Disney Movies In Real Life!

Disney Movies In Real Life The Princess and the Frog Hope this works (Kiss) Ewww

You kissed the frog? You're gonna get warts

Yeah, and warts are basically herpes You got herpes now bro What? I don't have herpes, I just kissed the frog That doesn't make it any better, you still kissed a frog Yeah, why would you even do that? So gross Seriously

And also, I do have herpes Up Alright, time to make this house go up But Mister, I thought you were gonna make this house fly Don't be stupid Russell, that's physically impossible I thought you were Asian

Aren't you supposed to be smart? I don't think you can say that Isn't that racist? What, no, that was, uh, positive racism More like a compliment to uh Is that why you don't have black balloons? What?! No! Quit trying to make make me look racist Black is just not a balloon color that kids pick I would pick the black one Oh yeah, why? Because it's probably the strongest one and it would fly the highest See, now that's racism

Positive racism! My name Tarzan and I like to swing on vine (Tarzan yell) That's cool Tarzan, but you're swinging on a swing, not on a vine Oh yeah? (Tarzan yell remix) wiggle wiggle, swing! Hey, you wanna hear about that girl down the street? She one find one blue dog Not even Guarantee, I went see em bruddah

The bugger was blue like the Menpachi catch a few years ago For real? For real bro Honestly it might not even be one dog that What? Like one alien or somethin'? I don't know bro, we should probably tell somebody Yeah we should, no? Yeah, but lazy, no? Super lazy

I kinda like seeing em' though Yeah, we go Shoot? Shoot ♪ Did they send me daughters, ♪ ♪ when I asked for sons? ♪ Uh, excuse me- What'd he just say? Wha- You wanted sons instead of daughters? No I-I didn't mean it like- What're you, a sexist? Now, Pinocchio, are you sure you didn't take that cookie? Of course not, dad M'kay, I believe you

Goodnight, son Night, dad Pinocchio, I wouldn't lie if I were you If you do, your nose will grow Yeah right! Hahaha See, my nose is the same! Oh no, I didn't mean you nose, I meant your NOs as in NO What? Oh, and by the way Pinocchio, I forgot- (gun shot) (said like Le Stone in the Sword) (Holy music) Ah! (Applause) Here's your test

What's that? Your pee test For what? For, oh you know, just to make sure you're not taking steroids, performance-enhancing drugsyou know, the normal stuff

(Stab sound) (People gasping) ♪ I wanna be where the people are ♪ (Gasp) help me! Oh my gosh are-are you okay?! I need- What do you need?! W- W- wallet! Water Walls? Wallaby! Witches! Wa-ter (mumbling words that start with W) Oh! (Plays Wiggle) ♪ I can show you the world ♪ See? You just gotta like pinch it and you can see everything

It's all shiny, shimmering, and splendid ♪ In the circle, the circle of life ♪ Do you have to do that every single time you go? (said like LOL Dalmartians) -and a couple in London is being arrested for dog hoarding Sources say they found over a hundred and one Dalmatians malnourished, dying of dehydration, with feces everywhere And now to Chet with the weather F*** her right in the p*** (*= bleeped) Only true love's kiss will break the spell

The heck? It didn't work! Yeah it didn't work She's not gonna wake up from you kissing her She's been in a coma for twenty years She has a beard! She had that from the beginning Oh

Maybe try it again? (said like Be-lōt) Bolt! Bolt! Bolt, come here! (sighs) (said Troye is dying) So Andy, tell me Why are you here? (breathes) Um, it scares me just thinking about it (Creepy music) 'Cause nobody would be around but he'd start saying his catchphrases so I figured, "Okay maybe he was just a broken dysfunctional toy

" "Maybe he was breaking down," You know? But then last night I knew something was wrong (Gasp) (Creepy music intensifies) Where's his hat? Okay and now I just don't know what to do Just tell me what to do! Because I-I can't do this anymore Andy, there's a snake in my boot (More intense creepy music) What'd you just say? (said like the toy's batteries are dying) There's a snake in my boot

Ah! (Breaths heavily) What do you want from me?! There's a snake in my boot I don't know what that means What does that mean?! Snakes in your boots?! I don't- So what? That's my name, Andy I don't- What do you mean "No?" Of course it's- Woody: There's a snake in my boots (Boots x5) That doesn't make sense, what is boot Andy?! Unless you mean boot and Y There's a snake in my boot and Y and Y

boot and Y? Booty? There's a snake in my booty (Wiggle plays) Whoom, the ball just opened Bloopers and behind the scenes on the left, previous video on the right

and before you know it you better click because before you know it you better, before (chuckles) Before you know it- I mean you have to click before you know it this gunna turn back into the ball

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