Daily Life of NinjaHinja – Nigahiga (忍者的日常生活) 中文字幕版

Oh hey! Just did not see you! And so on! I have to see it! You did not see me! Because I'm a ninja! [Ninja Richangshenghuo] Wake up every morning the first thing is to practice body Weight training and cardio training speed training My weight training began with a single hand push-ups power!! As for the speed thing Have you seen moving so fast ninja do? speed!! One of the day's most difficult training Is cardio training Yo! How much you want to open? $ 2,500 Deal! Car deal !! (homonym) A true ninja always choose the more difficult route From point A to point B This is also called "Parkour" I like to read or to "run rump children" Because I like pronunciation I read the shining pronunciation rules I do not care to read it is not stupid Parkour Parkour ~ ~ (If there is a stone on the ground I'll skip it) Parkour Parkour ~ ~ (Walls can not resist my spider work) Parkour Parkour ~ ~ (That street is the seat you? Through it!) Parkour Parkour ~ ~ (That street is the seat you? Through it!) Parkour Parkour ~ ~ (Sometimes I still use the door like ) Ninja also known for something to Piduan I can piduan anything! I can Piduan wood Piduan bricks! Broken twigs! Piduan wind! (Fart) Break ~ (break pun) Breakdance! (Break pun) The car broke Car theft! (Break pun) Eat breakfast! (Break pun) Of course, is the most powerful – Break up! (Break pun) We need to talk We're not talking about it?! I'm very sorry Do not! want! Is

because of another woman do? No Another man?! certainly not! That Why? because Because all u blood everywhere on my carpet! what?! Ninja Quiz! We all know that it is to play at Ninja stunts and use phantom surgery You find me? I do not – not in the couch – Nor under the table lamp Or under the table That where I am? Bang !! All wrong !! I was reading lamp !! In order to become a ninja You have to appear with surprising Art (Surprisingly Art) Last but not the most important Every day I at least give me a task ninja owl Thanks ~ Hey mildew! (Woo woo ~ ~ Hey my name is not mildew, I'm Pursuit ~) Out! Broom in the name of God I call You XX in this Whatcha?! Oh! I think you play the fool! I really do not Well ~ If your ninja meteor landmarks are shot down Do you know how to do Yes Remember ~ Ninja would do you think is the most

Ninja Gun star! Surprise! Why did you do this to me?! I ordered Is YTF They want me to die?! Do not You did not buy my cookies (biscuits to sell more Oh ~ YTF) Well, in that case We can buy a mint taste it? I feel like it touched my mouth ~ Broom in the name of God Give me a sharper broom!

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