First World Problems

Every year of every day, thousands of people fall victim to FWP I'm so cold

I'm starving Nobody cares about me Also known as First World Problems I'm so cold Somebody set the A/C to 72

I need it at 73 Starving, all we have is leftovers Nobody cares about me Nobody commented or liked my status Hi, I'm Ryan Higa, and for just 5 hours of attention a day, you can help somebody with FWP

Everyone keeps putting so much pressure on me I don't know what I want for my birthday I have too much chips for my dip But, if I open a new dip, I'll have too much dip for my chips Why does Apple keep making new iPhones? Now I have to get another one

They've been through so much struggle The remotes over there, but I'm all the way over here So much hardship My iPhone5 is too big for my skinny jeans So much attention

I poured my cereal without checking to see if we had milk We didn't So please, show your support and send them this video And, show them how much we care about their FWPs I bought too many groceries

Now I'll have to make two trips All you have to do is call the URL: 1-800-DOT-ORG And, we'll send you the FWP Helping Kit Which includes a bridge, a straw, and a full cup with a cover Here's a bridge; now, get over it Here's a straw; now, suck it up

Here's a full cup; now, shut the full cup With your help we can put an end to FWPs

And focus on the real problems, like starving children or homeless people Because, if you're complaining about something as silly as the iPhone5, just wait until you see the iPhone6 Oh this? This is the iPhone5s This is the iPhone6

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