FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

There it is Can't beat the classics

Can we just start it already? He said he'd be right back Yeah, but that was like 20 minutes ago You know he always does this We could've played one by now, just kick him! Alright; we'll do a quick one Tilted Towers

No, no, no, wait guys, I'm back I'm back Finally What took you so long? Oh, yeah, I'm sorry about that It's okay

Just ready up I- I totally will J- just give me like one more minute What? Are you kidding me? You know what, just start it No no no guys

I swear I just need one more minute I just got to finish something real quick -Oh my god What do you need to do? Just one – one more second, I swear Seriously, if we're gonna wait for him one more time I might as well just get off and call it a night and- Wait wait; shh shh! What's that sound? (Clash of Clans sounds are audible in the background) He's playing Clash

Oh, my god! Alright, we're just gonna start (From a mic) No guys I'm almost done, I swear! Everything we've done All the sacrifices The lives lost The materials

It all comes down to this I know that I may have let you all down in the past Well, not this time Feels like it's been years since the war began Uh, guys? I can barely remember our days in Shifty Shafts, Greasy Grove, all that time we spent on- Dude, it's been 7 minutes

We just started Yeah What are you talking about? We didn't even go to Greasy Grove! Yeah Why do you always get so weird when we play this? That's what separates me from the average player What are you doing? Get down! This is the kind of mindset you need if you want to make it to the top of the Royale

Seriously There's a team out there Just crouch! See, this might seem like some kind of game to you- Whatever If he gets knock down, I get his SCAR To me, my mind- What? I have a pistol

You have a rifle The best players get the best guns! Fortnite is a way of li- Yeah, no, you can't catch bullets in this game I know! Uh Is someone gonna revive me or What? We starting over? Looks like you don't got a gun Neither do you

I guess we both dropped in the wrong house I guess we did Ahh! HUHH! Can you guys see me? Why would you put that on now? I dunno Camouflage? But we're inside of a house! Ugh! See? Hahhh- ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ugh- Shoot! Ryan! Boogie Bombs, I got Boogie Bombs! You've done enough! Ryan, come from the north hole Oh! He's coming! Can we get a shot over here? Nice shot, nice shot! Come over here now

Revive me! Damn, you got all of them? Yep How're you so good at Fortnite, but so bad at PUB- -Lic restroom cleaning? Yeah, I'm really bad at cleaning those, so What? No! I'm talking about why are you so bad at PUB- -Lishing books? Yeah, I'm no- I'm not a good writer either

So it makes sense What? No! I'm talking about PUB- Can you just stop? What? I'm trying to get a sponsorship, alright? -Oh So can you please stop shouting out the other one? The V-Bucks don't grow on trees Sorry I just find it weird that you can't even say the name PUB- Jesus, man! (Unintelligible mumbling) (Angelic Choir) F**k

Shoot Yeah, we're gonna take some damage -Yeah, say we keep going -Well, obviously we have to keep going! Yeah, I'm just trying to give you some tips, you know -No, I don't need ya boi- You don't play this game that often so

-What? I've been playing the game more than you! Almost there Yeah Oh! We made it! Finally! I'm super low

You got any heals left? Naw, you got any ammo you can drop? No, I don't have anything We were too busy outrunning the storm Damn it! It looks like there's two left and they're fighting We should go now No no, we got no materials, we're not gonna make it that far

What? But we have just enough time We should totally run aw- We're wasting time, okay, we gotta do something All right Well, I got one rocket left Um

maybe we just shoot the guy behind the tree in the blue field- Wait wait wait! Unless Unless what? Still got that rocket? Of course I still got that rocket What? You thought I shot it while proposing my master plan? So you still got it then Yes!!! All right, you ready? So we could've made it in by now and you just want to try this dumb thing? Yeah, pretty much

Let's do it Just hurry up already! Okay, yeah, just shoot it then That's what separates me from the average player -What are you doing? -Get down! This is the kind of mindset you need if you wanna make it to the top of the Royale See, this might seem like some kind of game to you, But to me, online, Fortnite is a way of life

I did it! I did it! Yes!!! Hey! It's not over yet Come on Look how far he is though He's not gonna be able to shoot me from there! And he's not gonna make it into the circle! -Yeah, there's no way he's gonna make it -Yeah, he's far! Fine

But don't go out in the open Oh Don't go out in the open You mean like this? Is this in the open or-? Oh! And do a dance! Ooh-ouhaha-oh! Stop! Nice! Fine How is this guy still alive? You know what? I'm just gonna grab some bullets and I'm gonna, I'm just gonna shoot him

Ryan, enough! You're still super low, remember? Yeah, maybe uh, maybe hide just a little bit You know, for a bunch of dead guys, You sure have a lot of opinions on how to stay alive In reality, I'm the only one who's still- It's a trap! It's a trap! I see it Alright Look, just because I'm not that good at the games that you guys play does not mean that I am not good at this game because I- I really can't believe my victory

I cannot believe you- Really? Wait, there's only one dorm here How'd he leave? So thank you guys again so much for watching If you want to see bloopers and behind the scenes click the window on the left If you want to see me actually try to play Fortnite for the first time on PC click the one on the right and once again Thank you so much to Epic Games for allowing us to make this video if you want to download their game for free I'll put the link in the description Wait

We already did that

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