How to be a Youtube Celebrity

-Yo, what's up? My name is MysteryKevDawson SmoshemG Fu Productions -Hey, it's Freeee

ddie Wong -And we're gonna be teaching you how to be a YouTube celebrity Lesson one

In order to be a YouTube celebrity, you need to have a good video -Like a cute baby -[cries like a baby] -Or a cute cat -Meeeeooooww! -Or a cute person -Aaaaaaahhh!!! -Or even a cute triangle

-Aaaaaah -Lesson two: Every YouTube celebrity travels [adventurous music plays] [whistle blows] Traveling! -Lesson three: if you're a YouTube celebrity, you're always on red carpets

[audience cheers] [audience groans] [laughter] [laughter and applause] [dramatic music plays] -Lesson four: Every YouTube celebrity has fans [fans whirring] -Lesson five: If you're a YouTube celebrity, everyone knows you -Hey, aren't you that uh– Kevjumba? -Yeah -Hey man, can I borrow your pencil sharpener? -No -No, but I need it for homework

-No -My pencil's like -No -It's dull -No

No -If you follow all of these lessons -It should look a little something like this

-(children) Oh no! -Teehee! [snickering] And we're gonna be teaching you how to be–[laughs] -Hey Ray, you wanna go to the movie premiere? -No! [laughter] Traveling! [laughs] [laughs] Traveling! [laughter] -Don't laugh -What are you doing?

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