How To Act Like Your Favorite Actors

Oh hello I didn't see you there Welcome to "How to Act Like Your Favorite Actors" And I can assure you, if you follow all these tips and techniques, you'll be acting

In a long time And you'll be able to do things like this In order to act like Robert Pattinson, also known as Edward from the Twilight movies All you have to do is talk real quietly and sound like you're in pain

It's like a drug to me! More pain than that It's like a drug to me Even more! It's like a drug to me You just had spoiled milk in the morning and somebody just punched in your stomach and now you have to hold in your pain it's like a drug to me like my own personal brand of heroine I dunno why Kristin Stewart gets so much hate for being a bad actor In order to be a great actor the character you're playing has to be consistent And Kristin Stewart is the master of consistency

Oh my goodness that's shocking Oh my goodness I'm so happy Oh my goodness that's terrible Oh my goodness, I'm a ninja Arrr, my God Oh my God See? They're all the same So people may give her a one out of ten for acting But I give her a consist-ten out of ten How do you feel about that, Kristin? Oh my goodness, that's shocking In order to act like Alan Rickman also known as Professor Snape from the Harry Potter movies All you have to do is make the Stitch voice from Lilo and Stitch "Ohana means family" And once you've got that down, all you have to do is make your voice deeper and talk with your teeth closed I can teach you to bewitch the mind

I can teach you to ensnare the senses I can teach you to sound like Squidward I can show you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid So everybody knows the accent, but in order to sound like Arnold all you have to do is make the Kermit the Frog voice "Kermit the Frog here" And then sound like you're throwing up

*makes Kermit the frog + throwing up noises* Listen to me! You have to get out of here! Aaaarrghhh! get to the chopper! Get down! *makes random arrrgh noises* In order to act like Jim Carrey all you have to do is flex every single muscle in your body and have really sharp, quick movements Well alrighty then *shrieks* A lot of people say that Taylor Lautner's a bad actor But he's not, he just has a different style of acting called Distr-acting And all you have to do is have a nice body and take of your shirt to distract people from you're bad acting Ow! Oh my God, you're bleeding! Yeah, can you pass me that towel over there? Oh, no, no, no, here Thanks Ugh, got some blood on the counter too Do you mind passing me some- Oh, don't worry here Okay Shoot, spilled the pepper Do you mind handing me that trash can over- Where do you keep getting all those shirts from? Achoo! Look, I don't know how you're doing this shirt magic but the bleeding is not stopping So can you just call an ambulance or something? Oh, yeah sure You don't need to take your shirt off just to call the- Hello? 9-1-1 what's your emergency? Hi, yeah, do you guys have any more shirts? I'm running low Just act really sassy and sarcastic and do that stuttering thing where you don't really finish your sentence So you – You don't want me to – Okay, yeah- S – Jus – Grab – Put my – Yeah I'll just grab my stuff All you gotta do is hunch forward, throw up your arms and always be angry I don't know, okay? Why don't you just ask the monkey over here? Huh? Ooh, ooh, now you don't wanna move! Ooh look at me I'm a little monkey

I'm little monkey! Carl Carl Mouthful full of chewing tobacco Well well well, what have we got here baby brother? Jennifer Lawrence is a great actor But what makes people really love her is that she's really down to earth And she doesn't care what people think She's silly, she's clumsy, she puts her pants on one leg at a time Just like everybody else after they take nudes Too far? You're okay! Hey Jen, you think you could put that fork down? Why? What? Are you calling me fat? Why does it even matter how much I weigh? I don't want little girls watching this to see Katniss as this Anorexic, super model character You don't have to be that skinny and beautiful just to be a really strong, independent woman Yeah okay, that's fine but this is Hunger Games You're supposed to be starving in this scene, not eating Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed I'm so sorry guys, I am only human after all It's okay, it's okay Here, I'll go put this over here All you need to do is talk like you're in very deep thought, all the time So that everything you say, even if it doesn't make sense Sounds like it's very deep and dramatic Sometimes you gotta go back to actually move forward I don't mean that like some, fancy metaphor I mean literally When you crash into one of those, big ol' green tube things in Mario Kart You gotta press B and reverse a little And then you can keep going And even though I know all that I still have so many unanswered questions Like did they name the tree after the palm, or the palm after the tree? Did Delilah ever tell that guy what it was like in New York City? And of course the greatest question of all What is the meaning of life? Cereal I mean, it don't taste that good It's not the healthiest cereal around It's just there, yet life is still a cereal 'Cause life is still surreal In order to act like Samuel L

