Dude vs. Wild – Nevada Mountains

I'm Ryan Higa And each week I'll be taking a different celebrity with me to survive in the wild

Marshawn Lynch, Channing Tatum, Nick Jonas, Courtney Cox, even President Obama himself have all said no to being on the show So instead we have local celebrity Sean Fujiyoshi, best known for his work on those viral "How to Be" videos back in 2007 with his super cool best friend who is smart and funny and can most definitely do an Ollie Eh Still don't think you got off the ground I DID! Sean will be pushed to his limits Hey come on How do you think we should get down this? Should we like- AAH! He'll be tested like he's never been tested before Alright, here's some quick trivia for you If it's about 65 degrees furgoogly (?) right now and the sun is setting in the East, where would you find Kanye West? Kanye? Yeah A-at home? Nah, nah Nah, he would be in the North Like his daughter

What?! And you'll see a side of him that the world has never seen Oh come on, really? Can't a guy take a sh*t in peace, seriously?! This is: /Dude VS Wild/ No, I don't know what's happening right now

Ryan told me he's gonna meet me here with like some kind of helicopter or something, because that's what Bear Grylls does on his show, but I don't know, I was just with him like ten minutes ago, so Kinda just like a whole big waste of time, you know? I guess we'll see what he has in mind All right, I'm here at the spot, and I have no idea where he is All right, here we go! Like they say in France: ¡Adios, amigos! Whooooooo! Ah! Here we go How're you doing, Sean? That's it? Yeah? What's that? You're not even gonna wear, like, a fake parachute? I'm not even gonna wear a fake pair of shoes

Really? Crocs? Crikey, mate Ha ha, come on It's not even the same accent Sean and I have a long boring uneventful walk ahead of us before we reach our first stop So it's a good thing we have multiple angles beautiful shots of nature and very important life-changing questions to fill the time Hey, you know the survival shows where they cuts a bunch of shots of and angles of people walking and whatnot? Yeah, why? Well don't you think like in that one wide shot that they have don't you ever wonder, like wait? Where's all the cameramen you know? You think with all the different angles and whatnot you'd see like a few people here and there and Hey look we're at the end of the wide, we can just walk in silence now I guess you're right Good catch Seany-boy! Yes So we've been out here for about three or four minutes now and I think I'm about ready to go home now All right, Sean

Here's our first challenge! What? We got to keep heading in this direction so what we're gonna need to do is climb this cliff right here make it to the top and push forward Are you serious? That's so dangerous I'm not gonna climb that Sean we have to climb this You just told me that we're gonna go on like a little hike I didn't think we're gonna do anything crazy like this! Can't we just, like walk around it? I mean if you want to hike another 20 miles that way, and spend another day out here, I suppose we could do that but if you don't want to do that we have to climb this cliff This is crazy Sean, I've been a survival expert for about four

five maybe even six minutes now I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to you You have nothing to worry about Would you trust me? No! Oh Well, then we are in quite the cucumber dipped in vinegar, aren't we? That's a pickle by the way

You know what a pickle is, the ancient natives had pickles God, I really don't want to spend another day with you Fine Yeah? Let's do it All right Seany-boy

That's the spirit! Climbing a cliff is no easy task It's incredibly dangerous and should not be attempted without a professional However if it's your first time rock climbing you'll have beginner's luck and that should be enough Alright, I guess all that's left to do is to just go and climb this mountain, then Shouldn't we like put a rope or something up there to, like, give us support in case we fall? You know what, you could be a survival expert yourself good catch, Sean! I almost forgot about this Alright, so whenever you're climbing a cliff or a mountain or any kind of really dangerous heights where you could possibly fall, what you want to do, especially if you have a bunch of rope like so, coil it up like this

Bunch it up Just like that and then you're just gonna throw it up! Wait – what the? Ah, just like that and uh And then you should be good to go, because the last thing you want when you're climbing a cliff is using any kind of rope You don't want to mess with it, and then all of a sudden you get all tangled And then you know you might mistake it for some kind of snake, and you're like "Oh no, snake! Let me let go of this cliff!" Yeah, I'm about a hundred percent sure that he's never climbed anything ever in his life But what are my options? I either climb this cliff and

possibly die or not climb the cliff and have to spend another day with him, so Yeah, I think I'd rather risk dying so Sean has no idea, but uh, I've actually never climbed a cliff before ,um, I mean I didn't lie I have rock climbed

But it was one of those cliffs with the colorful rocks and the people hoist you up and stuff, uh, so it's a little bit safer, but, uh, I've never actually climbed a cliff even with that rock wall I only made it about a quarter of the way up then I got scared I do have an uncle named Cliff though So there's that Alright, so I'm gonna go up there first

Um, just remember whatever you do do not look down and do not panic That's one of the biggest mistakes people make in the wild so just follow after me Let me go up Here we go Whenever you're rock climbing you must always be patient and take it one step at a time

Make one wrong move, and it could all be over *Coughs and Slips* That was a really close one oh! Almost fell on all the way back

Oh, oh God You okay? I looked down! I don't like heights! I shouldn't have looked down What do I do, Sean? I know I shouldn't have done this, Sean, help! But you're not even that high right now You can just walk right back down Help me, Sean! You're not even at the steep part! I literally can't— I literally can't move, I need your help! Okay! Just hurry up! Just calm down Just calm down

Okay Come here, hug me! It's okay! Okay, we'll just slide slide down the hill Okay

We're here we're here You okay? Okay Just give me a minute okay? Alright, got a new plan, just thought of it

Since the rope is still up there You know actually only one of us needs to go up there and-eh-and once you get up there, you can help pull the other person up with the rope! Okay, sounds good Right! So when you get up there, what I want you to do

