What's up everybody, I'm Derek I'm tired dude How do you hold this? You got hella muscles! I gotta switch arms already Today we're doing something very different we will be playing some Fortnite! But we're just not going to be playing Fortnite we're actually – with every kill that we get we're gonna donate clothes to a charitable organization So sometimes we get caught up You know with our own lives that we make videos and have fun now it's important to give to those in need And we want to do something different with this Fortnite video

So every kill, we're gonna donate something Actually, he's a nice person I'm just doing this so we can get views I'm a terrible person not true And we're the same except you got an egg backpack That's what makes me different You're egg-cellent I hate punny and egg-cellent Those are probably the worst puns in the world Does anybody wanna take my spot? You guys can finish the video with Derek right now if you want I will carry you I've been weightlifting one person, two teams I hate that wherever I go, Derek will always land in the same I landed here first! No I was there first Oh, yeah, they're inside the middle inside the middle Way down there multiple people here on the roof too, ohh Too many people I'm coming on my accent There's someone at uhh basement building He's dead -lol- this is super hard for my eyes all the colors are different The colors are the same Man, if only I knew how to turn up the volume in this place

There's people in the house is 300 They're on the second floor I'm impressed You did something Hey, thanks man Don't let it get to your head play with my ball mouse Man if there was only a way I know how to turn up this volume I wonder if this knob does anything

Oh The blue the blue WHOA the stink bomb, cool It contains all of Ryan, Shawn and Greg's farts Is that a half pot back there? I had to leave it No, why did you pick up bandages? Yeah Don't- throw those bandages away! Sheilds over bandages all the time

I tell you this all the time Knocked down one Gottem What're you doing? They're down already I dunno-, I don't know either I was all excited

Yeah I've no idea why Getting excited for nothing Although that does sound like your MO I have tons of ammo you said you need ammo No, that's not what I said Nine people alive There they are in the train depot *Intense Music* Gave up my blue assault rifle for a sniper Wow, he just *luckily* slid down Damn that was too early

Don't stand still how many times like I tell you don't stand still dude They will eat your cheeks alive I think everyone's pretty much here That means with no explosives here No, no explosives it mate Why are you being so cringey right now? Oh, he's around us They're pushing us Oh Gosh Noooo, his name- Knocked out his teammate

*sounds of exhaustion* That was my bad I was way too still *Intense Rock Music* I just got a-hundred and two wood at once Way to brag dude, you're sooo coool Sniper Theyre right in front of me to the- the-uhh North Dangit Oh my gosh, I'm sorry bish That was a lot of work this guy- they're too good at building people nowadays Ten people alive Oh, Sh!- Nani What happened? I just left myself very vulnerable to one side I hate running across the river why It's scary could drown Ooh I like this hill this's my favorite hill Wow He's hitting me good

Do you have any minis? or no Yep Five people left Oh I hit him again

He's so low Running up that ramp I hit one Uh- he's dead Last two are over there Knocked down one knocked down one! He's dead

Last one's in the bush He's low he's low he's low he's low Especially-* No way, I choked Why did you push up, dude You're egg-cellent So we only have 14 kills in that game, but we decided to grab some more stuff and just give it away *Childish Giggles* BANG! Yeah for sure nah nah Too late, you're in! Alright, I'm in Ey! How you doin today? Alright, Imma hit you with the Alley-oop, alright? ALLEY-OOP! and then theres like stuff in it, too

No worries, man Thank you, I appreciate it Alright so we just donated right now Yeah, wait how many kills did we get in total again? Uh 13 No but how much did I get? You had eight So you had five? That's correct

Dang you got better Hey, thanks, man Yeah, I guess my I guess my score was pretty to yours right? Derrik- That's GENIUS!

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