Filming Pokemon Go (BTS)

*Pokémon theme song* *baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* 'bout to shoot the first scene of the day go Great Ball "Great Balls are green right" "That scared me a little bit" Great is purple, so Fire Ball is green I gotta a better ball for you Ryan: "You don't know" Oh, damn what is this? What is that? *sound that happens after you catch a Pokemon* It doesn't even cover the whole thing huh? "It doesn't" It's a voltorb Cool Alright, what are we shooting today? Shooting some Pokemon In the head *gun noises* Catch 'em all Gotta catch 'em all We gotta, we gotta film "We gotta go" Pokeball trick shots, go You mean like this Ayyy You mean like dis You mean like this *laughing* Ohhh Greg: "Damn That's gonna break You mean like this Ayyyyy Niiice Aye, good job bro *song* "So you wanna be a master POKEMON!" Pokeball trick shots *Clang as Pokeball hits lamp" *song* "So you wanna be a master!" What will you do if I make it? Why is it always me?! Because it is a hard shot! Okay I will eat a handfull of peanuts with the shell on "Ryan laughs" Okay Will: Whats for dinner? Oooooo, that was close (faintly in the background) Will: German [food] *sound of clanking as the Pokeball hits the stove* I hate this game! But I play basketball! Hit 'em! Oh hes got to eat some hand full of peanuts, yup! No I don't! That was my first try Cut- cut the other ones out *song* "So you wanna be a master!" Ryan: caught 'em You got me *tune plays* Name that Pokemon!

It's- Oddish *giggles* I guess like, Staryu and Starmie can be like: "hya!" Derrick: Your still going? Gotta um fix this um fix the

can I move this up? It's like crooked, dude My plastic surgeon didn't do a good job [Derrick] Just never ends dude Should I cue all the flashbacks?? *music plays* [Ryan] Cue it He's brought to you by (Daina laughs) Costume by Daina *tune plays* Name that Pokemon! It's Will: A pile of poop

*Derrick laughs* Jujuggle it juggle it Hey Derrick Nice outfit, Greg Getting ready for trick-or-treating? because in real life, my life's a mess I will travel across the lanes I almost hit that guy *song continues* POKEMON GOOOOO, With your best friends but don't look or talk to themmmmm 8 times yelling Pokemon GO Looks like the Gregory song [Ryan snickers] Greg-gor gregoryyyyy *music plays* Alrightyy, that's a wrap! Good job everybody!! Good job to our substitute teacher, Mr Sean Fujiyoshi Under the place of Mr Gregory Fujiyoshi, over here (Baby doll waves) Ohhhh That's hella scary Hey everybody, my name's Greg EKANSS!! Got-chu!! Pikachu!! Squirtle! Squirtle! Bulbasaur! How many different Pokemon voices can you do? Ekansssssss Ha, that's it *Sean laughs loudly* HIGATV

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