Dancing Without Moving!?

Dear Ryan, can you dance without moving? Hey Guys, so if you've been watching this channel long enough or if you happen to know me personally in real life you would probably know by now that one of my biggest weaknesses in life is that, well I can't dance (montage of Ryan's epic dancing) Do the vest The vest dance HAHAHAHAHHA Yeah, see most of those dance moves were for jokes But, that's actually me trying especially the top raving, remember that thing? But, dancing without moving, now that kinda sounds like a dance that i would be good at But, i might need a little help DANCING (without moving) And, GO! (BREATHING) (MUSIC) (SPEEDING UP ) epc dance 4l yfe TEEHEE So leave your questions in the comments below, and you could be responsible for the next video! Ahhh oooh Ryan: What happened? He walked on water

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