How To Be A Viner!

Hey guys! Hey So I have a huge announcement at the end of this video I mean I'm sure from the title you'll never guess what it is So make sure you stay to the end But we'll get there

Anyway Some of you guys may or may not have seen my last video I recently did a I dare you video with one of the biggest viners in the world No he is the biggest viner in the world, King Bach And also another huge viner and actually a youtuber that I met a while back name deStorm And of course when you film with people you always want to check out all their stuff And that's what I did And I gotta say I was inspired I mean I didn't just watch their stuff, I ended up watching like a bunch of different viners And I just realized vine is where it's at Vine is what the new generation likes short quick fast videos, it's cool I mean like you guys know some of the biggest trends originated from vine Which is why I started watching them and taking notes and studying, and after compiling all of my studies and data, I've come up with some lessons and tips for not just myself, but all of you How To Be a Viner Here's five quick lessons to help you be a viner Lesson number one, you gotta be quick You only got six seconds to tell a whole story, whether that means talking faster or editing faster you just gotta be quick Lesson number 2, use copyrighted music Rather than express your own emotions, you have to use copyrighted music to express it for you Now remember that's just for Vine, you can't do that here on YouTube, cause if you do they'll probably take down your video and you'll have to ♫Say Goodbye to♫ Lesson 3, use the dramatic gunshot sounding soundeffect thing I literally texted Bach to see what that soundeffect was Cause every single Viner uses it, this is what he sent me *gunshot sound* You heard that before right? Basically just use that sound effect a lot Lesson 4, overdone trends Like I said before a lot of trends originate from Vine, but it doesn't just stop there You just gotta jump on every single trend, and just keep doing it until it's overdone and everybody's sick of it Last but not least and probably the most important of all It's gotta be relatable Majority of Vines fall into this category Just pick a really specific topic that everybody can relate to and that's all there is to it I think Cause I wouldn't know, I'm not a Viner, or am I? No I'm not But I did try! So if you follow all these lessons just like I did, it should look a little something like this Ryan : So I was wondering if I could get a goodnight kiss? Girl : Oh I'm sorry actually just- Ryan : Oh that's perfectly fine I can just eat it myself then ♫I got my eyes on you♫ ♫I wish that I could wake up with amnesia! and saw the little something I forget♫ ♫I got my eyes on you♫ Ryan : Talk dirty to me Girl : Garbage disposals Ryan : Yeah Girl : Public restrooms Ryan : Oh yeah Girl : lil' John's hair on a sunny afternoon Ryan : Yeahya! ♫Let It Go♫ ♫Cold never bothered me anyway♫ *fart* ♫Turn down for what♫ ♫How do I say goodbye♫ Why does this keep happening! *eating noise* Machine 1 : I think you should start eating both socks so he doesn't notice Machine 2 : I would but I'm on a diet ♫But you know there is no innocent one in this game for two♫ *SCREAM* Ryan : Aw man, shouldn't have went in there Derrick : He was right behind him *Hysterical Crying* Girl : Oh my god look at her, she has perfect hair Ryan : You have perfect hair Girl : So skinny Ryan :You're skinny Girl : I wish I could be have as pretty as her Ryan : You are half as pretty as- ♫I will remember you♫ Put em in a coffin ♫I will remember♫ Soulja Boi, wait what, who is that again? ♫I will remember you♫ Yeah, I should probably just stick to YouTube But anyway, it is the end of the video and like I said in the beginning, I have a huge announcement for you guys So drumroll please *gunshot* Or that After an entire week after watching Vine, after Vine, after Vine I have decided that it is time To formally and publicly announce, that I Ryan Higa will finally have aaaaaaaaa Snapchat! So April Fools? I guess? I still don't have a Vine, but yes! I am on Snapchat So if you have a Snapchat go and follow me, my account name is the same as my twitter therealryanhiga You know if you're not tired of seeing boring videos of me here, you can go see them there! Especially if you want to see some edgy, exciting, dangerously crazy, gold quality Snapchats like this Hi

That was my first snap K bye

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