Charlie Charlie Challenge in China!

Derrick and I was trying to find his way back to the hotel In this strange place he naturally taxi driver drop us down here in a very accidental But he only said, "No, no, no " He leaves us alone here Now we do not know what we're anywhere Us astray in China then you sir I believe you have not? Yeah, I believe you I still could not believe this I you Catch you I got you Huh? You, I'm trying amusing but I can not think Instagram What is this You know Las Vegas is the LV stands right? Or San Francisco's SF But I do not know anymore how Beijing stands Is B Sure just come on BJ No, there must be where I'm kidding I'm going to BAE We did not even stay for this We always stay up all day See my puffy eyes? His eyes ready for the trip because it packed up belongings in both eye puffiness and ~ Was a long day ~ I want to be where we Beijing Yes, we will go to Beijing alone And now we also are Veging his (Vegas + Beijing) Are we

We're in Vegas, preparing to San Francisco Then from San Francisco on, we're going to Beijing To the fact Tech World Ryan and Derrick to visit China Okay, we just arrived at the hotel yourself here They printed my logos on this card Yeah, the key card Like you're wearing no clothes? Ryan chose this shirt for yourself that Yeah, that I choose it Yep Should we have to dress like her who work agencies I guess it will be a lot of people wearing suits and beautiful things Here's how we'd dress Just as well that I turned to you for I call this my appearance because I buy ZARA of this set in Zara You fashion it Thank you Okay, prepare to attend public events infants Tech World I think we were the youngest people there do not know the Chinese language And there is no suitable dress again So maybe we'll be the most species located there Just as well that Yeah, well right Okay, time and eyebrow Go to the event finished yet Not this story Okay, we're in this World Tech Event And I guess we have a lot of places here and some other things exhibit So we have going on and if there is something not steal Come on, if there is something not steal ThinkPad Check structure Ie they removed all it out to see how durable it To see how durable it does We did get on TV and behold Huh? Similar to 62% of Asia? Hey, he's on the left or right? Oh my God Looking at some of this is considered Oh, Nice I'm hacking into the system nè eyebrows To Tech World just to us, I played Dota This display of eyebrow so too goes wide super-wide Oh, you're going to fall there Yo, that's awful Realistic too Oculus his first try I hate rollercoaster How? Eye brow look too big Animated eye Eye eye brow look to it Currently, Derrick and I do not know where to go Because we'd have no one to accompany, to guide both So now we just go where they themselves go We did this card also be delivered by mistake Into it? Oh, in Asia? Okay, so not into it Now just try to place certain travel agency Not looking for a room and then OK This room is also not always Eyebrow, looked horrible this place Try to see what Damn, it's hard too go You're correct that Parkour's just you alone phèo marquetry In right away you I do not think we are allowed here where his Look like a toilet stop that We're here are not you? Do not you? okay We're getting the wrong card Oh, and this is on Oh, we alone are in it? We'd be in then We got to be Narnia His studio preparing to compose several hits Yeah, okay Oh! Oh eyebrow Oh, okay Hey, do not tilt the world You think that it's harder Hey Derrick, buy one go This is your face okay Look this truth than that Yeah That's good By now, you do the dirty hands and know To this end under Last headline you to that? Yep I will slip more like this If but for this thought up arms and go shake hands people Oh my God Okay, that's it nhé Derrick and I do a lot of stupid games ago Have pretty much beauty, but I really like the wheel

what did you sir have 2 wheels Okay, so we got done today Yep Along with that, then, see you in whatever happens next A story to tell us you heard here Derrick and I just returned from the taxi and now is trying to find his way back to the hotel In this strange place he naturally taxi driver drop us down here in a very accidental But he only said, "No, no, no " He leaves us alone here Now we do not know what we're anywhere Us astray in China then you sir Maps à eyebrow? Oh my gosh, the whole Chinese severance RH: We just went through D: Wait Try looking on the map have the same name hotel does not Oh yeah, okay I think we have to go this way Look familiar, right? Eyebrow, crossing a road in China's awful You know the way, right? No, I do not

