Goodbye Sean…

Hey guys! So, just to let you know, this video is going to be a little weird, and it's gonna feel kind of rushed And um yeah I don't have a lot of time to explain it so I'm just gonna get straight to the point Sean is moving away Normally this would be the part where I would cut to like, some kinda sad skit or do some kind of joke or something like that But like I've said, we have no time He's moving away in 2 days

So just for some backstories, Sean's not fighting with anybody in the group or anything He's literally just moving to California to be with his girlfriend and, I don't know if you guys know or not, but Sean has an engineering degree and that's one of his other passions, and he's gonna pursue that But we never really knew when exactly We didn't have an exact date So, we thought that when he told us you know, when he's gonna be moving out, we could've enough time to plan this surprise, you know, party or surprise performance for him

kinda gives us two days to come you know, come up with an idea and then pull it all off [deep breath] It's gonna be tough

But like I was saying, it's feeling kind of rushed right now, so I can't spend much more time here The guys actually just came over, so we can start planning, secretly planning this video Because Sean's still packing, so it kind of gives us 2 days to come up with an idea, and then pull it all off It's gonna be tough! Sean, this video's for you, we're gotta just get to it Right now, we're doing the planning stages for Sean's

we don't know what it's gonna be Just to reiterate, I just got back from Hawaii Right as I was getting back, [He] Just texted me and said he's actually gonna be moving this week versus at the end of the month

Drop the bomb off I know! Sean's moving to Northern California I wanna say where specifically – Sacramento *Laughs* This is how we get started Let's figure out

uh Let's make a list of what Sean likes What Sean likes: Opera-Sean! Ryan: Ooh, I like that! [What's] The first thing that comes to mind when I say shopping groceries? He likes Hawaiian foods a lot Spam, he loves Poké yeah Famous Bowls, too The

Cookies and Cream! His new favorite[s] are Symphony Bars Ooh Okay, I know a good fact about Sean He likes putting stuff together Yeah, Sean the Engineer Like, he's always on a Rubik's Cube

Yeah, he loves puzzles We know [he likes] fishing He likes sweating in his shirts Yeah! Hats Specifically backwards hats

Eyes *Mumbles* The necklace thing that he got Ohhh yeah He always has that The friendship necklaces Wait What? One thing that he really likes some crocs When has Sean ever wore crocs? That's why! I don't I don't know, just do that in your own time *Chuckles* Don't give him crocs Yeah don't give him crocs Anime Oh yeah! That's a good one! We should probably incorporate something anime You know him the best

What do you What do you do with him? Cause every time I talk to him is about if his battery charged *Laughs* Yeah he just like Hawaiian music or um

reggae We should make him an Hawaiian song!!! Okay I can just auto tune it Like a music video? Okay that's possible We might be able to edit it together to make it look cool

Dude but we've got two days tho Its easier than doing a live performance That's true

We can all dress up like we're gonna be Hawaiian singers and rappers and stuff That would be pretty funny I think he would laugh Should we all be on the song? Like singing? I think we should, I think everybody should be on the song It's a message to Sean and it doesn't have to be hard We just need to do background sounds and ad-libs and stuff How are we gonna get him here without him knowing? He has to know something's up If he's leaving that day

Well, do you have like a super old script? I have a bunch Ooh! I should make a really bad one so he's like what the hell? And then he's like really does not wanna film it and then when he comes it'll be more, you know like making it really bad so he will be really happy when its not so we don't have to film it Okay so we'll just send him this horrible script title to be there on Friday we'll arrive a few hours early to set up the whole surprise and the video and all that stuff Yeah Okay? Yeah i think that'll work I think that it's gonna be rough

I think we have a rough game plan Let's just get to doing something Operation on three THREE! OPERATION! What is that? We're looking for beats on like, Royalty Free Music We're not musicians I just take the Hawaiian and reggae Sean's favorite music! I honestly- it could- We could use any of these But I think it should be something more happy

When I type in Hawaiian, the only thing that comes up is like, so stereotypical Like, listen to this I can't sing to this! Or this is like on Spongebob Eh It sounds like Hawaiian cops ♫ Bad Brothers what you gonna do? ♫ Brruuh! Buh! Buh! We're doing more reggae now, not Hawaiian [laugh] We're in the studio now, as you can see – Aww snap – Check out my studio, I got the little laptop setup right here Got the – the mic, and then soundproof right here Soundproofing mate — you're not seeing the soundproofing I honestly don't know how to use most of this stuff I just know how to plug it in, and then hit record

So, usually I make all the songs by myself I do all the voices, and they kind of just lip sync But, since this is a special thing for Sean, what we're going to do is have everybody's voice on it I'll probably do most of it, but, like, I definitely wanna have everyone in it So, hope you guys are ready *chuckle* I ain't singing You can't make me Tar, you're a singer bro

I can tell I'm ready – (Ryan) Stop touching my stuff – I'm ready! [Carribean accent] Dis one here, goes out to our boy movin' away Is this cultural appropriation? It is It really is Or is it Appreciation? Cultural Appreciation? – Well, we're from Hawaii, so — – Yeah, I grew up with this, this is part of the culture I grew up with

