Filming with Alex Wassabi (BTS)

Ryan: Blah blah brothers Blah blah broth- blah

Hey, say that 5 times real fast Paco: Blah blah brothers, blah blah brothers, blah blah brothers, blah blah brothers, blah blah brothers, blah blah brothers [Will starts beatboxing] Ryan: 'Bout to practice the first scene of the day, and then shoot the first scene of the day Paco: 'Bout the practice the first tongue twisters of the day Ryan: yep

Ryan: We're practicing Ryan: So, we're filming a fight skit Will: When I saw you email it to us, I though it said, "Will you fight me?" Ryan: Will

[everyone laughs] Will: Yeah, it kinda scared me Will: I don't want to fight Ryan Ryan: [Bleep], actually called me out, and he has a lot of subscribers, and Ryan: [Bleep], told me, "Man, he wants to fight me, but he only wants to, because it's a good headline Ryan: That's the only reason why [Bleep] said he would do it Will: And so who's coming out? Ryan: Roi coming out from Wasabi Productions

Paco: Dude Ryan: No, Alex We got Alex Wasabi [music starts playing] Will: Are you ready to deliver lines? [singing in the background] [music continues playing] Daina: Hey, you're sizzling a little bit Sean: Dude, there's smoke coming out of your hair

You're burning your hair dude [laughing] Daina: Wow Paco: Who is that? Dang [Paco laughs] [inaudible talking] [Paco farts] [filming continues] [Greg farts] Greg: I was bouncin' around [in the background] Ryan: Bouncin' around

Bouncin' around [music begins playing again] [inaudible talking] Ryan: Hey, this is scone crumb You said you didn't take the last one [Greg farts again] Ryan: And you just say 'what' "Hey, this is scone crumb

[Greg laughs] Ryan: Scones [farts again] [Farts again] Derrick: Gaseous BTS ever? Ryan: They're just a disgusting a group of people Ryan: That was good to purchase that cheese [inaudible background talking] Ryan: Sorry [sneezes] Derrick: Wait, you said my line

[laughs] Ryan: What? Ew [starts laughing] Paco: [laughs] What? Ew Ryan: Maybe one of- or maybe, I don't know what it is Ryan: Drama alert [laughs] What's up Keems? Ryan: Drama alert

[laughs] Derrick: Look, maybe you just have a- [Paco starts laughing] Paco: Sorry Ryan: That was a good one Derrick: You got a text from Matt Jacob Williams Paco: Let me do my line first Derrick: He's here

[Day 2 begins] Sean: Order up Ryan: Day two Ryan: Is it day two? Will: Day two Ryan: Day two Ryan: Guess who we got in the house

Ryan: Paco's Ryan: Former employer! [Paco & Alex start laughing] Alex: Nah, I think he's doing a great job Ryan: We got Alex Wasabi in the house

He has his own, and we got Matt We are filming Alex's scenes Ryan: We filmed all this stuff yesterday, that was without Alex, and he is playing an Ryan: extremely annoying- yeah he's playing himself

[Alex starts laughing] Alex: So I'm playing an extremely annoying guy Ryan: Well you see, there's some context This is what- this is what Alex likes to do [Alex drops lighter] Alex: Hey Alex: So there's lint all over your socks sometimes and

Ryan: Do not try this at home! Alex: Don't try this at home Disclaimer, no- no don't try this at home on either vlog and then [Drumroll] Ryan: Oh, that's a torch

I don't know if that works the same Alex: Yeah, that hot, that's hot [everyone laughs] Alex: Gimme your sock I think your sock is where it it [Alex laughs] Alex: Okay, we'll figure this out later

Alex: But first we gotta film [Will screams] Ryan: Just for context, Alex came in last night, and we sat by the fire pit Ryan: And that's what he was doing He was lighting his sock on fire Alex: Nuh uh

Ryan: It was just like burnt things [music begins playing] Alex: Hey Ryan! Alex: Derrick! Hey [Alex laughs] Ryan: I think we're good Alex: Okay, okay Alex: I can't do it, without figuring out

what this is [Alex laughs] [everyone starts laughing] Ryan: That was good, that was good Ryan: Ever! Ryan: Ever! Alex: [laughs] Line [everyone starts laughing] Greg: Just trying to find a good location

[inaudible talking] Alex: This is the whole time Alex: ASMR Ryan: So right now We are going to do some ASMR Ryan: So exaggerating

Will: We're trying to film here We got in trouble Will: Then we got a move Ryan: Well, these guys said they called him to check it out, Ryan: They didn't say the stop doing that Ryan: We got the boot

Greg: Action Ryan: Alex! Alex: Ryan? [inaudible talking] Alex: Dont you say it Don't you say it! Alex: Don't you say it [Alex & Ryan laugh] Alex: Let's do a dry run real quick Greg: And, action! Ryan: I didn't want to do it

I didn't want to do it Alex: That was good! Will: Yeah, that looks pretty good Alex: I almost died Alex: I think I pinched a nerve [Alex & Ryan start laughing] [Alex starts laughing] Alex: Hey! I wasn't even looking

I wasn't even- Ryan: See, see Alex: Mom! Mom! Ryan: You wanna go? You told me- Alex: Stop, stop Ryan: You said you wanted- Alex: Hey, I do Ryan: Alright, you throw first Ryan: No, no, no

Alex: Oh, oh, oh Alex: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Stop, stop! Ryan: See See what happens Ryan: No! No weapons Ryan: No weapons Alex: Oh, you tryin' to get lower than me

You can't get lower than me [Alex starts laughing] Ryan: That is a wrap on Alex Alex: That is a wrap for Alex, that's right Ryan: Rap on Alex Ryan: I'm like legit exhausted, and that's not a good sign

Ryan: That's a wrap for today Ryan: Alex already left Ryan: We got one pickup shot Ryan: One shot that we didn't make, and the sun went down Greg: I'm sitting in the dirt

Ryan: There's a lot of ants up here Greg: And, that's a wrap [Ryan laughs] Ryan: Hilarious Ryan: I did a lot of running today [running montage] Ryan: Hey! This is scone crumb, you said you didn't take the last one

[farts again] [Higa TV]

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