Friends Theme Song Rap! (Dear Ryan)

Hey guys! Oh, K-Pop look goin' on right now with the hair goin' down I was gonna put it up, but when I try it

It's too longjust falls down It's a good story, right? I'm not ready to vlog-why am I-why is this going ALRIGHT! let's get back on topic! welcome to another episode of Dear Ryan! Dear Ryan, do a dad jokes battle pt 2 They all made fun of me They even kicked me out of the room (where it happens) They thought I could never be serious Well, we'll see who has the last laugh them hopefully *snicker* Damn it 1, 2, 3 9, 10, 11 oh come on Ryan, don't you DARE laugh! you gonna lose it now Damn it What do you call- *dies* Dear Ryan, can you hand stand walk on a moving treadmill? PFFT Wha- *sarcastic movements* Probably

I'm not even gonna- I can't even fit, like My hands have to be like this Yeah let's see if I can I don't even know if I can even walk I'm worried about going this way Alright , this is a one! HERE WE GO! THERE WE GO *laughter* EASY (something) fast dude (I really don't know what he said) Maybe we need like, running shoes, or something YEAH Dear Ryan, why do you call all of your actor "girlfriends" G? G, look Hey G! What's wrong? Welcome G G, No, wait! fine G, just wait! I've been waiting for the day for this dear Ryan to come on! It's time the truth is coming out the big secret It's not a big secret

It's one of the stupidest reason This is a completely true story, by the way The reason why I call all the girl characters in my videos G is because This is gonna sound stupid When I'm writing these scripts, and I know what there needs to be a girl character I literally just write G for girl Big secret's out! And the reason why I don't write an actual name is because most times I know that I need a girl there But we don't know what girls are gonna be available then so we just don't have that many girlfriends! I mean not like girlfriends-obviously, but we don't have any friends that are girls not saying that we have a lot of girl friends too

As we you know what I'm talking about We just don't have that many friends that are girls! It's one big sausagefest Excuse me? Oh, I'm sorry G! I didn't even see you there! I didn't even know you were inside- Oh, don't even worry about it, man It's cool, apology accepted Oh, yeah G also stands for guy in my scripts It gets a little confusing sometimes *giggle* hey, are you guys serious about the sasugefest? Dear Ryan, can you turn the FRIENDS theme song into a rap? I grew up watching this show pretty much since I was a little kid -pretty sure if you're in your 20s or older Very least you know the theme song everybody knows the theme song! Sad thing is that I don't know if this is true or not but I saw reports that people were saying that friends is considered sexist and transphobic People are actually watching the show and getting offended by it and I guess I can see why it just goes to show you how sensitive we become-that you're literally complaining about Friends, but anyway I'm off topic-make the friends theme song into a rap? I could actually do that! I actually just got this beat making program and I wanted to mess with it, so that's why I picked this Dear Ryan! Not to entertain you guys so it was so I could have fun making it I've been just learning guys, and I've been looking up tutorials and stuff I don't know what I'm doing is having fun as we YouTube this experimentation and fun but politics and stuff getting censored not being able to say anything and not havin' fun- That's what youtube it is well now Before I get started on this one thing The main cast that's six people That's five other Gs I'm gonna need three of them are girl Gs! Girl Gs Grilled cheese! What am I talking about? (grilled cheese) That's-that's gonna be an issue No, wait Oh, here we go Yeah, like I said we need more friends that are girls What? Teehee! So leave your questions in the comments below, and you could be responsible for the next video! What is that?!?! taraaaaaa

, Freeze (WARNING!!! SEXUAL CONTENT) OH, MY GAHHH!! OK, you got it

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