Filming a Kpop MV!

Guess what? "Were In LA

" Totally in the shot right now, sorry Film K-Pop Music Video! MUST DO GUYS! <3 It's 9 am and we just drove here from- all the way from Vegas So we left at 5 a

m "Do I Look Flawless?" (Ryan) Ryan's favorite part Aye don't blink "HaHa!" (Ryan) (Boom!) Hey you little kpopper! look at that hair I'm ready to go What's up Phil! Good morning, good morning! Good morning, sir Hello RHPC It's just cuz I can't sing and do it at the same time I know, actually I do feel bad for you I'm like, you know, I'm thinking about trying to look good for dancing I'm trying to sing I know, you're performing You could dance BTS army, where you at though? BTS- they always say BTS army so I say BGA army where you at though? BTS is behind the scenes, every body Guys Day 1 in LA, about to shoot the first scene of the day And it's not us shooting I'm getting my hair dyed No you're not I am! What color? That's a good question This guy just scares me So how do you feel after, uh, doing the first takes? We all messed up- in every take so, pretty good! pretty crazy Your necklace is part of your shirt I made it, it's not like that custom Alright Good job bro Thank you You're killing it out there These guys I'm exhausted Inspired by "Zoolander" Did you invent the piano key necktie? Tired, I'm really tired I am so tired man! Dude there's so many! Just trying to remember all the dance moves is so tiring I seriously don't remember any of it I was just like going and hoping that I- my body would remember remember you were asking what's after this I wouldn't know alright! K-town K-town The REAL kpop fun We rented a club

Just kidding we got this club for free We had to pay for this this whole thing 2x oh the hookups We had to pay for these, for floors for a thousand dollars That's a lot of dollars! I know, for floors Look at them zippers! [Sean counting] Dude how much do you need? But look, if I open it tickle tickle This is an antique heirloom It goes, it goes to it goes together with this one same thing? So wait, you wear it and then you're searching for someone to wear this other side ohhh and then we instantly become demon brothers I thought you were going to say, like demon lovers naw, brothers Even if it's a girl, it's a brother demon brothers Such a pretty shot right now What's uuuup? Alright so now we are done with the music video tomorrow we shoot I Dare You Two I Dare You's: one tomorrow and one on Sunday Yo wassup man im Derek What's up, what time you gonna get here? 2 pm Ah come on man be real We're all taking, we're all taking guesses to see what time you get here Alright so what's your guys's guess? I say, 3 o'clock 2:55 imma say 3:02 Im just gonna say he's not even gonna come Aloha and welcome to David Choi's studio This is where we made in here and we also made something else that's coming up Fujiyoshshiiiiiiiiiiii What's the time right now Ryan? Time right now it's 2:32 I think I'm gonna be spot on 2:55 So Will's winning right now; he hasn't showed up I think i'm gonna be right Don't look at this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I looked at it 🙁 -Insignificant Person I looked at it too – another insignifican person (btw lol is noone gonna finish this thing)

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