HigaTV – 史上最讚感謝歌 – Best Thank You Song Ever [繁/簡中英字幕] – Subtitled Version

Hey guys! So if you don't know I recentely hit 1 million subscribers on this channel Yeahouch And if you're like me You're probably sick and tired of seeing thank you videos, right? So with that being said I'm gonna save us both time And just jump right into it and skip all the stuffs you guys already hear Right after I tell you guys a little about it I'm tired of playing jokes on you guys My thank you video should be a serious thing and you're gonna get a serious video So I thought to myself, what is the most honest and genuine way I can say thank you to you guys without making a joke about it That's me, there's nothing more genuine and honest than writing a song for someone Well I guess a baby's laughter could be more genuine and honest But I already gave that to you guys [He He He] I titled this song "The Best Thank You Song Created ??" And it really means a lot to me so I hope you guys enjoy But one more thing before we start I didn't want to ruine the moment at the ending of the video By doing a bunch of annoucements So I'm gonna do those announcements right now For those of you watching "Internet Icon" last year Season 2 is finally here So if you wanna enter make sure you submit a video before this Monday I'll make sure to put the link in the subscription below so I mean the grand price has been doubled You can win up to 10 thousand dollars And now Canadians are allowed to enter this year as well so And one more thing I was just wondering

Just play the damn song already! Fine! Geez This is "The Best Thank You Song Ever" by Ryan Higa And I dedicate this to all you loyal subscribers 5,6,7,8 ♫ Thank you ♫ Oh my god, thank you guys so much I was so nervous (See the links below to read ending messages) [Subtitled by WTF]

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