How the Diamond Play Button Changed my Life!

Hey guys, so as many of you guys have probably already heard Youtube has recently been sending out these Diamond play buttons for youtubers that have over 10 million subscribers (congrats Ryan!) You know, it's like when they send all of those Gold Play buttons for youtubers over million subscribers, or like the silver ones for youtubers over 100,000, which by the way I have not gotten yet ??( (= ) for either my channel (this one) or HigaTV, but you know what? It's fine, I don't- it's not like I care You wanna know why I don't care? Oh, I will tell you why!(xD) Guess who has two thumbs and the 10 million subscriber Diamond play button!(PEWDIEPIE) *laugh* That's right! This GUY —-> CONGRATS PEWDIEPIE Oh yeah, and also I, I have one too *not so enthusiastic yay* Wooo See? Who needs the 100,000 sliver button Dhen you got the GOLD and the DIAMOND?! I don't care at all most of the time I mean I do care a little bit but it's not like- It's not on my mind all of the time I mean it's a little weird you know don't you think? It's freakin weird!!! It's like if you have a Wartortle and a Blastoise, but no Squirtle *making Squirtle sounds* But anyway, I'm getting totally off topic This video was not meant to be about what we don't have, it's about what we do have And for me, what I do have, is a ten million subscriber diamond play button And I can honestly say that that, changed my life Oh my, OH MY GOD it's so bright, TURN OFF THE LIGHTS

Everything changed the day I got my Diamond play button I just got this sense of empowerment Knowledge I could see the world, for what it really was Water felt wetter I could suddenly see the air move I could smell

music With this new gift of vision I could now really see what this award really meant to me It wasn't about the fame that came with it It wasn't even about the fortune It was about making my dad proud Dad I want you to have this What is this, son? It's the, uhh, ten million subscriber Diamond play button There's only a few people in the world that have it and

I want you to have it, so that finally you'll be proud of me Oh, son You don't have to give me anything Dad? I might not say it a lot, but I've always been proud of you I love you, son I love you too, dad Okay, yeah, obviously I exaggerated A LOT Receiving the Diamond play button didn't actually change that much At least in terms of fame and

fortune But like I said, those things Fame Fortune

They never mattered to me They never did It was, and always has been about making my dad proud And that, is what the Diamond play button really meant to me Dad I want you to have this What is this, son? It's the, uhh, ten million subscriber diamond play button There's only a few people in the world that have it And I want you to have it, so that you'll finally be proud of- I don't want this sh*t(beep)! Okay, yeah, maybe this award isn't something that everybody understands and appreciates BUT IT'S A BIG DEAL! And sure, maybe the award is a few years late Because most of us, you know, that celebrated 10 million subscribers did so about, a few years ago And yeah, it's not an Oscar or an Emmy, so by having it you don't get more famous, or more wealthy In fact it's not even made out of diamond, so it doesn't add really any monetary value at all But you know what, for all of you nay-sayers and doubters, this award is still

awesome Okay there's a lot that this award can still do, okay? First of all, it still makes a great house decoration I mean, you'll probably have to put it on the ground Or like on a table or something, because it's too heavy to hang in the wall

but it's still nice to look at! Oor you could just carry it with you at all times because it makes a great conversation starter Oof it's heavy What's in here? It looks like a- It's so shiny What is this–so heavy Oh wow Is this like a trophy or- 10 MILLION subscribers, that's a lot of subscribers And, if you ask me, you know-like You said something? Wha-what? Huh? Did you say something? N-no, I-I don't think so, I didn't say anything Ok, cool LOOK at THIS though See? And that's just a little taste of how valuable AND useful the Diamond play button really is I didn't even start talking about how great of a paper weight it is, Or a door stopper, Booster seat for the short, Tin cans- MORE like THIN cans Leave it out in the sun, it's a FRYING PAN Put it in the freezer, AND you've got ice that won't water down your drink- *laughs* I'm sorry, I actually started this video as a thank-you video to you guys, clearly that didn't happen, Honestly, I was joking earlier, well, I mean kinda You really can use those awards for all those things, I mean, LITERALLY when I first opened it and look at the award straight on, The first thought that actually come to mind was I've finally know what I'd look like from the point of view of a spider Can't go off track again In all seriousness, despite all the jokes, I just want to thank ALL of you guys, and of course Youtube as well Maybe you guys might already know this, but I'm actually not that big on awards I don't normally watch any award shows, like most people do like, the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, Teen Choice, VMAs, whatever Nothing against them but I just don't find it interesting It's just my opinion I mean it's human nature It's always feels nice to get recognized for something, But my thought process, is- and always has been that We put a little too much value into these awards But again, that's a whole Another topic And don't get me wrong, I am SO appreciative of this award Like Youtube didn't have to send us anything for ten million subscribers But, they still did But what I mean even more appreciative of is the fact that all of you are still watching and supporting, and I'm super thankful to Youtube not just for the award itself, but this award gave me an excuse to make this video and thank all the people that got me this award in the first place all of you that subscribed, Seriously, thank you guys so much <3 you guys hear that all the time but it hasn't changed Hope you guys know that, literally 90% of my time Sleeping is like 50%- 40%, 30%, Eating is another 20%, is 50% Like 50%, all my time goes into making these videos, I literally work on something every single day And I hope you guys know that it's because I wanna create good content Don't con this video And I still haven't got that 100000 silver button But umm, like I said I don't care It's not like I'm waiting for it, I don't lose sleep over it at night It's not like I carefully listen all day long for the doorbell to ring, You know, hoping it's the mailman bringing my No, yea see, I don't- it doesn't matter and thats the lesson of this video okay I don't need an award to validate my existence and you guys dont need an award to validate yours I am much too confident and my self-esteem is so high Plus, like I said, I already cut the Diamond Play Button Ok, so why would I even want a little silver (door bell rings) (dramatic music playing) * Ryan running a lot * *heavy breathing* What?? (Dramatic music playing louder) Sorry it took so long, but without further ado This is for our favorite Asian on YouTube! Congratulations For Surpassing 100,000 Subscribers RiceGum?!? Oh there it is! Finally!! Thanks man TEEHEE Was that Evan from VanossGaming? Nah, that must have been KevJumba ♪Music♪

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