Find themselves alone I believe you have not? Yeah, I believe you I still could not believe this I you Oh, we'd pass yet? Scat Derrick was nearly dead Where you do not see No interpreters No direction Yep And I still can not understand us anything that anyone tells us that his Illegible signs, too, as all Chinese both This sometimes also funny We'll find only "At least they pay only direction she was not?" Then he said: "No, no, no" "No no no" So we'd like "Okay Good pay

" And then he abandoned us I do not know what we're where you sir RH: We really lost in China and then D: Oh my gosh Who do not speak Chinese, too I do not know, a few buildings look familiar We we did it Go right, to be true, then Four Seasons Hotel decent kids We did it, finally Right! Damn, at this time I was really scared that Us return now Self us all there I think this proves us are Chinese and We'd have problems with taxi should preferably without going anywhere View all "Failure to Launch" to "Chucky" We'd missed out party for us here And this is my reaction I can see through the reflection that Prepared severance Available in 3,2,1 Now I just turn off the camcorder and then prepared for severance Yeah Welcome to the next set of teehee Time Where there may be the introduction of us This is the version in Beijing teehee Time You know we'd have a lot of gifts from fans always Along the tip to touch any We have What is this? What is it again? This Red bull Thank you for coming with version teehee Time in Beijing We'll talk to you more the next time, and many times more muscle I shot out saliva on the table and Energy drink! Seed! Candy!! Thank home! You're great! First of all, there are a lot of you ask us is a challenge called Challenge Charlie Charlie Challenge Charlie Charlie, right eyebrow? Challenge Charlie Charlie Well then, we have repeated many too Simply contact a demon Say "Charlie Charlie, things, things" RH: Then it would Yeah D: It's his answer by just "Yes" or "No" But I and Derrick do not believe it is real where We'd see a lot of video and people keep making it extremely efficient So now we'll prove you find it completely wrong Us prepare challenges demon Hey Charlie, if you're here, try doing Derrick's see What just happened? Eyebrow, now we have to read the Chardie Chardie for being in China which Then, we'd write something new this thing Well, this game of Spain, right? So speaking the mother tongue of the ghost, it is "Si" Put this one open Yeah Asia must keep your balance? What could be harder anyway? Oh eyebrow Hey Charlie, you're poised to pen fears away From Challenge to Challenge Charlie Charlie by Charlie Keeping Up Pen Uh This is where you can not Let it alone Okay, Charlie Charlie, you keep your balance long overdue household fears pen is not? Charlie Charlie, you're here? Charlie Charlie, you've killed anyone before? Now we alone can not

People will say: "Oh, it was the pencil still touching the paper" If it is true that the demon, despite how it still is the pen rotation Charlie Charlie, you're here? Look it easy to spin not behold Charlie Charlie, recently McDonald's does not? Charlie @ # $% ^ & * ( Charlie Charlie, Charlie Brown eyebrows Is not? Ouch Charlie, you just bite me right? Charlie Charlie, real name Charles Barkley Is this you not? Barkley Asia? Charlie Come stop I think we should go as Charlie said it was really a demon, and it wants to live and discover China And further it is just false and it is also very time consuming Challenge Charlie Charlie stupid, inept Spent all the time of people There is no challenge anymore Stupid Oh, we have forgotten the camcorder That was forgotten to bring Oh dear it is turning you this Okay, now we going to discover what China has To try to see It has just started you behold I see nothing rolls There are social and others If you come to China began this vehicle that shows your pictures Then you are the winner, simply stop winning Look terrible right So we've done Thank Lenovo for letting us see everything Along with that, then, China also quite annoying that you No rules If you're fine to go Actually it was the life I want to live Chinese-style life Ay, CL is called a K-pop girl again? Beijing is bae Bae CL Hello everyone, thank you for watching videos this week Click the link above if you want to see us visit his friends in LA But you also do not forget to download the application teehee nhé! We'll publish the individual videos in China over that time, should remember watching it! Okay (Trailer created by Tanran subteam) (Subtitles are created by Tanran subteam)

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