First time on Omegle!

So people keep telling us to do this Omegle thing (Sean) Omegle (Ryan) Omegle? (Sean) I don't know (Ryan) Oma-gol

(Sean) Something (Sean) Omega (Ryan) Omega Which is basically, like, chat roulette So, I-I don't know what the difference is

We're about to tweet this out and check out this amegle for the first time (Sean) Well we tried it once (Ryan) We did try (Sean) But we failed miserably (Ryan)

A pimple? (Ryan) Are you tweeting? Cause I'm tweeting right now (Sean) Oh should I tweet too? (Ryan) Make the interests NigaHiga Start a videochat right? Oh my God! Hi! (Sean) Hi (Ryan) Hi! (Ryan and Sean giggle) Hello!! Hi from the subtiltler (Sean) Hello

(Gasp) (Ryan) (laughs) That scared me (Screams) Oh my God!!! Oh my God! (Sean) Hi (Ryan chuckles) Oh my God (Ryan) This is the most intense reaction we got

Oh you scared me (Ryan and Sean) You scared me Jinx Jinx again (Raises hand) (Ryan and Sean raise their hands) Oh my God! (Ryan and Sean laugh) Hi! (Ryan and Sean chuckle) (Sean) It's him

(Ryan) We've talked to you before What was you twitter name again? (Sean) Boomerang, that's right (Ryan) You said Boomerang Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Sean: Hi! I think we have powers (screaming) (their poor earbud) Sean: Kinda making me deaf Holy S**t Ryan: I love that I love you guys so much Ryan: awesome! Ryan: Oh dude I'm scared Sean: I wasn't sure what I was looking at, it's so dark there I'm sorry Ryan: don't worry Sean: I remember you! Together: Are you crying? Breath in breath out breath in breath out Ryan: There's no audio Sean: We can't hear you dude No no, I'm here, I'm here I sent you somehting Ryan: Oh you did? I sent you the lobster Thank miranda I love you guys so much Sean: Aww thank you! Can I take a picture? Together: Yeah! Ryan: Where are you from? Ryan: You're from Australia

No Ryan:Uk? Bingo! Hold on let me tell you some stuff One: Thank you for letting me scroll through all these pretty girls so I can meet you Two: I love all your videos, I've been watching you since how to be ninja Ryan: thank you man we appreciate that man Dude sean you're amazing I've been watching ever sine I was in 5th grade (Imitation) How to be ninja is the DVD for you Ryan:Dude that is old school I've been watching your videos ever since the beginning I love you guys so much aww thank you You guys are awesome I love your videos so so so much and you're my hero and I love you Ryan: aww you're crying! Don't cry Sean give her a tissue You know what you can be in a video Would you guys mind being in a video for us? sure! Sure, yeah, I'd love to, Yes! Yes, you mean you do mind or like? No I don't mind Holy crap you're going to put me in a video Together: Yup Yup Ryan: if you let us (haha like lettuce) All You have to do then is to give us your best Teehee™ (Horrible attemts at Teehee's) Teehee™! Ryan: have a wonderful day at australia and uhh

eats some vegemite ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Ew that's digusting Tthank you! Subtitled by Aniketh Salil Hey guys hope you enjoyed that video Click that link above to see Ryan vut off my hair like a pro And let us know in the comment box to do some Omegle again

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