How Not To Flirt ft. Ryan Higa

Hey guys, what's up? So recently, I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends who is single and ready to mingle and she's been going on a lot of dates And it's funny because she's really shy, but one of my other friends is convinced that because she's shy and a little bit more on the conservative side she has to flirt Sort of let the guys know that she's interested

For me I feel like sometimes you just shouldn't force it, and we sort of started having this discussion We realize that some of our dates turned out to be a little awkward because of some excessive flirting and we realized that "Hey, when it comes down to flirting There's no right or wrong, but there are definitely some lines you shouldn't cross" So here are some tips on how not to flirt Okay, all right remember just like she said maintain eye contact relate with him, be touchy, laugh at his jokes and compliment him Okay, that's not so hard I got this Ah, yes okay So, where are you from? Oh, hi, I'm Sarah Hi, yeah, I mean, you already

We just met outside Oh oh yeah, yeah, Paul, haha Hi, Paul, nice to meet you So where're you from? I'm from Michigan, born and raised, but moved out to LA a year ago What about you? Um, I am from Maryland Maryland

Uh, yeah, uhm Is everything all right? Everything's fine Looks like your eyes looks like you're crying a little

twitching a little um, are you crying? Are your- your eyes are pretty- you're crying? No, I'm great – So I-I oh, sorry, am I in your space? Oh no, sorry Ya, there's a little bit of dirt on your shoes Oh I'm-I'm sorry Let me wipe that for you Don't don't worry about it

It's fine wow your pants are so soft So uh when did you move out to LA yeah, I know LA oh my gosh your ears are so soft Your ear lobes are so soft oh my gosh, so soft You have three hands, so soft-tt Okay, I- So where you from? Oh, I'm from Michigan What about you? I'm uh from Marylyn OH MY MARILYN (laughs) I love Marylyn

Yeap, Marylyn's funny I guess You're just so funny hahah Uh so when'd you move out to LA? Omg yah the beaches haahahahahhaah (laughter) He's so funny Omg stop Uh Back to Sorry I have to go do my other taxes Taxes hahaha so How do you like LA? Oh yeah, LA is great I'm not a big fan to be honest of LA

Oh yeah Yeah, I'm not a big fan either But it's great Yeah, it's great Okay, um Like any sports? Oh yeah, I love sports What's your favorite sport? My favorite sport is What's your favorite sport? I'm a big basketball fan Basketball! Me too! Right

Yeah, right Do my other taxes Wait where are you going? So how do you like LA? You are so So awesome Oh, thank you So how do you like LA? Oh yeah LA is great like you you're great, and you live in LA

I do Gosh, You're just so talented In what aspect? You're so you're so wonderful Didn't do anything I mean you're so good at eating You're really good at eating

First time I've been complimented on that, but thank you I just want you to know you're really great I am actually really good at taxes I have to do them Okay, so you guys might think that was super ridiculous And it was but a lot of times on first dates or first impressions, we're not ourselves because we're nervous or we're feeling awkward but forget the rules and if you're not good at flirting, Don't worry, you don't have to flirt So just be yourself because you want to be like who you are not who you are trying to be Alright, have fun guys and have fun on your next date Good luck!! *muacks* Good job good job Whatever

Really? Hi-5 *ouch* I just fell, (laugh) what the hell, that was embarrasing, you should put that part in Don't put that part in I fell, I tripped And that's literally you being you, so yeah Clumsy, clumsy girl

Let's eat (x2) We're gonna go eat real food now Byeee! My favourite Peace!

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