Filming on a low budget! (BTS)

(Ryan making lightsaber sounds) Sounds like we're making a dubstep (wub wub wub wub wub

) (Ryan making lightsaber sounds) You gotta do yours, Sean (Sean making lightsaber sounds) Will: Here's mine *farts* *laughing* Nice

It'd be funny like how he has to, like, fix it He has to like, turn it back Greg: (indistinct) *laughing* Yeah You just can't see him You know how they do like, uh

the standoff and it's like close up? And it gets close, close, close and he's just cutting out the eye hole? *laughing* *laughing* In a medium shot He looks normal and then he goes *laughing* Oh, that was the best joke in the video so far! *music* *gasp* (making car revving sounds) Greg: Action Oh, sh

I'm in gear? *laughing* Not my car *laughing* Greg: And action And action

*playful music* *laughing* This is so hard to do *laughing* I can't find it! Sean: I can laugh at him You can't see my face! Yours is doing it too! (indistinct) *laughing* Let's do it again *playful music* *laughing* Alright, let's just go You're supposed to spin this way

You have to take a step and do it like Ohhhh! Ohhhh Guess who? (indistinct) Will: My nose is pressed down *laughing* Look, dude! Look at this (singing circus music) Ryan: Oh, sorry *circus music* *screams* *screams* *laughing* Can't do it! *screams* *laughing* *screams* *laughing* Greg: Do it without screaming

"That's not true" "That's impossible!" No That's not true

*laughing* No That's not true That's impossible! *laughing* Dude, my leg is hella sore That's impossible! *laughing* Oh, man

I am tired And we are rolling (foreign speaking) *laughing* (indistinct) *laughing* (foreign speaking) *laughing* Ready? (foreign speaking) A-Pumbaa *dramatic music* Nala holta *laughing* Sean: Turned Mexican, dude That was a good voice! "Nala hol-" This is hard, man Simba

*laughing* (foreign speaking) *laughing* Simba Nala Simba Timon Pumbaa

Scar-zazumba What did you say? I said Simone Ross-e Rachel-a Ross *laughing* Friends

Chandler *laughing* Rachel Just name characters (foreign speaking) *laughs* That was good! A-Pumbaa *laughing* (foreign speaking) *crickets* *laughing* (foreign speaking) *gasp* *laughing* What was that? The tree just got blown up! We are going to have a long night

*laughing* That's a wrap, baby Thatwoah! Woah

Is a wrrrr wrap! *knife/sword sounds* Derek: Watch out or you might cut somebody You might cut somebody

*fake scream* *gasp* Hey! David: Cut it out *evil laughing* Woah! *laughing* What's up y'all, it's your boy Derek, thanks for watching this week's behind the scenes (also known as BTS) Click the link above if you wanna see this link's Nigahiga video or click those links if you wanna subscribe and also don't forget to give this video a big huge thumbs up and leave a comment below on what your favourite "movies on a budget" scene was

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