GTFO My Room! (Official Music Video)

Ryan: I don't know why I never liked baseball before It's pretty fun

Oh! (Ball falls on him) That's probably why Oh, Ryan, is this your yearbook? Ryan: No, dude, don't– don't look at that! What did you look like? I want to see! (Takes the book) Friend: Oh, this is good!! (Laughs) – I wanna see – Look at him You guys (Laughs some more) (Ryan) That's an old picture of me -Yeah

Yeah -Blink 182 was my(voice trails off) (Music kicks in) ♫Mom, why'd you clean my room?♫ ♫It was fine the way it was,♫ ♫I'm really mad at you♫ ♫Dad, I don't want to play ball♫ ♫Even if you are the coach, I just don't care at all♫ ♫Mooooooom!♫ ♫Why'd you clean my room?♫ ♫I'm so mad at you♫ ♫Daaaad!♫ ♫You ruined my life♫ ♫Everything I do is never riiiiiight!♫ ♫Dog

♫ ♫Why'd you poo in my shoe?♫ ♫I'm really, really, really,really mad at you♫ ♫Toaster

♫ ♫Why'd you burn my toast ?♫ ♫I didn't want black toast, I didn't want black toast, I didn't want black toasttttttttt!!♫ ♫Moooooooom!♫ ♫Get out of my room!♫ ♫I hate it when you tell me what to do♫ ♫Daaaad!♫ ♫Can't you be proud of me?♫ ♫Even though you caught me wearing Mom's eyeliner♫ (It brings out my eyes) ♫I, feel the darkness deep inside♫ ♫My soul speaks to my mind♫ ♫My heart cries with my eyes♫ ♫I, love to write my poetry♫ ♫You won't know what it means♫ ♫But that's what makes it deep!♫ ♫I hate my mom, I hate my dad, I hate my dog, I hate my cat, I hate everything, and they hate me !♫ ♫Mom,♫ ♫I know you want the best for me♫ ♫I'm sorry girl, I was being so mean♫ ♫And Dad, I'm sorry too♫ ♫But there is one last thing I have to say to both of you♫ ( I love you, but) ♫Get the f*ck out of my room !!♫ ♫I'm still so freaking mad at you♫ ♫You ruined my life, and nothing seems right to you♫ ♫I hate my mom, I hate my dad, I hate my dog, I hate my cat, I hate everything, and they hate me!♫ ♫I hate the spoon that falls into my cereal!♫ And the toilet seat when I poo and it's too cold! ♫I hate everything, and they hate me!♫ (Guitar) (More Guitar) (drumsticks clatter onto the floor) Teehee! Hey, guys Thank you so much for watching I'm supposed to tell you guys, like, which one to click on and what they say, but they already have texts that tell you, so I don't what I'm here for! W-Why are there so many options?! What're you trying to tell me?! That's from How to Be Emo

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