This is culture appreciation Not appropriation Appreciation We appreciate coz we grew up with the culture *laugh* [Rapping Reggae] Movin' the 808 to the 702, to 916 We're gonna miss you! *laugh* The first time was perfect Brrrrah! ♪ That we love you ♪ – ♪ gonna miss you ♪ – Good! ♪ That we love you, we're gonna miss you ♪ [falsetto] ♪ Bye, Sean! ♪ Makin' me hit notes I never done! (Ryan) Well, you just did, so — [Rapping Reggae] Ey yah! Ey yah! Ey yah! Ah! All my bruddahs! Huh, haaah! I'm not gonna use that *laugh* – Done – Alright, that's a wrap, boys! I think I can work with this

Day 2 Day 2, we um – we all here, startin' my band hopefully Alright That's a wrap on the music video Thank you, AP! (all) Wooooaaaa! Thank you, AP! ♪ Heart, stand, still ♪ I don't know the words! *laugh* (Ryan) No way

It is game time Sean's coming in about 2 and a half, maybe Less than that And we have a full video to edit room to set up, all the cameras to set up, we have food to set up, we have guests to arrive not enough time I'm scared

If anyone else leaves, no one else is getting a video Sean, this ends with you, bro This is a lotta work! We're almost finished rehearsing We're pretty much done rehearsing We did one run-thru

*Drilling and construction noise* And it's 11:58, so, we got people on the lookout Just frikkin — Dana looking out Literally, it could be any second, and Greg is still editing Look This is not good

*laugh* I knew it We had time "Sorry, on my way Forgot to pack a couple more things Be there ASAP

" I guess you have time to edit, Greg I had a feeling, but I wasn't sure Perfect He's here "Have a seat and flip the switch when you're ready

" Okay *machinery whirring* *whirring continues* *machinery stops, decompressing* We ready? *narrator reading screen* (echo) Hobbies (echo) Shows (echo) Yum (echo) Most epic (echo) Amazing (narrating) We've gone through countless gift ideas, from (echo) Fish (echo) Mickey Mouse (echo) Like in the movies (narrator) And so we did (echo) Ultimate (echo) Mediocre (echo) It's not very good (echo) Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean *reggae beat* ♪ All the how-to-be vids and movies and mini's ♪ ♪ Now we barely post and then we do these sh**ty songs ♪ ♪ Your final saluta-Sean ♪ ♪ Ohh, ohh, oh-ohhh ♪ What's up Sean? So, I am pretty bummed that you're moving But I'm excited to see what's in store for your future One thing I'm gonna miss about you is your ability to solve puzzles, problems and stuff like that And I remember specifically you actually enjoyed the process of solving the puzzles so what we decided to get for you was a Rubik's Cube puzzle but we know it's really easy for you to solve that, so this is not an ordinary Rubik's cube puzzle

What we did, was we colored one of the yellow squares white so you'll technically never be able to complete it you'll just have the fun of trying to solve it for the rest of your life And if you get bored of this one, we got you this super easy one You'll be able to figure it out Good luck Have fun

*exhale* Sean! What's up bro? You're leaving It's gonna be pretty different not having you around You're, like, basically my right-hand man when it comes to filming, editing, you know, getting stuff done with Ryan and the videos and all that So it's gonna be a little different Me and you were always kinda like – you know, sidekicks I guess

We would even dress the same sometimes during shoots you know, and we'd like wear the same clothes, the same shirts for some reason We were always wearing hats for some reason, I don't know — backwards hats especially So, we decided to get you a hat Actually make you a hat, because it's not just a ordinary hat As you can see, it's backwards But it's ALWAYS backwards Yea-ah buddy! Anyway, I'm gonna miss you bro

I'm gonna miss having my right hand man but, you know I'm sure we'll keep in touch and – you have fun out there bro Gonna miss you Peace! Hey Sean! I just wanted to say, thank you so much for literally being the first friend I made and an excellent roommate for when I first moved to Las Vegas Anyway, as you know and as we all know, you're the sweatiest member of RHPC (screaming) (video) But I've never seen this much before And I know you and Ryan talk about this all the time on how you wish there was some sort of shirt that the armpits were lighter than everything else so that when you get sweaty, it'll all be the same color well, now you have one So, enjoy! We're gonna miss you! Good luck in all you do, and keep in touch

Bye! Sean, I can't believe you're leaving dude It's so crazy, we have so many memories together You've always looked out for me, and I appreciated that You know we're excited for you, and we're trying to think as a group, you know, what does someone need when they're moving? Furniture I know you love building stuff, I know you have an engineering background so since you're one of my closest friends, I decided to break all of it for you That way you could have fun putting it back together! There might be some missing screws, maybe some splinters and pointed edges