Jackson All you have to do is talk like you're at a club Or at a concert any place that's really loud where you have to shout Why are you stopping Mr Cruise? Do you wanna be a part of this team? Yes Coach The I'ma ask you one last time, Mr Cruise What is in your wallet? What? You gotta hearing problem, Mr Cruise? I said what is in your wallet? I dunno Cash? Wrong answer, Mr Cruise That's 100 more push-ups I got pictures? Let's make that 1000 Some gum?! 10,000 push-ups Mr Cruise Cards! I have credit cards Okay yeah, and what kind of card is that? Uhh It ain't that hard Mr Cruise I – I What kind of card do you have, Mr Cruise? What is in your wallet? Um

Visa? Get your ass back on the ground, and give me 100,000 100,000 with a Capital One Capital One The f***'s in your wallet? Acting like Leonardo De Caprio is really difficult because of all the different characters he plays However there is one similar role that he plays every single year And in order to act like that all you have to do is start nodding your head, Press your lips together and begin clapping And the Oscar for best actor goes to Matthew McConaughey Normally when you're scared or frightened offing, you move really quickly But every horror movie actor knows that's the complete opposite of what you want to do In order to act like a horror movie actor all you have to do is Move in slow motion whenever something frightens you *gasps* *sigh* It's just you Marley *sigh* It's just shoes Oh my God! I'm just gonna go kill someone else already You're so damn slow God Should've went down the street to a better house Every Drama movie actor knows that if you wanna look really sad Look out a window You don't actually have to know anything for this one You don't even need to know your lines Just come up with a combination of the scariest and most dangerous things you can think of Then have an editor put them in for you with really good effects So you're saying the machine fell in Mt Volcano? And it's gonna erupt at any second? Yes And I'm afraid this time, it's not just gonna be molten lava you're erupting What else is there? Lasers Laser Volcano only on Sci-Fy So you're saying that all the animals They've been sucked into the sky? Yes And I'm afraid this time when the storm hits It's not just gonna be rain What do you mean? It's literally gonna rain cats and dogs *barking and meowing* The reign of cats and dogs, only on Sci-Fy So you're saying a tornado that's forming in the ocean is heading towards us? Yes And I'm afraid this tornado is so big that it's gonna suck up man-eating sharks So it won't just be a normal tornado It's gonna be a Shark-nado Sharknado only on Scy-F – Wait, if a tornado is forming in the ocean Isn't that just a hurricane? No, I mean, tornados can form over water too Right? Not sure

I know hurricanes do Then should we just call it Shark-hurricane? Yeah, but that doesn't sound as good as Sharknado Yeah, but I mean, just to be safe I think we're thinking too much into this Yeah, this is the Sci-Fi network We don't have to know real science for this, right? *laughter* Sci-Fi network Our science may not be accurate, but at least we have good effects So I know what you're thinking That was nothing like how those actors act In fact that wasn't even good acting But that's because you're used to seeing these people in movies And if we were to put all of the stuff that you put in the form of a movie You'd see how perfect the acting actually was Sometimes you gotta go back to actually move forward Even though I know all that I still have so many unanswered questions Why does it even matter? I don't know, okay? Why don't you ask the monkey over here What? You gotta hearing problem Mr Cruise? Yes Coach Oh my God, that's terrible It's like a drug to me What do you mean? It's like a drug to me What else is there? *fart noise* Shining, shimmering, splendid Listen to me, you have to get out of here Get down! Get your ass on the ground! *shrieking* 'Cause life is still surreal Okay, yeah, that still sucked So, thank you guys again so much for watching If you wanna see bloopers and behind the scenes, click the one on the left If you wanna see the previous video, click the one on the right Or if you wanna see another video just like this one It's called "How To Sing Like Your Favourite Artist" Click the one on the bottom That one will teach you Just as much as this one, probably not that much

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