Wait, me? Yeah What? Why do I have to go up? Because I'm heavier What? You're not even that much heavier than me

And even if you were, how is it better for the lighter person to pull up the heavier person? S C I E N C E Look, I'll tell you what, okay? As you're going up, whichever way you go I'll be right below you so just in case you fall, I'll be right there! To take off my bag and throw it on the ground so you have something to fall on and you'll be fine Sound good? I guess let's just get this over with Alright, let's do this! Good luck! My new plan seems to be working almost perfectly but it seems Sean is starting to fatigue as he approaches the top I have to think fast and come up with a back-up plan just in case he gets stuck

Oh! Ehh oh! (Manly grunts You shut your mouth

) Oh my God, I made it, thank God Yes! Well that was awesome, Sean That was absolutely phenomenal! How'd you get up here? You were just down there! Oh, yeah, see, this's so funny

You're gonna laugh at this So at the end that I thought you're gonna fall, I went to go gather some leaves and you know brush and some rocks for you to fall on, and uh, In the process, on the side of the mountain I found this trail that comes all the way to the top! Isn't that funny? We didn't need to climb at all? Yeah Funny Hey, you have to check this out this view, is amazing! Get over here! Sean and I enjoy a moment of nature

I realize that it's the perfect time for a deep and emotional part of the show My grandfather would have loved to see this right now Is that right? Yeah, before he passed, he used to always take us camping and fishing, and he just loved everything about nature, so I really wish he could have been here Yeah, I know I can definitely relate to that You know I've always wanted to bring my own father out here as well He's the he's the same way as your grandfather, and you know recently he passed I'm so sorry No It's, it's fine it is what it is, but I just I really wish that one day he could really just be out here with me

Ye know see this Hey Think he already is What? What you're not my father No, not me I meant like his spirit its spirit What are you? That's not funny You trying to say that my father's dead

What you just said he passed Yeah, I asked him to come out here, and he said thanks son But I'll have to pass I would spend an entire day with you in the wild for your stupid little show But I'd much rather be dead than do that Something like that, I don't know I'm not a good impressionist – so he has a weird accident, but my point is is that he's not dead It's a really messed up thing to say actually Your comedy is a little bit too dark for me Anyway We better get moving before it actually gets dark out

We don't want to end up like your grandfather, right? Right, you get it cuz your, cuz your when it gets dark the predator might attack us, and we might end up like your Yes I get it! No, I don't think you get it cuz you don't want laughing is a funny joke – okay then, he's a little mad Sometimes in the wild, things Can get a little frustrating, and I'm starting to suspect that Sean's getting a little irritable

I mean yeah, I'm pretty annoyed I mean aren't you guys? Sean's irritable-ness is probably due to the hunger settling in If we don't find nutrients for him soon He may catch a bad case of the hangries and literally starve to death All right So we're actually really close to the extraction point we just got to climb one more Hill But if we're gonna make it all that way, we have to find some food and nutrients for Sean before he starves to death What?? I'm not even starving I'm not even hungry

But luckily for him I know exactly where to look and I'm not gonna let that happen so come on We ate like two hours ago before we started this And you're in the wild you have to be resourceful and know where to look, it may take some time But you have to be persistent and keep your cool You can't expect food to just magically fall out of a tree – Hey check this out right here And that is how you do it see a lot of people don't think to look up in the tree for food But it's actually very Common for people to just get a bucket of chicken, bring it out to the forest, and then just sit No No what W-what's wrong? No f**king way, who the f**k – all – every single one of them has no skin who the (excessive cursing) Greedy b*tch, just comes in here and just eats all the skin and leaves the f**king all the dry a** meat!!! POINTLESS! *ryan is a little angry* F**KING pointless! What kind of *&^%[email protected]!!! He's really upset

I guess that's just like his pet peeve or something But I don't know Maybe the dude just really loves fried chicken skin I mean it's common sense it's common courtesy basic manners You know like if you're gonna if you're gonna leave a bucket of chicken on a branch in a tree in the middle of the Nevada Mountains Don't eat all the skin Or just the skin At least leave some gravy or something Why ask me

Hey, you alright? Yeah, no, I'm I'm good now, so I'm – I – listen I am so sorry about that Sean No no it's fine That's a totally reasonable way to react to not having chicken skin on your chicken Nope, nope, nope I know it's a natural reaction that everybody-anybody would have but I should know better than to overreact-you never want to overreact in the wild that's one of the basic rules never lose your cool And I did so for that I'm sorry What Come on now What? We really don't have to hug We got to do this Sean, if you want to go home Let's just get this over with come on now Bring it in Fine Much better, much much better

Hey, hey what what are you doing? I had to be sure Sure of what? You didn't take the skins And you didn't and now I can trust you for life Come on let's go The Nevada mountains are incredibly dangerous, but with the right technique and knowledge and maintaining your cool You'll persevere You hear that? Chopper's right over this hill! You mean this is the end? This is the end Sean Yeah! This is the end! You mean it's finally over? Sean really really impressed me today And he's definitely under my respect not because of the bravery he showed or the endurance that he had the entire trip But because he didn't take the skins And in the end that's all that really matters isn't it? Come on Sean, let's push! Alright, we made it I can't believe we made it Well You guys got an extra battery or a charger? dut dut dut dut dut What's all of this where's the helicopter? Oh yeah, you know about that Um, I don't think you know this, but you know the very beginning with the whole helicopter dropping me off Yeah, we faked that Yeah I know Ye there was no actual helicopter There's no helicopter Wait so you're telling me that we're gonna have to Yeah, we gotta walk back

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