Cardboard Guitar!? (Dear Ryan)

Ryan: Hey guys ^_^ Ryan: I don't know if you guys can hear it or not but I have people over right now Ryan: I hate vlogging Ryan: When people are here Ryan: They're really quiet right now, that means they're listening *Shouting* Ryan: Oh well ;v Ryan: Let's just get started Ryan: What? Ryan: Is that a thing now or something? I don't know if that's supposed to be hard to do Ryan: Yeah, probably I could probably do like, ten Ryan: I don't see how that's hard let's do this Ryan: It can't be that hard *fail* *fail* *fail* *fail* *fail* Ryan: OK

Ryan: That's it That's staying *fail* *fail* Ryan: No, this is impossible Ryan: There's no way to do this Off camera: OH !!! Off camera: Geez !! Ryan: It was that hard ? Ryan: Give me a real challenge :v Ryan: Battery stack challenge :v Ryan: I bet you everybody would do this Ryan: This is so fun Off camera: Oh !!! Greg: One handed? Will: Do a third one Off camera: Ohhhh Off camera: Oh my goodness Off camera: Easy Off camera: Keep going, boiz Ryan: Give me a real challenge Off camera: NO WAY!!! Off camera: Ohhhhhh !!! *RIP* Ryan: I can do ten I think I can do ten Ryan: I'm getting at least 5

*fail* Ryan: That's a little off Ryan: It's a little off Off camera (lots of 'There you go' 'Let's go boys) Off camera (lots of 'There you go' 'Let's go boys) here we go *RIP* Ryan: It was there x2 Ryan: Ten! (So proud of you Ryan) Ryan: See? Ryan: I told you guys that it's not hard to balance 10 batteries on top of each other Ryan: This is another life lesson Ryan: You can fail over and over and over, but if you learn to persevere and just keep *FAIL* :V Ryan: I love those like voice-over line in trailers Ryan: You could literally say anything as long as it sounds deep and dramatic and it fits perfectly in a trailer Ryan: In fact, I'll do some right now *Dramatic Voice* Ryan: What do you mean ? Ryan: You don't know what's going on Ryan: I just told you I don't know Ryan: Who the hell are you guys? Ryan: But what do you mean? Ryan: They can't figure what's wrong with him Ryan: How am I supposed to know how to do something that I don't know how to do? Ryan: You could literally say anything as long as it sounds deep and dramatic Ryan: Throw it in the background of, you know, some action scenes or some random cuts and you got a trailer Voice-over: What do you do ? Voice-over: Simple Voice-over: They leave a comment Voice-over: I answer it *Some bad ass action scenes and random cuts from previous Dear Ryan's* :v Voice-over: They say it's a myth, but I've seen it *Some badass action scenes and random cuts from previous Dear Ryan's* :v *Some bad ass action scenes and random cuts from previous Dear Ryan's* :v Voice-over: Wait what do you mean they can't figure out what's wrong with him? *Some badass action scenes and random cuts from previous Dear Ryan's* :v Voice-over: I just told you I don't know

*Some bad ass action scenes and random cuts from previous Dear Ryan's* :v Voice-over: How am I supposed to know how to do something that I don't know how to do? *Some badass action scenes and random cuts from previous Dear Ryan's* :v Evil Ryan: There can only be one Ryan: Go F asterisk asterisk asterisk yourself? Ryan: What? Other Ryan: Come on Ryan, you know what he means Other Ryan: You know what he wants us to do Ryan: Yes, but that's kind of Ryan: I don't know Other Ryan: Just turn around and close your eyes

Other Ryan: It'll be over before you know it Other Ryan: It will be easy *Le Sigh* Ryan: Fine Other Ryan: All right, let's do this Ryan: Whenever you're ready then, in three Ryan: Two

Ryan: One Ryan: Ready or not, here I come

Ryan: Wait, what do you Ryan: I see you're right there, in the bed Other Ryan: See? Other Ryan: I told you it'd be easy to find yourself

Ryan: Yeah, I guess it was Ryan: So I do actually have a guitar, but I literally just looked for it and I can't find it Ryan: Which you might ask yourself, how is that possible that you don't know where this gigantic thing is Ryan: The only time I ever use it is as a prop in videos Ryan: If you really look at me in those music videos and other things that I used to guitar Ryan: I'm not actually playing any real notes Ryan: Because I don't know how to play Ryan: The only songs I do know how to play are because I watch YouTube videos and I just copy their hands Ryan: Like I don't know what notes or letters – I don't know what they're called

