Dear Ryan – What Does The Fox Say?

It's been happening for months now I've been seeing it everywhere

On my dog On my mind Even on my nuts I thought it would stop, but as time went by, it never did It just keeps coming and coming

I can't take it anymore! Must End Now Tee hee! To see bloopers and behind the scenes, click here And by "here" I mean not the text

Click the Saltines Challenge video It's not Bloopers Behind the Scenes, but that'll take you there And also, if you want to see the previous video on this channel, click The Truth About Miley Cyrus which– well, that's also a skit on this channel, and the other one's on the second channel And–sorry guys–I haven't done an end card before So if you want to subscribe, click this little button right here–oh! What the he–? Oh there! Click right! Oh, you see it? There it is

Right NOW Yeah, if you click it nothing happens

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