Can Asians Be Sexy?

Hey guys! RHPC: Hi! RHPC: Hi! Ryan: The hell Start this over real quick Hey guys! So by now I'm sure you've already heard about all the drama and controversy Around, you know, Steve Harvey, and making the jokes about Asian men Basically he made some jokes on his show about asian men and how they are not attractive And this is what it looked like Do you like asian men, no Thank you And obviously there was a lot of drama that followed there was two different sides of people either, you know, attacking Steve Harvey, saying he's racist for making those jokes Or people actually defending him and saying, you know, he's a comedian and Asians need to learn to just take a joke And even though I'm Asian and I should be biased, when I really thought about it, I wasn't personally offended by what he said I'm not saying what he said was right, I'm just saying for me personally I-I don't get offended by things like that I've been hearing it my whole life! Obviously I can see why Asians were offended and they are upset about this and I have to admit, I was upset too, but probably for a completely different reason

I wasn't upset by the fact that he was saying Asian men are unattractive I was upset for just two reasons First of all, the double standard that exists when it comes to making racist jokes Like in our society, it's almost OK to make jokes about Asians like this I mean could you imagine if we switch the roles and we have an Asian man playing Steve Harvey and said the things that he said but about black people on national television? "Excuse me do you like black men?" "No

Thank you" *People laughing* Yeah I'm pretty sure that Asian guy's career would be over and he'd probably be getting death threats he'd probably not be able to book another job there would be significantly more outrage than there was about this Steve Harvey thing but since this joke was about Asians it's not as big of a deal Because, you know it's just a joke I mean Asians are like the punchbags of society I could understand if this was, like, the first time that this ever happened in mainstream media But let's be real, these kinds of things happen to Asians all the time I mean, remember during Linsanity and ESPN wrote about Jeremy Lin and they titled the article "A Chink In The Armor"? Obviously making reference to the fact that Jeremy is Asian? and yes there was a lot of outrage for that I'm not denying that still, again, there was still people defending the fact that it was a joke But my point is the fact that anybody would actually think it's okay to title an article "A Chink In the Armor," when you know it's a non-communal sports related article

Is kind of ridiculous I mean the word 'chink' is basically like the 'N' word for Asians You think anybody would dare to publish the article if they switched out the word 'chink' with the 'N' word? Of course not, because society and mainstream media has taught us that it's not okay to make black jokes but it is okay to make Asian jokes And Steve Harvey is a comedian, it's his job In fact, if I had to list my favorite black comedians, you know from greatest to worst, Steve Harvey wouldn't be the last one You know, I'd probably start, the top of the list, with like David Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Wayne Brady, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Donald Glover, Brady Mack, Martin Lawrence, Crazy Morgan, Wanda Sykes, The entire Waynes Family, The Make 7 up yours guy Orlando Jones, The guy that made the "got eem" vine, Bill Cosby, Steve Harvey, and then Bill Cosby, after the rape allegations So see? Steve is still not at the bottom

HA! GOT EEM!! I mean, let's be real, the guy's funny When you got jokes that are straight fire like this one: Steve Harvey: "You like asian men? I don't even like chinese food" *ruckus laughter* "I don't eat what I can't pronounce" *more ruckus laughter* *cracks himself up* *Ryan cracks himself up* 'Cause Chinese food is often in another language! See? So sometimes, they pronounce things differently and it-what seems like *laugh break* And what's Steve saying *more laughing* It's a good joke The funniest part to me, is that, you know, as a comedian he didn't just laugh at his own joke He was dying from his own joke I mean, it looked like it was the funniest joke he's ever told, or heard! Then again, maybe he wasn't even making a joke

I mean, chinese food IS hard to pronounce And it actually made me kind of curious and I- k- I started thinking, like What would it be like to have someone like Steve Harvey, you know, at, like, a chinese restaurant, for lunch? Steve Harvey: *laughing* I ca- I can't eat anything here I can't pronounce one thing here Wwwhat does this say? "Ching chong ling long" Ryan: It just says spring rolls Steve Harvey: Look at this one- look at this one: swing song pong! *laughing* Ryan: Sweet and sour pork! it's literally 4 English words Steve Harvey: What is it- wha- what is it? Sing hao beng en? sing hao beng en? *laughing* Ryan: It's Chao Mein Steve harvey: dao plum-pling! Ryan: dumplings Steve Harvey: pe king roasted duck! Ryan: wait, you might've actually said that one correctly, for- nope you're on the drink menu That says Pepsi

Steve: I can't eat one thing from this entire country Ryan: If you can't even pronounce those, there's nothing you can eat in this entire world! Steve: Entire world? More like entire runnerup! Ryan: What? Steve Harvey: Yeah, I can't eat anything from this planet let alone any other planet in this entire runnerup! Ryan: are you trying to say 'universe'? Steve: Oho ho yeah! My bad, I always mix universe and runnerup! Soo, I guess we, just won't eat lunch, then huh? Steve: Hey, how 'bout we just go to kuhfuk? Ryan: umm, what? Steve: Yeah, kuhfuk! It's easy to pronounce so we can just go eat at kuhfuk, if you want Ryan: Are you swearing at me, right now? Steve Harvey: No, the restaurant You know kuhfuk They have, like those gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, you know those big ol' bucket of uh, uh chick fried chicken, with the white and red stripes and that picture of that old guy Colonel Bernie Sanders on it You mean, KFC? Steve: Wow

I cannot believe you just said that Ryan: Wait, what? You're the one that sa- Steve Harvey: Just because I'm black you just assume I like KFC? You racist! That was a horrible Steve Harvey impression, I know I apologize, and I know that wasn't a good joke to end on either So, I apologize for that, too See, but at least I admit when I have bad jokes *Crowd and Ryan laugh* Now I should also say that Steve actually did apologize already

It was a typical PR apology that every celebrity does when they mess up And you know he doesn't really mean it because you know when The backlash first started coming, he literally said this: "They're kinda beating me up on the internet right now for no reason, but" "Ya know, that's life, ain't it?" Leave Steve Harvey Alone! But anyway, overall Either Steve Harvey was making a lame, tasteless, overused joke that Asians have been hearing all their lives Or, he actually meant what he said and he really does believe that, you know, women aren't attracted to Asian males It's one or the other, and we all can agree that it was just a bad, tasteless joke Because, we know he's not a racist I mean he just had a meeting with the president of the United States So how can he be racist? But all jokes aside, I decided to actually do my own research and uh, see if you know maybe Steve was on to something

Maybe women don't like Asian men So what I did is what any logical person on the internet would do: Taking it to the streets Oh! Excuse me miss could I ask you a few questions? I'll only take five minutes Gonna ask you a few simple questions Alright first question If you had to pick between these two individuals who would you consider to be more attractive? A or B? Probably B A or B? I'm gonna have to go with B I would go with B

What the heck? I'm not gay man In terms of attractiveness, like who would you? I like the Walking Dead so- B? B, yeah If you had one of these two individuals, who would you go on a date with, A or B? B I'm gonna have to go with B again Of course B, I love John Cho! Are you serious? I mean, I guess B? Which one would you consider to be sexier? A or B? UmB? I'd go with B Definitely B Dude I don't know bro, B I guess? If you were to come across one of these next two people randomly on the street right now, who are you most likely to kiss? Um A A A for sure! I'm gonna have to go with A Are you sure? Yeah That's a definite A So yeah the findings were inconclusive Probably just have to try again another time *Ryan whispers* Stupid girls TEEHEE!

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