Fortnite Launch Pad Fail! (BTS)

Derrick: Thanks man Hey nice shirt Thanks man

Hey, I don't want one of those Where'd you guys get those shirts from? Um Derrick: Ryan Higa

Higa Just click the link if you want some DOPE merch that instantly makes you a little bit dumber! Hey, umI have a mustache Again

Umso yeah Sometimes when we're filming, we

don't get started 'till midday And that's how it goes Teehee time

(Music) Today we're filming a very special video I know That hurt, still [Derrick Laughs] [Derrick again

] Wait, there's only one bush in here [Laughs] GODDAMIT DERRICK Really? Wait [Laugh] So afraid I'm getting blinded just looking at you (Greg): we are enlightened by these dance moves Time here again home to the fortnight lobby There's like a hundred million trillion green screen effect, that's a day one wrap On to (Dana):SEVEN!! (Greg):Of course! On to dude vs Wild actually going to be cool I'm tired Off to a slow start boys Dude, this scaffolding sport Repaint the house starting the fight scene pickaxe scene pickaxe fight scene

We've got better for it grew before I Built a George Bush and started off with a laundry basket and then I bought some vines and I wrapped around with some yarn What did I make? I made like A Hot Pocket What did you make Paco? A mess So for this video is a little bit bigger video and everyone got to sign different tasks Derek said he did the bush bush master Derek's Bush he made and this is Sean and Dana's Launchpad another item in the game Made out of a trampoline and Some foam and I was in charge of my pickaxe and it's made out of foam and this is PVC Another item that we had to make for the video is a bazooka RPG rocket launcher from the game PVC pipe

Yeah, this video had a lot of props a lot of costumes a lot of Stuff and I'll probably have a lot of effects Eli Eli, he's on our basketball team I grew up with it I have babysit him Yeah Greg taught me this in Singapore I did not But actually there's almost like that one thing keep trying that you'll get it! Me and Sean have been given a task We have a giant scaffolding in the back of my truck all these parts and we have wood and we're gonna try to make it look like a platform for The fortnight players to stand on and we don't know how to put it together Oh ho oh Got it on camera You did? Guys Ryan doesn't actually hate me but now he actually does I just hit him with this, in the head Yeah OOOH That is really sore Fortnite doesn't have blood So there's nothing there

It definitely hurts a little Everyone's like why does Ryan hate you He doesn't hate me now Now he does I've always, I've always It's not that bad You still a nose scar, but like on my eyebrow I'm concussed Took a shotgun to the head That would break Thanks Warren Day two wrap, on to day three Possibly four now got a lot more to go I'm tired Have to do and every time you they play fortnight we take it for granted, you know soon enough you don't see that process They have to go through those characters the heat come cost a shot gun to my head No anymore dude pulled a shoots supposed to be a rough day to be filming outside 91 degrees Not too hot but hot OWW What is wrong OOOOOOWWWWWW WWHHHHYYYYYYY Thanks man give you a five-star rating and I'll tip you later I dont wanna get a tanline Good day for shooting event in shows, you know, my bones are stronger this steel What happens when you don't have a saw get him break it hope it doesn't mess anything up You just broke it with the bush this video is full of surprises Full of something it is probably five o'clock and we've been shooting since 10 am Hot in the Sun

We're almost done with day two ow [Laughter] Now THAT is a fort! David he's in town Meanwhile We're in the middle of nowhere All right one more day Let's see you we've been shooting since the morning it's nighttime right now the guys just built that fort so fortnight For night at least ten minutes a fortnight David might be in town It's day four My back hurts Is that the battery Oh, did it sound too good job that one time? Only good shoots were there rocks Any some chapstick look at the same spot a for this is the last of outdoor stuff after this, we got to go back to the house all Alright if David says so then yeah Derek using full coverage today today Nobody saw what happened to this one? I got this from a tree this Right here I'm trying the shot and I was just like going right past it and just You can get it messed up in this video You have a cat We done with the woods boys hopefully wait woods are kicking our butt Some green screen array for David to get shot by I was super cool in here I don't like this Don't say now

It's wrong while trying to aim and then you get me shot and then you fall That was a long shoot now is only here for one of the days Too let's do a replay that This is all long shoot Full of Sun and dust Surprises cut back to a montage of all the surprises we had Whoa Nobody saw what happened to Just take us away Let's roll the footage of Ryan falling and go We just saw that We just saw that one more time one more time down All right, put a big banana peel there, right Derek

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