Hard And Black Realistic But Not Real Gun

-Has this ever happened to you? -This gun is so fake! Ugh! -Well, look no further thanks to the Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! You'll never not not have a Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun again! Again! You're probably wondering, well what will I ever use this Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun for? Well, let me show you With the Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun, you can defend your home! -Freeze! -Ow! -Defend yourself! [slap] -Ow! [slap] Ow!! -Defriend your friend! -Ow! -See, there's many different uses for the Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! Use it as a ruler

Use it as a paperweight Use it as a back-scratcher A hat Headphones Shoes

Even use it as a gun! -Freeze! -But wait! We'll also throw in another Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! -Ha-ha-ha, now you freeze -But wait! If you order now, we'll throw in a bigger Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! But wait! Did we mention that we'll throw in the biggest Hard-&-Black-Realistic-But-Not-Real-Gun! But wait! Call now and we'll throw in a banana! But wait! You'll also get this lamp! But wait! -Shut up! Just shut up! If you say "but wait" one more time, I'm gonna shoot you! -Shoot him? I'm gonna shoot you! -But wait! -Shut up! Just shut up! -No, you shut up! -I will kill both of you! -Don't you mean the both of me? 'Cause I am you -No, I am you -I am me! [all arguing simultaneously] [guns firing] -Guns don't kill people People kill guns! Teehee! But wait!

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