Can you step on a Lego!? (Dear Ryan)

Hey guys! So I know that I haven't done the Dear Ryan video in a while So let's just get right into it

Dear Ryan, can you say "M" without touching your lips? "Nm" "M" "N

" "Nm" "Nmmm" "NmMM" "NnmMMM" "NnnnnmmMMMM~~~" Damnit! "Nn

" *Cheat using tongue* Thats cheating, can I use my teeth? (Thats also cheating _ ) Technically, my lips aren't touching K

that's cheating "Nmm" "NmmMM~~~" This is so frustrating "NNNNMMMM!!!!" Okay, you can't You it's I it's

it's impossible! It's not possible

Thanks for making me look like an idiot, Heh- I bet alot of you at home just did that So don't even judge me how stupid I looked Cause you Probably looked just as stupid

But more handsome XD Dear Ryan, can you do emoji impressions? I actually had never tried that before, so I'm not sure I mean I will do it as many as I can

*Happy* *Even happier* *Normal happy* *Sad* *Pleased* *Silly* *Big grin* *Mad* *O* *Smirking* *Sunglasses* *Expressionless* Yeah, this last one is kinda racist Anyway That's pretty much all the emoji impressions I can do

I tried to do as many as I could- What the Oh I get, because I'm Asian Ha ha! Good one man Pfff

And now your calling me a girl I'm not even wearing a red dress What is this a- Is that your best insult, like se- You know what? I'm not gonna take this kind of insults from my emoji

I have no reason to get mad- I'm not even making a fist now What is that supposed to rep- *punching* What the hell du- *repeated punching* JUST STOP!!! JUST STOP IT! THIS IS MY VIDEO! AND THIS IS MY IDEA! THERE IS NO WAY THAT SOMEBODY LIKE YOU CAN AC- *mute emoji* Dear Ryan, can you do the 'stitch' voice again? This is actually really simple All you have to do is Make the "Ah" sound like you're at the dentist like AAAHHHHHH And then while you're doing that, move your tongue back like this

AAAAAHHHHHHHHLLLLLL It's like you're gargling Like you're closing off your throat So you don't swallow your mouth water So make a dentist sound I don't know why I'm doing all these dental hygienic references

So you're going to make the sound like you're at a dentist But closing off your throat So you don't swallow all the mouth washing that he's pouring in your mouth Not that they do that Once you make that sound, That 'Ah~~' sound, You just add in words *Stitch voice* Dear Ryan, can you be a CS gamer? You mean CS, like Counter-Strike? No, I don't have time to be playing video games because

Video games are a waste of time And for anyone that plays even Counter-Strike Counter-Strike is such an old game that I don't think that- WHAT THE HELL!!! Dear Ryan, what does a transformer's fart sound like? Huh, that's a good question actually What do you fart sound like? Sounds like a fart that's auto-tuned Fart with auto-tune? W-What is that sound like? *Auto-tuned fart* Wait a second, do that again! *Auto-tuned fart again* That is exactly what "Dubstep" sounds like! Hey, force out a really long one this time! Alright

*Dubstep music plays* *Trap music appeared* Uh, oh Hey, What happened? What was that? -Sorry That sound like "Trap" music Yeah I know I sharted

Dear Ryan, can you step on a Lego? I don't know why people make such a big deal about stepping on Lego It's not hard to do People just over exaggerate, watch! *Places Lego on ground* *Steps on Lego* *Pretends to be in pain from stepping on the Lego* Yeah, no It doesn't hurt that much I mean, people really do over exaggerate

I mean it kinda hurts But step on Legos really doesn't hurt anyone So La~la~la~la~la~~ Just another day being Lego Life couldn't get any better th- Uh? Huh? Oh my God DAD? Uhhhh Son Dad! What happened? They Stepped on me, son Who did?!? -Th the Who did this to you?! The hu The humans *Dad Lego died* Dad Dad No DAD

DAADDD!!!! I promise you, father You have to get my revenge Legos

Just because it doesn't hurt you, don't mean it don't hurt nobody else doe Dear Ryan, can you mathematically prove to us that 9 + 10 = 21? ♪♫♪ Dramatic Music ♪♫♪ Hrgh How does 9 + 10 = 21? Well The obvious answer is 19 but I don't know what to go from there

Wait a second Remember just now when you said "The obvious answer was 19" and then I said "Wait a second" Yeah that Just happened "19", "Wait (With) a second" "19 seconds!" -What? Remember 19th seconds into this video I was doing the "Dear Ryan" where I had to say letter "M" without touching lips? -Yeah So? Well, it's impossible to say the letter "M" with one lip You need TWO LIPS! Speaking with two lips Tulips (Two lips) are a FLOWER Flowers have PETALS! And petals (pedals), like gas PEDALS? Are in AUTOMOBILES And automobiles Are transformers turn into Ah TRANSFORMERS! -What are you getting at? Remember the Transformers "Dear Ryan" we just did? -Yeah When you press down the gas pedal, It releases gas from it's exhaust

That's basically a TRANSFORMER'S FART! If you remember, the Transformer's fart is equivalent to what? DUBSTEP! If a Transformer pushes too hard and forces out a fart He won't just fart Dubsteps He will shart! Shart out what, Ryan? TRAP music Which means this whole equation Is just one big TRA- ♪♫♪ Intense Music as camera pans across the field of Legos ♪♫♪ Well Well Well Looks like you figured it out

Who are you? -Oh, you don't remember Maybe THIS will help! Is this a picture of you lying down? THAT IS MY DEAD FATHER! THE ONE YOU STEPPED ON AND KILLED! AND NOW I'M HERE TO AVENGE HIM BY KILLING YOU! No, No please! -You humans think stepping on one of us hurts

No NO!!!! -Let's see how you like it When a bunch of us STEPS ON YOU!!! What the -Oh That wasn't that bad Didn't hurt at all actually Mm My turn! TEEHEE

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