Homemade Pinata! (Teehee Time)

*Hitting sounds* Teehee Time *Hitting sounds* Teehee Time Is it rolling? Yeah Oh, WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER EPISODE OF TEEHEE TIME! *Random yelling* Dude, where's your tips? Mines right here

Damn Derrick Put your swords up, in the air All: Put your swords up, in the air Touch your tips! I think these are artwork Oooh! Eyyyy! Tadaaaa! Oh, these are rocks! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Rocks Damn, a Dragon Ball! There's two! Oh, its a keychain We need five more! Oooh, duuuude, look who I got! Is that Cell? Its Piccolo! Damn! *laughter* Hey! He got Cell! Damn! My name is Piccolo! I learned this one from a pickle My name is Piccolo, you idiot! *echo* you idiot! F**k you Goku Oh, is that candy crush? Yep Oh yeah, I was trying to figure out what it was from Look at our eyes

Look at this zipper! *laughter* Oh, that's Sean Thats me That was me You don't know, but that was Sean Thanks Will! *inhales* A dollar! A dollar

Dear Ryan and RHPC, I am not sure when you will be opening this package, but let me tell you this: Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy St Patrick's Day, Happy Easter, Happy May 4th Happy Memorial Day, Happy Birthday, Happy 4th of July, Happy Labor Day– Heyy! 4th of July is probably the closest, right? Yep That is an experienced Teehee Time viewer I know, that is a straight up– This is a smart person Yep, yep

Lucy Razu All: Lucy And they got you Sugar free! Ooooooooooh yeah! Damn, that's kinda cool Alright Derrick, you open it Damn, what ya doing Derrick? Yeah, why are you doing that Derrick? All: Derrick! This gift is from

Gabby and Kaylee From Henderson, Nevada! Heyyy! It says we could call them Dang, Naruto boxers! Oooh, damn! Look at that Ryan drawing! Damn, that's pretty solid Damn, you got dared dude

No! Helloo, welcome to 979, is this Kaylee? *laughter* Hello? Phone: Hello? Is Gabby available? Umm, no, I think you might have the wrong number Oh, ok, thank you *sad sound effect* Pranked us dude That was

that was Kaylee, why did you ask for Gabby? It said Kaylee and then this is her number Call one of us Alright, Imma call back and ask for Kaylee then *laughter* –the system Ooooh They blocked me

*sad sound effect* Sent me straight to voicemail What you got Sean? I dont know Oh, Ryan got his favorite color, black Everyone toss it to your right Ah, shoot

Ahhhh, it was spinning Damn it! *laughter* I don't know if this is ever gonna happen Its all in the throw One two *suspenseful music* *sad sound effect* Thanks Ashley! Oh my goodness, look at the rice krispy treats! Watch this! Oooooooh! Its got my eight ball? I got a question

My question is, was that really Gabby or Kaylee's real number? It is certain You're supposed to ask it yes or no

Do you have to ask a yes or no question? Yes, definitely Is Greg here? In this room Signs point to yes *gasps* Uh oh! There he is! *laughter* Whoa! Did that chocolate expire? Most likely *laughs* Sincerely, Ashley from Colorado! This one has a no namer, but I'm just saying, it has potential TeeHee time potato This is from Aaron, from Mililani All: Whoa! Oooh! Aaron, coming through! This is like a mother's care package

Oooh! Aaron just put this potato in here A potato, dude? What the? Its like a really good care package from home What even is that? This is a piñata and it is– Ooooh! It's a head! Thats creepy

There's faces all around Oh, there's stuff in there Oooh, whats in there? I wanna know Should we hit it? That's dangerous for Derrick Just whack it! No blindfold? Damn this is hard! *hits piñata* Oooooh! I think the bat broke more than that

*hits piñata* ahhh ooh! You got a feather! *hits piñata* Ooooh! *hits piñata Ahhhh! *laughter* Will definitely wants to hit these *hits piñata* Oh! *hits piñata* Ooooh! Candyyy *hits piñata* Eyyy! One more! Big hit, big hit *hits piñata* OOOOOOH! *stick clatters to the floor* *Will hisses* Oh, there was something that was left in here

Oooooh! TeeHee time potato! That was from Miranda? Oh, dude! *disbeliving* No! This is a little drone That's not real, that's a troll gift

Eyyy, wait whoa! And there's a camera in it? *drone whirs* Oh, dude! I don't know how to turn it on Whaaaa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Its like a little mosquito He's crazy! Oh dude, oh! Derrick! Oooh, dude! See ya later! Run Derrick, run! *shoots silly string* Oh, that thing stinks dude, right in my face Sean face! There's a lot of stuff in here Oh, there's a Ryan's face And you got the string too! And I got a knife

Oh wow, you got a knife! You guys want some masks? Who is this from? Kydree Herbert Or Herbert Kydree I'm not sure which Oh, talk to you later Ooookay I'm gonna give it some air

Dundana dundana Crash landing! If you can land it on the potato– Oh Then that's cool *laughs* *award music* Alright, thank you guys for joining us again in another *gibberish* next time! *random noises* *laughter* Oh! Damn, that smells Alright, congratulations once again to all our winners! And thanks for tuning in to TeeHee time We will talk to you next time That's a lot of alliteration time! t-t-t-t-t-ta Not the potato dude! I'm sorry Do it

Hey, toss it up and hit it one, two, three! almost Just try to hit it when it's on the table

Ohhhh! He got it into the table! Ooooh! Why, why did you expose me dude? Ho, dude, you're throwing that hard Oh my OOOOH! Step right up, only fifty cents, hurry, throw the knives at the potato! *laughter*

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