First World Problems (pt.2)

Every year of every day, each month of the week thousands, millions, even hundreds of people continue to fall victim to FWPs I'm so sick

I have no place to sleep tonight I'm so hungry and there's nothing to eat Also known as first world problems I'm so sick of these routine doctors check ups There's never anything wrong with me

I have no place to sleep tonight My friends took the bed and the couch So hungry and there's nothing to eat I mean on this low carb diet, sure I can have all the steak I want, but steak without the potatoes Hi I'm Ryan Higa You may remember me from the first FWP campaign Well, not only are FWP's still around, but they're getting much, much worse My phone always dies at my friends house, and all he has is the old iPhone charger

Too much clothes, the drawers won't close It's like having a mountain in my way, and every time I get over it, there's always another Why did god have to make speed bumps? Ignoring the problem does not make it go away My hands are so big, I can never reach the bottom half of the Pringles can These people are continuing to suffer every single day

I just bought this dress yesterday, and now it's on sale? These FWP's, first world problems, whatever you want to call them, aren't going anywhere, unless you do something about them My boyfriend didn't text me back, but he just tweeted It's like every thing I built came crashing down all at once The poop already began Phone not in hand

I'm so hungry, but I already brushed my teeth The pool's too cold, but the Jacuzzi's too hot I ordered the salad, but now I'll never taste the soup My owner got me bacon treats, but they're not even barbecue flavor But now there's a way you can help, by calling the number 1-800-www

[email protected]/ 🙂 / 🙁 /dancing lady in red dress// We'll send you the FWP helper kit, which includes an open book Here's an open book, now shut it A miniature batch of wine Here's a mini batch of wine now you can stop being such a little winey batch

And a complete poker set including a case, chips, cards, and not to mention, poker sunglasses I don't mean to be heartless, but welcome to the club In case you didn't notice, there's no one here who gives a chip So if you could just cut it out, grow a four king pair, and deal with it That would just be amazing (I'm Aceing) With your help, we can put an end to FWPs for good and focus on the real problems, like violence, or drugs, or people who still don't know which your/you're to use The Beibs, Crocs, and yellow Starburst The real issues at hand

So please join me, help a soul, and help us all What the heck is that? Oh! My internet's so slow it always has to buffer first

Tee Hee! So thank you guys so much for watching If you want to see bloopers and behind the scenes, click the one on the left If you want to see the previous FWP video, click the one on the right And if you don't want to click any of them of them at all, then that's kind of a problem, and that'll be really sad for me

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