Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Done! (Dear Ryan)

Hey guys so as you can see I still haven't moved yet It's been a long process and just keeps getting delayed So you're going to have to keep dealing with this echoiness

I'm literally living my brother's guest room right now So different here The trees in the corner and the painting's a little crooked Miss my old room So again, I apologize if the videos haven't been coming out quite as frequently We'll get back into it once I move and get into everything yeah No, probably not but We're here now, so let's get started Dear Ryan, can you make pickup lines out of puns? Pick-up lines are bad puns We all know bad pickup lines like a typical "Hey girl, are you from Tennessee because you're the only ten I see" (Growing more intense) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha So yeah, I'm pretty sure I can make up some bad pickup lines Here, I'll make pick-up lines using things I can find in my room All right What do we got here Let's see

empty Redbull can Yoplait yogurt Also empty Cup-of-Noodles With chopsticks

I think I'm not in focus We have tissues as well And a hat Perfect! This looks like trash (Romantic mood) Hey girl I was just, uh ThinCAN (thinking), maybe we could HAT (head) on down To Yoplait (your place) Ya know? Tissue and me (Just you and me) *Box hits the floor* like a, like, chop

Like two chopsticks Really like two chopsticks That's the best you could do? Yeah! Because you know chopsticks come in pairs (Scoffs) I'm so sorry Ryan: Wait, wait, no just Girl: I

gotta go At least take down my number! How else are you gonna send me a Cup-o-Noods (couple of nudes) though *stifled laughter* Couple of nudes? Cup of noodles? Cuz it's Cup-of-nood– Oh This is Marucho It's not even a Cup Dear Ryan, can you drink a water bottle in one second? I don't know if you guys saw it But there's these guys who basically like suck all the water out of a water bottle in like a second They're not actually like chugging the water at — This does not look right They have the water bottle And they're basically like they squeeze it and like shove the water into their *upset groan* they have the water bottle and What is I am not PG today? Yeah this isn't going to go in It probably will You guys know what videos I'm talking about I thought it was cool I think I can do it It's not that hard You just try it

What's the worst that could happen? (Off-camera) Hey, you legit think you can do this? Ryan: I saw that video, I thought "Oh, I could probably do it" And then now that I'm holding this in my hand this is a lot of water (Off-camera) That is Alright Here we go You ready? (Off-camera) Three, two Ryan: Wait, wait, wait

(laughter) Start over (Off-camera) Three two one go! *Splash* (Off-camera) Oh I just missed my whole mouth Sean: You still have a lot of water left Ay, you did it! Ryan: I didn't even do like

look at that (laughter) Okay, let me do half a bottle Yo that was pretty good good Ha ha ha Alright this time we're just gonna time it, see how long it takes three two one not ready go That was really slow laughs doing 49 Took a little break nice and not cool Gonna try to beat my score go oh? My God there you go Stop! 412 That's faster Let's try this one more time One second? One, go! *19* There's still water hahahaha I cheated I still use yours dear ryan can you do an act of happiness and an act of sadness at the same time I know whoever left this dear Ryan you probably meant this to be tricky because happiness and sadness are opposites But I go through this almost every single day of my life I'm sure once you see what I'm talking about a lot of you guys do as well Dear Ryan can you do a punny dub of Despacito? Why yes I can making puns out of the lyrics of a song is something that people naturally do you ever like misheard the Lyrics to a song and sang something else that sounds like it You're basically doing exactly that you know like when everybody misheard that Taylor Swift song, the *sings* Starbucks lovers Everybody thought she said was saying Starbucks lovers, but it's like a long list of Ex-lovers or something That's basically it that's all you're doing is you're mis-hearing lyrics and making a pun Especially songs that you, again, don't understand what they're saying like a song by Sean Paul, or Psy, you know it's in Korean you want to sing along you just don't know how to say the words They're saying so what I do is I turn it into English words or a sound this is for all you Non-Spanish speakers who want to sing the chorus of Despacito without, you know, speaking Spanish Dear Ryan can you reenact the dumbest thing you've done I honestly can't just name one I do a lot of dumb things some I am more embarrassed of than others? But I will say it is good for people to acknowledge the dumb things that you do that's how you learn for example For example I do some things that are kind of dumb, but it's things that we all do You know, little slip-ups here and there, a little embarrassing Wait a second, where the hell's my phone? And you're all set! Have a nice flight! Thanks, you too! Hey excuse me, spare any change? I'm sorry man I actually didn't bring my wallet What's that? Hello

Yeah Oh yeah I'm just long Just common little dumb brain farts Happens to the best of us but then I am also guilty of some slightly dumber things Little more embarrassing Did you just blow on your ice cream? It's really cold, so And of course there's the very dumb things that I've done a little more embarrassing Alright so what we're gonna do is I am going to dress up like a ninja with a sword and you guys are gonna go buy a bunch of fruits and you're going to throw it at me and I'm going to cut through all the fruits and You alright? Alright here you go Now, the plate is extremely hot so be careful enjoy Hi, would you like to sample our new pizza pocket flavor? Um, you know what I'm good

Okay Thank you though You know what? I'll take one Oh I'm sorry he just took the last one Spare any change? oh yeah now Put it all on Mayweather Do you have any watermelons? that I do! and That was the dumbest thing I've ever done Crazy cool see the lesson now you see the moral of the story Yeah Moral of the story is to always be generous and show compassion to everyone especially those less fortunate And in need Or it can and will bite you in the butt Kind of like how that homeless guy did to you

You know when he took the last sample? wait what what are you talking about? It's not the lesson okay, then what is it? Just take the free sample the first time So leave your questions in the comments below and you could be responsible for the next video Maybe we should head on down to – – your place, okay? oh Never seen anyone eat like that ha ha ha get the belly flopping What am I filming right now?

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