Christmas Songs In Real Life!

♪I'm dreaming of a white♪ ♪or black♪ ♪or yellow

♪ ♪or non-gender-specific Christmas♪ ♪or Hanukkah♪ Hey, Santa? Oh, hello there Rudolph W hat can I do for you? Well, all the other reindeer don't like me because my nose is so red Oh Rudolph, your nose is what makes you special But Dasher said that my nose is so red because I'm sick and they should stay away from me Oh that's just silly, Rudolph And then Vixen said that is not that I'm sick but it's a big disgusting pimple Oh Rudolph, everyone gets pimples And then Prancer said that is not that I'm sick or a pimple He said that I have herpes Eww! Get away! No, get away from me

Nooo! See, I knew it! Y'all just get caught! I knew it! I knew it! Imma tell! I'm filming all of this! I'm filming all of this! Im tellin'! Wait till I tell dad! Wait till I tell! Get ready to get famous, b****! World star! WORLD STAR! (six, seven, eight) ♪Come and hear this boy♪ ♪go wub wub wub wub♪ ♪Here is the build up for♪ ♪the dro-o-o-op♪ ♪Dro-o-o-op♪ ♪Dro-o-o-op♪ The what? The drop Oh (imitating dubstep) Hey guys I don't really know how to spoof this one

I mean, I don't even know what chestnuts are I never even had 'em Actually, I never had 'em either Yeah, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen them You eat them? Nuts are funny

'Cause they're like balls Wait, but they're not just nuts They're called chestnuts I mean, I guess the closest thing to having nuts on your chest would have to be ♪Nipples roasting on an open fire♪ (to the tune of "Feliz Navidad") So What do you want for Christmas? I mean, um All I really want

for Christmas is You know those hover-boards that Justin Bieber has? I mean I don't want you to buy it for me I mean you can if you want to

Speaking of hoverboards I would also like to (speaking too fast to understand) And youtube subscribers Lots of Youtube subscribers

Man, that'd be so awesome! If you could also get me a car (speaking too fast to understand) and youth

Youth I wanna be young forever Forever young (speaking too fast to understand) And you No, you

Dude, it's been so long! Oh man, how you been? I've been hella good! How have you been? I'm good Big step careful

there you, agh there we go You know what? I left my purse back there Stay right here, I'll be right back, ok? God, I hate this song So racist Grandma! Grandma!! NOO Grandma

There is something you should know No, save your energy, don't talk Your father

He's gone, grandma No Come on, you're not thinking straight he's gone

What? Grandma, no Grandma! In the the case of reindeer-man slaughter over grandma We the jury find the defendant Not guilty

You're a murderer! Order in the court! You killed my grandma! How could you do this?! How could you?! I don't know who they are or what they want All I know there's more to it than this and I will hunt down every single last one of them, one by one

until I figure it out Look, I'm upset too but revenge isn't worth it It's not about revenge it's about the truth My father is still alive

Why you always have to be such a dull? How dare you! Well, look who's all grown up It's you It's been a long time Hello, son What have you done with my father?! I am your father! You're a deer Yes, and so are you

Haven't you ever noticed your love for grassy areas your preference of salads over soups It's time for you to become who you really are Oh yeah? WHO THE HELL IS THAT?(BITCH)

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