Building an Epic Igloo!

OH MY GOD, DUDE!!! Are you okay?! That was sick HAHAHAHHAHAHA Oh damn you're flyin'! Damn that's hecka far! OH! Dude God!! Lee, That was tight Oh! Sick man HIS PHONE!!! HIS PHONE Watch this Ohh! You got it What do you guys wanna do today? You know those videos where people make like, igloos? like, in the mountain? but it's like, luxury? None of us have done this before But what we wanna do is create one that will fit all of us There's like 10 of us here So

if we can fit everybody in one igloo that we haven't created yet And let's make it like- Will: fully furnished Yeah, fully furnished with all n

ICE things 😀 Dude, this is gonna be some straight labor And it's like the altitude- we're so high up Like, everything we do- Just like, walking from here to there is like- tiring First thing is that Me and Will were messing around and we took a tub from over there, I don't know if you can see it Storage Tub Fill it up with snow, pack it down We got a little contraption here to pack it down And then we're gonna dump it out stack 'em on top of each other like these are minecraft blocks Hopefully it won't collapse on us and then we'll die Oh, dude, that's not too strong We can just do it right here, cuz it's right here We need to flatten this out Sean's an engineer- Let's flatten it out! Ow! That was SO hard That kinda hurt! First step: Flatten out your surface This is called: How to Build Uh A Snowhouse This is our first brick we loaded up We present

The First Snow Brick Of 2016!!! Tadaaaaaaaaaaa!~ Congradulations, sir Thank you, thank you governor

One down About 500 to go Good job, boys Wanna take a break now? Yeahh, let's take a break You wanna make some

sandwiches or something? Mm'kay Hot chocolate? Let's do it, yeah! Oooh, hot chocolate Paco: What about snowcones? So hot chocolate? Yeah, hot chocolate Paco: Why do you guys always do that 🙁 That's a tag? Yeah Check me out We're uhh We're in full

Full gear right now We got everyone goin' Even got the girls helping We've got workers passing out left and right guys I'm working on the most important thing right now Ammunition Oh, yeah Umm Derrick? Will: This is a tiring job Um I don't think that's part of the job Will: Derrick, I'll trade you Found a dead branch Chopped it

You just uh You just killed a branch- uh, a tree? Hunted it? No, I just broke it Oh, it was dead already? Tryin' ta look for dead ones How we doin' over here guys? Doing good Look at our wall Daaaang We got a process down right now I thought it was gonna be cold, but I'm like, sweating Nice wall Dang, you guys are like putting seams? I'm like filling the gaps Daaaang "Don't go past the walls, John Snow" Going by all the laws? This is all to code? ADA! Umm

yeah I'm an engineer so The inspector is coming in a couple of hours

so This is all t-ICICLED I didn't hear what you said Did you say that this was all t-ICICLE? ICI-cold Yeaaaahhh I'm gonna have to report you to the- Oh!! Dude I'd say that's about umm

Lemme look at the sun real quick Right now, if you can use your hands you can tell the time Each finger represents an hour So it's about 4 o'clock cuz I have 4 fingers It's 4 o'clock I'm so tired My back hurts But you know what? It doesn't hurt as much as that girl

Who got hit-hurt Remember that sound it made? This is like gonna hurt me but not that much Oohh, that hurts That does hurt That hurt? Yeahhh But you imagine, if that

you got hit by that that like- Derrick: full speed- I I don't remember Where am I? I've got the hardest job

Oh, you've got the hardest job? I've gotta find dead tree branches and then chop 'em For the uh top? I guess the roof scaffolding? Oh, yeah, cuz you can't make a snow roof Yeah This one right here nice and dead yeah, looks like a good one I'm uh, tired

I need um I need a relief Alright, yeah yeah yeah, I'll take it All right No way This is hard, bro What we got there? Thumb Saw Some dental floss? Dental floss with a saw cerrated edge? This is called a thumb saw It's basically, a string with some saw teeth on it Look at Greg's style

Always tryin' ta find better ways This doesn't look too effective at all Let's take a break So, how's it going? It's going good I mean I first started off And I was a

wood chopper And then I got promoted to a Brick builder And then back to a wood chopper I don't know if I got promoted or demoted I don't like my coworkers They keep switching jobs I wish they would just stick with one job and

We used to have like 10 people, strong now we got Sean I'm Sean cold Dana What've you been doing? Just uhh I dunno

Eating some carrots? So I started off making a whole bunch of snowballs I made like 10 and then, someone kicked them I was like

pretty disappointed I've been fortifying the walls You know, in case the titans come in We gotta make sure they're strong We need uh subsenance Subsenance Is that your mom's name? Finished the job Steve Jobs Tired, yeah I'm exhausted I'm dead Alright, so, as you can see, it's already night- err, it's pretty much night and after about 5 or 6 hours, we decided that we're not gonna be able to do this

So we're kinda just bummed out Umm we'll probably just go back

in the cabin NAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! WHAT'S UP HTV!? And this is our new crib Whoooooo!~ Come on! Come on! Come ooon! Bro Come on Alright, let's go As you see, we've got some nice little lighting right here Pillars As you can see, here's some of my favorite artwork Right here It's from when uhhhh When there was SNOW here it's that time

Uhh, would you like a refreshment? From our top of the line Ken Moore Whirlpool Banana holder hammock

? Yeah, we got our Christmas tree See? We're already prepared It's already March Some, uhh instant noodles right here Check out the rest of that- Oh you got S'mores going? We got the fireplace going right here We got a little uh We got a little TV right here We've got a bench right here Little fire pit Six hours of work

make marshmellows And we have a fireplace inside our cabin but This is way cooler Cheers Cheers! Good job everyone! So, that was our crib Y'all don't gotta go home But you've gotta get the F**k up outta here~ HELLOOOO HEH HEH HEH HEH Aw, man

It's still up though Aw, dude! So, this is the next day? Ohh, dude!! OH, PACO?! DID YOU SLEEP IN THERE!?! Was'sup bro? Dude, I think it's actually stronger cuz it melted a little bit? This thing is solid dude We should try to destroy it? So if you guys want a fort Or house made of snow Don't ask us, cuz it's too much work Still holds up! It still holds up!!! It's still holding Dang, you guys built a good house It's solid Greg, you alright? GET ME OUTTA HERE!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! This- whoaaa! Ryan Higa Snow Production Company! We make houses out of snow Who said it's strong? It is strong Utah!- OHHHHHHHHH Good Job "U" having fun? What's up everybody? It's your boy, Dereleek Thanks so much guys for watching this video It was super fun building that igloo Click that link above if you wanna see our last video And if you guys are watching on a phone or tablet, don't forget to click the link in the description box

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