First Video of the Year! (BTS)

[Will]: What is that? [Greg]: We just got a new crash pad [Greg]: So like– so we can do crazy stunts

[Greg]: I think it's a backpack, though // [Will]: Let's do some stunts! *fart* [Will]: *mimics gun* [Paco]: Ooh! [thud] [snorting laughter] [Greg]: Sick Derrick [Greg]: Sick Derrick got me sick [Paco]: We're working! [Ryan]: *breathing heavily* Huh? [Ryan]: Alright, we gotta break it the max

[Ryan]: Come this way [Paco]: Oh! [ouch] [Ryan]: I don't wanna throw you, Will [laughter] // [Ryan]: 'Cause I don't have free control over that *chuckling* [Greg]: Dude, you stunned him // [Ryan]: Yeah

[laughing] [Ryan]: Alright, show us how to fall from a gunshot [Ryan]: Now, fall from a knife [Ryan]: This is acting class now [bam] [laughing and talking] [Ryan]: And now you're falling from a punch [laughing] [Ryan]: And now you're falling in love

[chuckling] [Ryan]: Hey guys! With all the info– [Ryan]: *burp* [Ryan]: And the half that actually keeps their resolutions [Ryan]: That's four halves reduces to two wholes

[Ryan]: Tools [Ryan]: What? [Ryan]: This is gonna be a long year [Translator]: {in chinese} How is that offensive? [Ryan]: Zhi she zenme hui shi? [Ryan]: ZHE SHI ZENME HUI SHI [Ryan]: *laughing* [Ryan]: Pun-yin [Ryan]: *chuckling* Did you just fart? [Greg]: You were actually drinking? [Ryan]: That was kinda a lot, drinking it just now [Ryan]: WO BU ZHI DAO DANS ZHI BU FAN SHIN [Ryan]: *chuckling* Does that sound like it? [Ryan]: Wo bu zhi dao, dan shi bu fan shin! [Ryan]: *chuckling* Sounded Japanese [Greg]: Take some– some plants [Ryan]: Take some plants, take some plants

Everybody wants a stinkin' plant [Will]: STINKIN' PLANT, STINKIN' PLANT EVERYBODY WANTS A STINKIN' PLANT *beatboxing* [Ryan]: *sighs* [crash] [muffled laughter] [Ryan]: Who's hungry? // [Rest]: Meee [laughing] [Someone]: Oh, dude [laughing] [Will]: Good one! *laughing* [Greg]: Sure, buddy! // [laughing] [Will]: *laughing* [Paco]: *muffled laughter* [Greg]: Yeah! [Will]: *strained laughter* [Paco]: *hippo-like laughter* [All]: *laughing* // [Paco]: You can't even get friends! [forced laughing] [Greg]: Ha ha ha haaa [Ryan]: I wish you could see things from my point of view

[Ryan]: Looks like I'm taking a bunch of pictures of you [Ryan]: Stop-motioning [Will]: Everyone's wearing black! You know what that means! [Ryan]: It's lit [Greg]: Happy New Year's, everyone // [Ryan]: All my friends are

[Ryan]: Guys! Derrick's still sick! Look at him! [Everyone]: Awwhh [Derrick]: *coughs* [Will]: Dude, you got a frickin' lit shirt at a funeral? [Greg]: Aah-ha! [Greg]: Just don't– [Will]: *singing quietly* [Greg]: You stole my wallet, made out with my girl– [Greg]: Made out with my girlfriend with a car? *laughs* [laughs] [Greg]: I keep on thinking about making out with my grandma [laughter] [Background]: Dookie tri-pod! // [Ryan]: Doo-pod! [Will]: I don't think your shoes are water-proof [Will]: King of the North? [Ryan]: Where? [Ryan]: Silence! [Woman]: You know nothing, Jon Snow [Ryan]: It's all behind me now

*chuckles* [snorting] [laughing] [Ryan]: It kinda hurt [Will]: You cold? [Ryan]: No Not even I'm strong [Ryan]: Winter's– [laughing and talking] [Paco]: Why are you making me go out? [Greg]: New king of the north! [Greg]: Yeah, maybe if you do that– the– [laughing] [Ryan]: Mmn! [laughing] [laughing] [Ryan]: That's what I was doing! [Ryan]:

dabble [snorting laughter] [Ryan]: That hurts, dude! // [Sean]: Oh, dude! // [laughing] [Ryan]: Ooh! [Ryan]: Peace Bye // [Greg]: Now it's on fire

Now it's on fire [Will]: Full on fire ring Fire! [Ryan]: Is that it? [Ryan]: I think so I'm not 100% sure [Greg]: Come here

Come here [Greg]: *whispering* That's a wrap That's a wrap [Ryan]: *whispering* Yeahhhh that's a wrap [Derrick]: *whispering* I'm still sick [Ryan]: *sniffs* It smells [conversation in background] [Greg]: First wrap of the year! [Greg]: Find, uh anything to say to the new– new year? [Greg]: Attend the first video? [Ryan]: I've got nothing to say to you [Ryan]: Nuthin' [Ryan]: Does it look kinda cool, 'cause it's, like, backlit? [Ryan]: I got nuthin' to say to you [Ryan]: Does it look cool? [Greg]: I mean, if maybe you have a walkaway cool [Ryan]: I've got nuthin' to say to you

[dramatic music] [Greg]: You're still in it [Ryan]: Still got nuthin' to say to you [more dramatic music] [Greg]: Still in it a little but more? [Ryan]: What, really? // [Greg]: Yep! [Ryan]: Now? [Greg]: Aah! Still see your elbow! [Ryan]: What, how? That's a wide lens! // [laughter] [Greg]: Got'cha! [Ryan]: I got nuthin' to say to you

// [Greg]: *laughing*

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