Everyday Trickshots! (Dear Ryan)

Ryan, can you make a routine trick shot video? You know something like a trick shot that you do every day So, what do I mean by buying a trick shot every day? Looks like you're asking me to make a trick shot of what you do every day

Oh, and what do you mean by what I do every day? How about flipping a water bottle? -What? That's a trick shot Turning the water bottle over! But I do not do it every day And we already did that It's a long time ago Now it's nothing

Oh, and you know what I already do and how I hate it (Water bottle thrown) (I knew I was going to turn it over) (What are you doing) Why Once we create something like a routine trick shot video You need to know what you do every day Do not you have to take a trick shot with it? What things do I do every day? Well, just think about what you did before you met us Yes Well, there was nothing different today Road Long I'm on my way

Come to the table Big Ryan, can you make a routine trick shot video? That's all It was just a normal day, could you make a trick shot with this? Are you serious? Why? Did you think we would believe this was what you did this morning? That's what you do every day? Which part of it is hard to believe? Should not you tell me that? What do you think about the toothbrush part? I do not see where the frying cup is and he throws his toothbrush What's wrong? I say it every day Every day, you put the plate in the fridge and put it in the trash can? I'm gonna throw it at once, Dismissing the alarm clock every morning? Why is that? Do you think we really believe it? You're throwing it away every morning? Yes Look over there

It's expensive, but I can not help it Listen to me

Does that make any sense? It does not make sense So what do you want to say? I I just told you

I can not speak So I'm lying now? What are you talking about Just part of the story is not realistic – So I'm an impostor? No, you're not a cheater You are not cancer! What? Listen to me I never never I'll never take a fake trick shot video Like you say, Eight Do not! Something like this

See? It's all real Gosh I do not have clothes Oh oh I almost got it! ㅇㅁㅇ

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