Kinda like a ghetto IKEA, but I think you'll have fun And that's what matters Enjoy Hey! What up Sean, it's your favorite RHPC member Paco! I know you're leaving, and I'm happy for you man coz not only do you get to start a new life, but I get more acting parts, so yeaaa! No seriously, I'm very happy that, you know, you're able to make this move I mean, it takes a lot to be able to move past comfortable stage, and move on to another part of your life

And I notice, you know, you always had that necklace on, and you always had like one word on there so, I thought, you know, in this new stage of your life, you need a NEW necklace And bigger is better, so I got you a BIG necklace Yeaaahh! You could probably put the word, like, Hardworking, or Paco, you know, coz, I'm someone who inspires you a lot and I know that you always wanna remember me Coz I'm the best and also the guys thought this would be kinda wack, but I know you're gonna like it, coz — yeah, I got you some Crocs, too, man! Ayyy! Definitely engineer-appropriate attire You're gonna look fresh building buildings

Alright, peace dude *exhale* I've got this dire urge to start this video by saying "Hey guys!" Uh, but, that's not the point Um, Whaddup Sean? Uh — *laugh* I'm just gonna start this off by saying that I feel very weird Obviously I feel very sad that you're leaving, but at the same time I'm really happy for you But it is weird, I'm not gonna lie, it's weird that you're not here right now, like at this shoot that we're shooting today You know how it is, when we're missing someone from shoots, it feels weird But I guess we'll just have to get used to that But anyway, I'm just gonna start this off by saying, um, that I am very thankful for everything that you've done you know, not just for RHPC, not just like filming and stuff like that, obviously I'm thankful for that stuff but just as, for me personally as a friend, I'm extremely thankful

We've known each other since I was five and you were four, I think It's rare to have friends that last this long, I think we're in our late 20's, both of us, damn we're old but it's pretty rare that we'r still able to maintain this friendship, and for me personally growing up, especially around middle school / high school time your friendship meant so much to me We were making YouTube videos, we were making those lip sync videos, we were dressing up as girls, and you know, publicly putting this stuff out there and YouTube back then was not what it is now This is like '05 – '06, when, you know, we were the weird kids People – they looked at us weird

This wasn't a normal thing And you were right there with me, and I really appreciate that I had somebody by my side Obviously we had Tim and our other friends as well, but we were a small, tight-knit group and you were always there by my side, sharing the weird burden *chuckle* But anyway, I'm not trying to make this all overly-dramatic or emotional or anything, so I'm just gonna go on to your final gift As you can see, it's right here

One of the things I feel like we always had in common is that we've always watched anime Your final gift is themed anime So without further ado, a beautiful piece of artwork that I personally worked really hard on let's bring it a little closer so you can see Oh, don — oh! See as you – oh don — As you can see, your final gift is something I worked really hard on I don't know if you recognize this or not but this is when we did the anime shoot, so that's why I was talking about anime and how, you know personally I think this is something you can hang up on your wall when you move in — Okay fine, you already know this is not the real thing We'll reveal the real one right now, take a look Anyway, all jokes aside, I just wanna say, I appreciate everything you've done for not just me, but for the entire crew and – oh! There is one last thing

I know I said I didn't wanna make this all cheesy and dramatic, but there is one thing I always wanted to ask you and — uh — it's kinda awkward for me to ask you like this I just don't know how — I'm just gonna — let's just go back to the song ♪ Celebra-Sean Dedica-Sean ♪ ♪ Your final saluta-Sean ♪ (Ryan): Oh yeah, and uh, by the way if you haven't caught on yet, Sean, we're not actually filming that really horrible script I sent you that was just to get you here Instead, what we're gonna do is, actually throw you a little party, so if you take a look behind you it's time to have FUUUNNNNNN!!!! (screaming) (music starts playing) (exhale) Hey guys I don't really know what to say, to be honest

Everything is kind of a shock to me, and I came in thinking that we're just doing a regular video but — man, they got me *laugh* It's all hitting me right now, and I'll be moving to California with my girlfriend and — yeah, this might be it Ohh God I'm not used to being on this side of the camera, you know *chuckle* Usually it's Ryan on this side

but to RHPC, thank you guys for everything You guys are my family always have been ever since I moved here, and I'm gonna miss you guys Thank you for all of the awesome experiences, all the laughs and *chuckle* stress with all the videos we've been through I only wish the best things for you guys, and I'll be supporting you all the way Getting emotional (chuckle) Man, I didn't think I was gonna get this emotional doing this, but – uh Ryan, thank you for bringing me back in, and for letting me help you for all these years, even back in high school, just like how you said that you were my closest friend and changed my life in a very positive way back in high school, and I really appreciate it

I probably wouldn't be the person that I am today, or be able to experience everything that I have experienced if it wasn't for you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart You're definitely my longest and closest friend, so keep doing what you do, and I believe in you guys And again, to all the Lamps out there, thank you guys so much for all the support, and for following me and for supporting everything that I do, and I hope that you guys will continue to support RHPC and me as well in our future endeavors, and — yeah — I guess that's it That being said, I guess, all I can give is, uh — TEEHEE!! Peace, guys

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