I was sick and tired of having terrible dates I tried other dating websites before, and could never find a match

and i never did Honestly? I was about to give up Never in a million years did I think I'd ever find him Well, with giveupandsettlecom, that can all end today! Hands down the best dates I ever had They sent me more matches than I could ever need! They showed me the way, and I've finally found him

Here at giveupandsettlecom, we believe there's someone in the world that is perfect for you, and we're here to help you get over the fact that you're never gonna meet that person (inspirational music) We hate each other so much I can't even look at him 'cause I hate his face We're not even gay! And we both are

With our highly advance matchmaking system, known as the Personality Aptitude Placement Enrollment Research by Algorithmic Groupings, also known as PAPERBAG, we will find you a near perfect match within seconds I searched "gamer" and "girl", and got a 50% match! I hate snakes, but I did ask for a man that was charming! I was always into the shy and quiet type, and that's exactly what I got I typed in how smart, successful, and good looking I am on other dating websites, and still never found a match! First try on giveupandsettlecom? Perfect match! I typed in black girls as my preference But I'm not gonna lie–I'm not the best speller

So I wasn't surprised when I showed up to my first date and saw nothing but a black grill I'm not picky I just asked for the hottest match they could find Our love will continue to burn brighter than e– Nothing wrong with a black match She still smokin'! People used to tell me there should be violins playing for me at all times because I was such a sad person

That's why I went on to giveupandsettle and asked for someone cheerful, optimistic, violin-free Almost a perfect match! I got a chairfull of domestic violence for me! Close Enough! (grunting) We all know there's a lot of fish in the sea, but there's also a lot of people on land You don't have to resort to fish yet! Just sign up to giveupandsettlecom and find the settling soulmate you never even knew you wanted

We promise you you will not regret it unless you do It's completely free, money-back guarantee, so what have you got to lose? Sign up, give it a try You might get a virus Giveupandsettlecom

We'll see you there See for yourself and find your perfect match today It's fast, it's fun, it's not a real site Giveupandsettlecom

Teehee! So thank you guys again so much for watching If you want to see last week's video, click the one on the left If you want to see bloopers and behind-the-scenes, click the one on the right And if you want to go to giveupandsettlecom, click the one on the bottom and find your perfect match today! Day


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