Flat Earth! (BTS)

When- you- today we are going to be doing the thing where I'm going to crumble some paper right now, and it's going to- It's one of my favorite sounds *Paco laughs* Is that the ASMR thing? Yeah! Yeah, that's it! *Laughing continues* Did you – how did you know that that's what I was doing?! Cause, like, everyones doing that now

I know I don't get it I don't- I dont understand what that is Right here just making some stars So some of these real? They're all real things, see? Obviously everybody knows- the ladle The big ladle Woman with a dress on

Astrology! Learn your stars! What about the one on your waist? That's a "Oh-Ryan's belt" Does look futuristic, though *breaks a piece* Oh! Don't need to see that I think I broke that little bit

*laughs* Dude, this thing's hella bendy How we doin', boys? Times is rough, man YouTube ain't paying us that much I mean this won't be an issue if we just start making daily vlogs We ain't shoot one scene yet and I'm exhausted

It's been uhhh five and half hours *singing* It's Been a long dayyyyy

Long day *yawns* Looong dayyy It's about to be the LONGEST day of the weekso mind-blowing heh heh oh oh- It's so-HOHO mind-blowing S-so mind-blowing

*giggles* And I am this close to figuring it out Maybe, like, this close I dunnothis is- This is cool right?

Kinda Got this at Spenser's *busts out laughing* But you know don't break

This close to figuring it out- *laughs* Hold on Whooo Whoop! I don't know its pretty cool, right? *laughs* Don't ad- (???) *giggles then laughs* All I did was perfect

Heh-heh, Spenser's *dissolves into laughter* I can't- It's so hard cause I can see your funny- like This close to figuring it out

*laughs* Did you see everybody's mouth? *laughs* Pretty cool right? 19 bucks Spen- *everyone laughs* Okay, how do you explain satellite photos of the intact- of- *laughs* Am I? Ooo just a little bit WHaaatt? *Pppbbtttbttttbtbt* *PPBBTHTTHTBTHTHb* *crew laughs* Yo, I been hella gassy, dude Oh and that one stink too Sorry, Paco

*farts* *fart* *laughs* Do it *farts* *fatty fart* *fart* *fart fart* Get some cold air *sighs* Welcome back to summer, boys *laughs* It's like- it's like spring *Gravelly voice * Welcome back to summer

I'm scared It's already 90 degrees Whoo- good job Teehee TEEHEE TEEHEE TEEHEE TEEHEE What's the highest one you can do? That was my highest just now

Almost done, and then we gotta go shoot TEEHEE Time, and then I Dare you 'Member when we played Parkourse and Paco was soo confident, like: "I'm Gonna kill this" First one out And he got hurt, too! He got messed up on that one I'ma do better the next time I'm in I'm telling you *Singing* That sounded good! * inaudible singing * Yeah it sounds hella better in here *More singing goofs n gaughs* That's a wrap I Don't think you guys heard dude, that's a freaking wrap! That'sawrap! Its a wrap?! Monster wrap! Do your best- the sand people *does impression of sand people* *Sounds like a dying whale* I've never heard Derek make that sound before *All make dying whale sounds* That was pretty good actually

I wanna try again now Try again *sand person voice* HIGATV ByeBye have a beautiful time lotta P p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p peppery P sounds so that it's Picture P-p-p-p-p-p- Perfect when we Cruhhmple this PAper

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