Dual Swords! (Teehee Time)

Sean: Hey, what is this thing that they do? *fart* Dang! Derek: Ohhh! (unintelligible) Let's touch tips! Welcome back to another episode of Teehee Time! Ryan (to Will): You never say that You never say that

– Oh we're touching tips again? – Yeah – Touching tips again! – Derek: Two times! Will: One more time? Greg: Three times! (everyone) OHHHHH!!! – Ryan: Alright – Greg: This is the best Teehee Time ever! OHHHHHHH!!! *music* – Four! Oh my god Xiao Ta? From Vietnam Oh! Derek: Ohhh! Is that a lens? Ryan: That's not real! Ohhhhhh!!! This is a coffee cup, dude! You think we can just put this on our camera? Ryan: Yeah, try it

Try it and see what happens Oh, dude it works! Will: Vietnam? *talking* We got map pins! Oooh, green balls! Ryan: It's actually fluro so you can actually see them Ryan: Go, one minute, go! 30 seconds *Jeopardy music* Vietnam! Ryan: Vietnam, you found it! We got exactly what I needed This is literally everything that I actually need right now

– Derek: Open it – Oh, dude How did they know? *coughs* Greg: Derek, if you get this, 10 points

*Mario coin sound* 10 teehee points, but the points don't matter! Will: What is it? The points don't matter, but the (something, something) Who's line edition Will: Oooooh!!! Greg: Ooooh! BB8! Ryan: BB

BBBB8! This is diamond Derek: Oooh – Will: Diamond

is that a light? – What's going on? It's like someancient sorcery stuff *ticking noises* It's time! *Du-du-du-du-du-du* That's fromSophia from Phoenix, Arizona


3 *Jepoardy music* 21 Aaahhh! Ryan: Is that Phoenix though? Is that Phoenix? Derek: I think I put it in Las Vegas *laughing* (everyone) Ohhhh! This is dope! Damn! Dude, this looks so legit! *talking* Check this out Oh, green ball! Dude, this is so legit How did he do this? *Pokemon theme song* – This is a shiny

– Sean: Hey, what's your special? – Shoot Oh dude (everyone) Ohhhh!!! Ryan: Guys, don't drop it Please Your weakness is lamps, your fans are your weakness

Ryan: Mhm *singing SWV – Weak* I get so weak in the knees, when I see some LAMPS Where did that come from? Steven Vedial? Greg: Three seconds? Ready, set

New York *Jeopardy music* 321

Sean: It's in the way! Ryan: I don't know if that's New York, Sean! Sean: I put it on the word New York! *laughing* Your lamps decided to recreate your pictures with coffee (everyone) OHHHH!!! This cannot be – You three? – Where's the rest of us? Ohhh! *laughing* Will: Ew! *laughing* So, dudeI think this is coffee! From Tata

ResReksoRexReekso? And Clarissain Drawin? Ryan: Go! Jakarta, Indonesia

*Jeopardy music* Oh! We've been there before *Jeopardy music* 43

GOTEEM! *cheering* Can't wait until this whole thing is, just like, green "Hope you all like it Ting

" Oh, what is this? (everyone) OOOHHH! Greg: What is that? Dude, this is kinda scary! *dramatic noise* – Looks pretty Japanese-y – Turn around Pull that sucker down! – Hahahaha! – Ooohhh! *laughing* *bee noise* Reach in and grab it, dude! *dramatic music* Dude *Will trying to jumpscare Ryan* Oh, this feels awesome (everyone) OHHHHH!!! Ohhhhh! This is legit (everyone) OHHHHH!!! *talking* Hiya, hiya, hiya, hiya Who gave this? There's no name

– What? – Sean: Anonymous *talking* Make sure you guys put your names on the gifts If you wanna win If you don't then Sean: Then thank you Ryan: Go *music* Sean: With what? Flow, stow, ride in a boat, T, a boat, like a moat, I gotta coat, I gotta float, Yo, yo Ryan: Minus 10 *laughing* The points don't matter but they kinda matter now! *laughing* What is this? – Ohhh – They're the Kendama girls! KENDAMA TOY! *KENDAMA TOY!* Kinda pretty though This is really well painted Yo, uh, *sniff* Yo, this is the last, uh-gift, stop real quick, I gotta do a rift, let me walk over here a little bit; silently shift Kendama Toy, boy (unintelligible) doy(unintelligible) zoyboy

oy, oy, oy *laughing* – Trap Chicken thins, chicken skins Look at all those frickin' pins Nice, Sean

Welcome to the rap club, bro Brothers of rap *Ryan beatboxing* Right now, we filming, a Teehee, Time, and, I'm really, tryin', to rhyme, OHHH! It's lit! *smack* Chill, take a pill, we got a Will, over here, we got dill, pickles, I don't know Your rhymes so weak you can't join the club, (Ryan: Ooh!) Your rhymes are so weak you make me unsub, (Ryan: Oooh!) Wub wub wub wub wub wub (Ryan: Ooooh!!!) – Greg: Dubstep *laughing* It's not even about how good the rap is, it's like how good the audience with you is

Like you can say anything and then "OHHHHH!!!" SNACK TIIIIIIIME!!! *whistle* *music* So once again, congratulations to all of our winners, thank you guys so much for tuning in to Teehee Time, we'll talk to you next time, that's a lot of alliteration time! *t t t noises* Sean, catch it first try Okay If you catch it, you win all the teehee points OKAY? *ape noises* *talking* OHHHHHHHH!!! *ape noises* That is so offensive

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