell me how many people are brave enough to get something like that Well, how about this one? A lot of people get this tattoo because they love their mom But I got this one, 'causefrom when I punch my mom in the heart Or even all of these So edgy the stories behind the tats didn't even happen yet This is the story of when i got a copyright claim from Disney Alright

Now that you look the part and dress the part, here's the final step before you can turn this bad boy off and start to say words like *bleep* All you gotta do is act the part 'Cause edgy people, we live on the edge all the time Like right now, I'm literally sitting at the edge of my seat When I sleep, I sleep at the edge of the bed

And my bed is at the edge of the room, which is at the edge of my house, which is located at the edge of Las Vegas, which is at the edge of Nevada, near the edge of the USA And the USA, as we all know, is on the edge of bankruptcy But we don't care, 'cause edgy people– we take risks Forget the consequences Just Nike it

Just Shia Labeouf it Just do it! Oh, it's the law to wear your seat belt when you're at the wheel? Pssh Put my arm around it like it's no big deal Oh, mom made spaghetti tonight? Pssh! I still wear a shirt that's white Oh, you have to wait an hour after you eat to go swim? Pssh! I just wait 45 minutes and jump in

Or the way the Chipotle says guacamole costs extra? Pssh! How much extra? A dollar eighty Pssh! Okay, no, then Okay, yeah, maybe that last one wasn't that edgy, but if you were to continue the scene Oh, do you want lettuce? What, does that cost more too? – No – *bleep* yeah (coughs, gags) All right Now that you know all the steps, you know how to look the part, you know how to dress the part, you know how to act the part You know what time it is

Time to go edgy redgy forever And now for the very first time, I will be debuting the very first uncensored curse word on this channel And it goes a little something like this (clears throat) Sh– Okay, yeah, this video was a vlog That didn't actually really happen

I wouldn't actually break a real laptop Anyway, for all of you that actually thought that I was serious for a second, I'm not really Reggie There is no Reggie I'm not gonna change for all the people that thought I was serious Look, the truth is, I am getting older

And usually, with people in the entertainment industry, as they get older, they intentionally try to get edgier so that they can appeal to an older audience And honestly, I just, I don't want to do that Look, if my stuff gets edgier over time, because I'm getting older, that's fine But I'm not gonna force it just to appeal to a new audience I'm not getting edgy

I'm not really changing my image In fact, because I know there's already gonna be a lot of you who didn't get the sarcasm in this video, all those bleeps you heard in this video that you thought you were offended by weren't actually curse words I actually didn't even curse once throughout filming this entire video This is what it really sounded like without all the bleeps You know, the word "I"? It's a bunch of bull will! Son of a never! Holy curse

What the on? Oh, this Surprise, mother channel Because 'Cause if society, that's why Can start saying words like "I

" Did yeah! You see? I wasn't cursing at all And if you put all those bleeps I said together, it's actually a message that I created to help assure you guys that I'm not really changing And if you didn't already catch it, this is what it says If I did, that shit would be crazy! I'm sorry I had to do it

I had to And now for all of you that still want to complain, please see my video, Censorship Makes No Sense Have a good night I'll see you next year I'm just kidding

I'll see you guys this year I'll see you guys probably next week Okay, bye So thank you guys again so much for watching If you wanna se bloopers or behind the scsenes, click on the one on the left If you wanna see the previous video, wich was last year, click the one on the right And again, don't worry guys I'm not gonna be swearing all the time I'm not gonna ever say the word sh** again Oh sh**, oh sh**, f*** *see it's still bleeped

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