Ryan: In 24 hours, I still had a hard time playing the Happy Birthday song Ryan: And that's one of the easiest songs to play on the guitar which is really sad Ryan: But anyway I still picked this Dear Ryan because even though I don't have a guitar there is something that I've always wanted to try

Ryan: And I think this could be my only chance Ryan: I've always thought that if a song is a bunch of chords put together in a certain order Ryan: And a chord is just a bunch of finger placements on a guitar Ryan: Technically, if I were to record my voice mimicking the sound of every single placement on a guitar, Ryan: I pretty much would have created my own vocal guitar and I should be able to play anything I want with editing Ryan: Again, I'm not sure if this is actually going to work but it sounds more fun than actually having to learn to play the guitar Ryan: Yeah, I probably should of just looked for the guitar, that would've been a LOT faster Ryan: Soooo Ryan: So we have the laptop, we have my Ryan: Whoops Ryan: We have my cardboard guitar Ryan: I'm gonna play the sound on here, try and mimic it and then play it on here with that sound Ryan: Does that make sense? Ryan: First thing I'm going to do is do all of the strings by itself

Ryan: So the first one is a E? Ryan: Next one is A Ryan: This is D Ryan: G Ryan: B Ryan: And the last one E Ryan: Alright so we got the empty strings and now it's time to do every single one of these Ryan: (mumbling): I should just get a regular guitar Ryan: First one This sound Ryan: Alright so now

that we have every single one of these Ryan: Finger placements I don't know what they're called Ryan: Obviously with a little bit of tuning, we should be able to combine any single one of these to make a chord Ryan: So

I guess we could just try that now Ryan: Look up some chords Ryan: Let's do a C Ryan: Together, should be like this Ryan: F

this is a crazy one Ryan: Now that I have pretty much every single chord Ryan: Because we have all the different finger placements, we should be able to play literally anything in the entire world Ryan: No matter how difficult

Ryan: And without practice too! Even better (so proud Ryan) Ryan: What should I play though? Ryan: Ah! (plays Happy Birthday song) (Off note) ?? (NANI??) *RIP* Ryan: I know most of you know what Bohemian Rhapsody is Ryan: But for those of you that don't

it's a very popular song, from the 80's I would guess? Ryan: It's by a band called Queen? Freddie Mercury, Queen Ryan: It's of their most popular songs Ryan: I feel weird having to explain this, this is like, common knowledge

for me growing up Ryan: For all you younger people who haven't heard of Queen or Bohemian Rhapsody Ryan: I would suggest you go check them out Ryan: It's not like the songs of today, or the music of today, because it's better (lol) Ryan: I sound like an old man now Ryan: I actually have a special connection to Queen, because my first video that I've ever uploaded, it's on private now, is a song by Freddie Mercury

Ryan: They're my favorite band Ryan: But anyway, I only pulled this Dear Ryan because for whatever reason I get this one a lot? Maybe it's because the movies coming out, like Bohemian Rhapsody Ryan: Yeah I get this Dear Ryan a lot for some reason and the reason I haven't done it is Ryan: People are going to get upset Ryan: Queen fans are super crazy Go and look at any parody of Bohemian Rhapsody or like people covering it Ryan: They just go after anyone who does anything to do with Queen Ryan: Which I also understand, because I'm a huge Queen fan as well Ryan: So I'm sorry, as much as I love the song, and I want to Ryan: I just

🎡 I can't do this one 🎡 🎡 Not even parody 🎡 🎡 It'd be an insult to the Queen Freddie Mercury 🎡 🎡 Plus you know why 🎡 🎡 Voice ain't that high 🎡 🎡 CAN'T 🎡 🎡 Sing 🎡 *Early guitar solo* Freddie Ryan: Hey! HEY! Guitar Ryan: What? Freddie Ryan: That's not where the guitar solo comes in Guitar Ryan: Yeah so? Freddie Ryan: So Didn't you hear me earlier? We don't want to upset those hardcore Queen fans! They get crazy you know Guitar Ryan: You guys are the one who changed the words that's way more insulting if you ask me Freddie Ryan: *Scoffs* No it's not Guitar Ryan: Yes it is Freddie Ryan: No it's not! All guitar Ryan's: YES IT IS! All of Queen: NO IT'S NOT!! *Slight guitar solo* Guitar Ryan: Yeah

Guitar Ryan: I didn't get to finish the second guitar solo so dodo do dodododododo TEEHEE! Ryan: So leave your questions in the comments below and you could be responsible for the next video Ryan: Getting frustrated Greg: Oh

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