Filming on April Fools! (BTS)

I forgot to ask for different cheese! Noooooooooo! Ha Ha Ha! April Fools I got pranked Hey Derrick and Paco Derrick: What's up? Ryan: Higa TV fans are asking for your show and Sean for four years they've been asking for Sean's room

Paco: They're all coming out soon Ryan: It's a rebound dude Higa TV's back! Parkourse, right now, go! Derrick, that's my new pool table! It's not even new 'Bout to shoot the first scene of the day *in background* No we're not Okay April fools

Can't you take a joke? Paco: What you doing? Ryan: Nothing Don't look! Don't look at my privates Paco: Definitely looking at your privates! Ryan: Don't! Want a sneak preview? Paco: Ooh, sneak preview? What? BG: Let me hear it lol pranked Paco: Alright Ryan! Have fun vlogging~ Oh, shoot! Ryan: You just moved it! Guys, Paco ruined everything! Paco: No! It's an accident! Everybody, look at Paco! He ruined everything! Paco: No! Stop! Ryan: You better get Greg- Paco: You just did the same thing! Ryan: Wooow, Pacoooo Paco: Wait, no! Greg did it! You, guys, are getting pranked so hard right now! Paco: Alright, Ryan! Take 2! Get out of here before you ruin it! (Squishy Sean) (Another Squishy Sean but with a weird lump on his forearm) Will: What? It's for the montage! For the montage? Yep! What number of red bull is that? I didn't drink any yet! He's drinking a brand new energy drink from HigaTV! It's called Paco: Damn! Greg: It's like that how was it called? Ryan: Should we do Parkourse now? Greg: That japanese drink

Ryan: Sweat! Oh! Pocari Pocari Sweat! Oh, yeah! Pocari Sweat (it's good 😉 ) ew yukky yukky yukky yukky yukky yukky yukky yukky Hey, guys, I read a lot of the comments and I noticed a lot of you are asking for more Sean, so Sean: What are you doing? They want more! So we're giving more of you! (Squishy Sean who? I only know Sexy Sean) (Paco is the guy behind the BTS camera He knows when shit is good

Be like Paco) DAYUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM LOOK AT THAT FOREARM THOUGH You wanna see something gross? It's not grabbing! Derrick: Blacklike nipple! I would farted! Paco: For real? I tried Smells like patis (fish sauce) Greg: You gonna eat some bread, bro? How's that taste? [Disgusted sounds] Marley, want the bread? You want it? Go get it! Oh, come on! Go get it! Eeh, speeding up

Marley! You want bread? Oh, now? I think you should film him now! He's about to go! You think so? Yup, ready? Go get it! Wow, dude You want bread? You want bread?! I think he might go this time You want bread? Go get it! He looks hyped and then he doesn't Greg: That's fast! Sean: That was fast! Paco: You got April Fools prank, dude! Will: Good job, Marley! Obviously a voiceover of Marley but this subtitler couldn't make out who it actually was so it's Marley: Yummy~ Sean: Good job! High Five! Low Five! *Cute slap noise* BG: Do you want to just get the

Going on set Congratulations You're hired! Really? Yep, you can start as Yeah, you can start as early as this evening! You can start as early

as this evening Prostitutional enter- Prostitutional Prostitutional engin- Engineer? Prostitutional entertainer Prostitutional

Dude, I can't say that word, bro Prostitutional Prostitutional Prostitutional entertainer that does not didaladnleg Excuse me You guys looking for the art exibit? That's across the street! The latters! Baah! Stuck in your head now, yeah? [Singing Minion's Banana Song] Ryan: It's an old song

You know when music was good in comparison to now (Paco back at it again with quality content) What are you guys doing? We are getting some artistic shots of a ladder! (We all know Paco's getting the REAL artistic shots ;)) So pretty! What else can? Let me show you that you can make anything look good with the right filters! So with angles and filters you can make anything beautiful, huh? A wild Sean has appeared Wrap? Say it like that! BG: Wrap it up

/ Greg: That's a wrap! Wrap it up! Wrap it up! Wrap it up! Wrap it up! Uhuh My name is Will And that's a wrap! I do my lines And I pass to Sean! My name is Sean! I don't know what's going on

I'm gonna pass it on It's Ryan's turn Uhuh uhuh Hey Uhuh Uhuh Hi~ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH We're all off-beat! It's been a long day It's a wrap! Film Sean! People have been asking to see Sean! Sean, you gotta show your face more! People think you're not here! What did they think I died again? It's because you've been filming so You've become new Greg where you're behind the camera

Sean: Yes Ryan: People've been asking for you! Sean: I've been filming! I gotta give you Oh Do your announcement OH! There might be some Sean's Rooms (YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH) coming out! See? People have been asking for your Sean's Rooms! You have been asking for them I know So, are there more coming out or or is there even more than that? (Teeth straighter than themselves) Probably not! April fools! It's not gonna be even April Fools It's April fools today so like nobody's gonna get it! Well, maybe! We'll see! But Cooking, but not really tomorrow! There might be something Sean got cooking in his little his little dutch oven! ASMR Oh my god Today we are going to do the outdoor leaf sounds This is the Ficus leaf That actually has a nice when you rub two leaves together

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