DJ on a Budget! (Dear Ryan)

So this Dear Ryan's a little bit shorter and it's a little different and the reason for that is because well I guess there's no other way to put this well, my channel has just been *targeted?* It's been underattacked from all these music companies *hmm* and the weird thing is Ryan: Hey, what's up, Alan? Alan: Yeah? Ryan: Um, okay, so I got this Dear Ryan, and, it's basically asking me to sing one of your songs, and I was wondering if it would be cool if– Ryan: Hello? Alan? Well, I'll take that as a yes! Just in case, and to be really safe that it doesn't get picked up by the labels, I am going to NOT be using the instrumental, I'm just gonna remake the entire song with only my voice, just like how I did the, what was that video, guitar, Cardboard Guitar video for Bohemian Rhapsody because so far, that video's still good, I haven't gotten ANY copyright claims, and– now it is! Still gonna do the Alan song though, you guys saw, he gave me permission, so

[Ryan does an A Capella rendition of Faded by Alan Walker] [Crowd Cheering] Nothin' See? No notifications, no emails, no claims, I think we're good! See, what'd I tell you guys? Alan Walker is a good friend of mine Of course he would give me permission, and he would never, EVER claim– [Faded playing off screen] [Faded playing from phone] Alan: Pay me Okay, okay, but, for real, can you tell your people NOT to claim the video, in case it does get picked up by YouTube? Alan: Well, I don't think it will at all Ryan: Oh, you don't think so? Alan: No, it doesn't sound like it at all

Ryan: Oh (Subtitles by RhythmTimes10 and nc275)

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