Dear Ryan – Defeating a Ninja

Dear Ryan, can you defeat a real ninja? (ninja music) Purple shirt guy appears Walk so fast across that field Who is he texting Be free phone Look of distaste Needs new pair of sunglasses because he can't see a foot away in those Baby who just ate a sour lemon face Twenty goat No no too much goat Dramatic This much goat Anime movement Strange ballerina movement Intimidating fight the air movement Non-intimidating fight the air movement How do that Magic Fight the air Gooooo air! Air wins W O W WOW Whoosh pop (crying) Do you need me to call a WAH-mbulance NOPE TEEHEE So leave a question in the comments below and you could be responsible for the next video (laughter) Okay one sec Serious face

Dee doop! (laughter) Okay, I think we got it

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