Dragon Ball Z Fight In Real Life!

On the last episode of <i>Dragon Ball Z</i> Goku discovers his toughest enemy yet, the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta -So Vegeta -Huh? -I'm a Saiyan, right? -Hmmm -And you're a Saiyan too? -Yes, the prince of <i>all</i> Saiyans! You, on the other hand, are a commoner Saiyan who doesn't even deserve the right to fight a prince like me -Heh heh heh -SoI'm like Aladdin then -What?! -Yeah, I'm like Aladdin -and that would make you Jasmine! -Jas–what're you talking about?! Yeah, Aladdin was the commoner and Jasmine is the princess! And Shenron, the dragon that grants wishes when you get all seven dragon balls together? He's like the Genie! And I even have a flying nimbus! That's like the magic carpet! Oh, but I forgot about Aladdin's monkey, Abu You can't have Aladdin without Abu Gohan! Gohan even has a tail! He's just like Abu! He could be my Abu! He's my boo! You don't think that Aladdin would try to, like, sue us or something– SHUT UUUUUUUP! This is nothing like the damn movie! I don't watch movies! I'm the prince of all Saiyans, not a princess! And you're not this Aladdin character

You're a Saiyan an elite warrior race that does nothing but fight and grow stronger after every battle So shut the hell up about this damn Disney movie! -Wait a second, Vegeta -What now?! -The movie

-What about it? -You just said "Disney movie" -So what? I never said anything about who made that movie, which means -You DID watch it! -AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! [metal music] (wind howls) (rocks clatter) (both grunt as they fight) AAAAAH! -(pants) -Heh heh heh heh heh Tee hee hee hee hee HAAAAAAA! WHAAAAA! AAAAH! HAAAA! Don't you think we're evenly matched, Vegeta? I'm not even getting started yet YAAAAAAA! AAAAAH! (shrieks) (grunts and pants) -Heh heh heh

-(Goku pants) You're a lot stronger than I thought, Vegeta Those last couple of blasts really hurt me -#owch -(growls) Well, let's see how well you can fight when you're blind from my new technique, SOLAR FLARE! Ah! But-But how did you know?! Why would you tell me the attack you're going to do before you do it? Well maybe you can stop that, Vegeta, but I learned this one from a pickle (from above) My name is Piccolo, you idiot! (echos) You idiot, you idiot, you idiot

[bleep] you, Goku SPECIAL BEAM CANNON! AAAAAH! Heh heh heh heh Ah! I missed

#drats This is starting to get boring, Kakarot I knew this planet would be a disappointment Oh really, Vegeta? <i>I guess I'll just have to do it</i> <i>It's a good thing he's just standing there, letting me do this one</i> <i>because this one takes a while

</i> <i>The rivers</i> <i>The trees</i> <i>The wind</i> <i>And all living things in nature that are good and innocent

</i> <i>Please send me your positive energies</i> <i>I ask of you, please</i> There

Vegeta, from all the good people of the earth, let's see how well you handle the SPIRIT BA–?! Uhhuh <i>What?! There has to be more good energy in the world than this

</i> <i>Well, well maybe it's just really small and dense</i> <i>Yeah, that's gotta be it</i> TAKE THIS! AAAAAAH! (dink) Ugh! (Vegeta) Alright, that's enough of this nonsense! I'm ending this right now! -Wait, Vegeta! One more -(growls) (grunts) AAAH! DESTRUCTO DISC! Hah hah hah hah hah! Is this the best you can do, Kakurat? Destructo Disc may look weak and slow enough for us to have this conversation, but don't worry It'll cut through anything, no matter how strong they are

Huh? Oooh #whoops NOOO! You idiot! You just cut my ship into two pieces! I didn't mean to! I was aiming for you, but you dodged it! No! You aimed for it! No, I didn't! I was aiming for you like this Watch! AAAAAAAAHHHHH! -Mistake Another mistake

-(growls) Now I'll never be able to fix it! It's in a million pieces! I mean, to be fair, you're kind of over-exaggerating -It's not, like, in a million pieces– -Thousands of pieces! Yeah, but like a low thousand -Like two or three thousand -Four thousand! -Well, a little more than that -FIVE THOUSAND! -Still more than that

-Eight thousand? -Almost there -Nine thousand? Mini Destructo Disc! UH! -Andhow about now? -IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND! AAAAAH! Look, I've had it with you! Say goodbye to this entire planet! -Wait, what?! -(grunts) <i>I have to do something

If I don't,</i> <i>he's going to blow up the entire planet!</i> -<i>You know, Goku, just said that</i> -I know I'm just re-thinking it FIRE! ICE! AAAAAH! You can't beat me, Kakarot! (Vegeta) You're nothing but a commoner! I'm the prince of all Saiyans! You may be a princess like Jasmine, but that would make me Aladdin! And he'sthe mainCHARACTER! AAAAAAH! (groans in pain) Go ahead, Kakarot

Finish me off I don't deserve to live if I can't defeat a simple commoner like you -No -Huh? I'll give you the choice, Vegeta Either you choose to stop your evil ways and learn how to live among us, learn how to live a normal life without killing, make new friends, learn how to trust people, maybe even marry a slut named "Boma"

I don't know OrI can blast you right now and no one would ever see you again

The choice is yours, Vegeta -So what's it going to be? -(groans) (growls) (Jasmine's voice) A whole new world A dazzling place I never knew

Tee hee! -Hey, Vegeta? -Hmm? Did I ever tell you I can teleport really far? Big deal, Kakarot We can all do that No, but I can teleport really far, like into a whole other universe

It's called "instant transmission" Here, watch! Whatever, Kakarot Can you stop calling me "Kakarot"? My name's Goku -No, it's Kakarot -No, it's Goku! -No, it's Kakarot! -Goku! -It's Kakarot! -GOKU! -KAKAROT! -GOKU! Goku?! What're you doing here? You know, I'm not quite sure

-Bet you guys can't fly! -What? Hey, everybody It's me, Piccalo If you wanna see the behind-the-scenes and bloopers, well then, click the one that says it! Or you could watch this entire video again, but with no effects, which I think is even funnier that way! Or, if you don't wanna watch either of those, at least stay till the end so you can see the bouncing ball that's green

Green like my skin And that is my balls! [visit wwwfacebookcom/subtitleyoutube to watch other videos or make a request]

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