Filming on an Airplane! (BTS)

Are those the pants? [All talking] That's a Bay Area song Ryan's from the Bay Yup

Ask me anything about the Bay His favorite, uhh, bread is sourdough Sourdough with some good old fashioned Clam Chowder! I don't know I channeled Dom right there "Good old Fashioned!" It gonna be one of these days, huh? (I mean, isn't everyday "one of these days" for RHPC? Like seriously) If where from the Bay, what's you favorite Bay song? Uhhh, you know, the one that goes Teeeeeeeeeee Time out

This Dance [laughs] what you say? Teee, Time out He was going like this, I was like "what?" Thiis, dude! Oh, this! Let me see the Bay area dance, bro They're not from the Bay Come to anya Anyday

Does it look weird? (anyway I pointed out how good Ryan looked in that uniform in the main video's caption but I guess one of the reviewers deleted it So I'll just say it here He looks good in that uniform) [dog bark] Don't look That's a wrap? On you right now? [chuckles] this is the easiest shoot! Sean: Are you done? Ryan: I'm done

DUUUDE That's a wrap / I gotta write more of these Oh that That's a–this dance [kinda sorta singing?] I need-a this dance Bay Area ♪ I need-a this dance ♪ (look at Sean smiling in the back hoho) Greg: Oh

My God That's dark You didn't draw the T! Huh? Oh yeah! Rollin! So we got this game, right? It's just between the baggage crew So it's for fun, you know But it makes us also packljehwopihr Sean: Dude! Your pants is all soaked now Alright, hold on

Rather than placing it nicely on the plane, we SHOT PUT IT! And we- Oh, damn We basically shot put it as far as we can and [chuckles] if you break it, you lose it HAHAHA- HAHAHA Oh, dude That's a take Show us those pants, Greg Oh / Damn / [laughing] Sean: How big are they? How big- [Greg ripped his pants even more] Ohhhhhohahahahha I need-a this dance (distance? idk) [whispering] Ryan Hey We landed

Hey, we landed Huh? We landed It's like we're still in the clouds 'bout to shoot the Day two? Two

/ Day two And we on a plane, baby ♪ We on a plane! ♪ ♪ We on a plane, everybody look at me, cause I'm sailing on a plane ♪ You don't sail on a plane, you fly on a plane Everybody look at me, cause I'msitting on a plane Ey, you better fasten your seatbelt, bro Turbulance! Oooh dude Oooooh dude Like this? I wish flights were this comfortable Yeah, that is a good spot The whole row to yourslef? As I always say, you know

Get to the plane earlyjust get to the plane early [laughs] ah, yea don't miss your flight No, I gotta study, dude (I gotta study too actually why am I writing this help) Alright peace! Oh, great You got a crying baby behind you, bro

[crying baby] Like this Ma'am, ma'am Please, keep it down (anyway, jaaawline) Ma'am WHAT? Ryan's mom: I can't act, I told you! Ryan: You can! You just go like this-like you–"ah!" three, go! It hurts / Are we good? / Aaalright Just the–yeah, like that [laughing] It actually could There are four emergency ex- My bad, sorry Greg: Pretend you're gonna put it on (awhislaugh) Cut

Jerry, just listen to me! We needed 6 feet, not 6 meters! You don't know between SI units between regular units, huh? I don't know what the hell I'm talking about! (me on my oral presentation tomorrow) Dude, I can't wait Snorkling, fish, go to Oahu, Pakamakatuka (?) Ryan: What the hell? It's gonna be like up to here, watermelon watermelon watermelon watermelon I don't know *laughs* This is not FAA regulated Four people in a three-seat-er? That's how you make money Take note, airlines

(no don't flights suck already don't get any ideas pls) Sean: Wow, guys We caught that on film To-too rough, huh? Like we always say here at BTS thaat's a wraaap We never say that Thank you everybody! A lot of hands

Thank you! (For some reason a lot of people in the comments ask about her She's Will's girlfriend guys) What's up y'all, it's your boy Derrick Thanks for watching this week's BTS Click that link above if you wanna see this week's nigahiga video Click those links if you wanna subscribe Aand don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up and a like, share to your friends, share to everybody show everybody show it on an airplane

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