Building a Catapult!

Hi Ready? Yeah I like your shoes Thanks, they were free Courtesy Jeremy Lin Where do you wanna eat? I don't know This is my first meal of the day And it's 5 o'clock It's the first meal of the day Hey, that was high-pitched dude That was good So, we are going to One of the best restaurants in the world Probably the fanciest thing we can think of on the spot And you're about to see it Right abooout *music noises* Twenty Minutes Later We are here Are you ready for the reveal? The best place you can eat in Vegas *Awesome music* Oh, wait Can't see it You know Jeremy? He has a card from Chipotle He gets free Chipotle Somebody tweet Chipotle and say we want one of those cards Cause we give you guys more business than everybody else I know Alright, what did you get this time Chicken Always the same thing You always get chicken And with it, guacamole See, I change mine up with like steak, chicken We came here to eat first because we couldn't decide what we were going to do today We still have no idea, so by the time we leave here, we have to know something we're going to do today Alright Not just going to eat for a video Who does that? (singing) Lunchtime With Smosh That's a good series though I like watching them eat too Anyway, bye One Hour Later So, we don't know what we were gonna do still I think we were to focused on just enjoying Chipotle We should've went someplace that was like terrible so, we could be like, uggh, let's think of something to do You know what we do have though? What? That, uhh, catapult thing

*Gasp* That we got from *not sure* Ohh, we could make the catapult *crash* Is it messed up, sometimes, you know when people like Make turns that they shouldn't have made – yeah Cause I'm clearly, like, in their lane I easily could've braked earlier, but I wait a little bit more to freak them out Yeah *nodding* Because they should learn You shouldn't do that I don't take risks Risks Risk Like the plural of risk is really hard to say There's so many words that I have a hard time saying like that I think that's just a Hawaiian thing or Being from Hawaii We don't speak proper English We no speak good If you notice, me and Sean – Sean and I *giggling* Used to speak a lot worse, back in the day I just spit, all over my arm Me and Sean – Sean and I *laughing* We just didn't know how to talk We didn't know how to speak But, I guess that's part of th–*gasps* A ferrari (in awe) I didn't take my meds today No meds, no creds Oh my god *laughing* What does that even mean? Yup It's just one of those days where I just, don't take my meds and Sean has to deal with me We're almost to Sean's house, so bye? We'll see you at Sean's house right now We're like, nah nah, we're still here Right now Nah, my hands still on the thing Right now *laughing* Naahh nah nah nah nah Okay Naahhh, okay Yeah, we're here So, we couldn't figure out what to do, so we just started walking around and driving around Driving around town and now, Will's also here Hi Will We didn't get Will Chipotle *evil laughing* *Ryan being weird* Oh dude Anyway Let's go make this catapult though Yeah, that's what we were going to do Okay, we're making the catapult Alright, this looks superfun for someone like you Alright, I'm not good with these like, I never made models as a kid Me neither My brother loved that stuff He's like you Alright, what can I help you with, because I feel like I'm doing nothing *loud sneeze* Bless you Uhh, gonna put the boogers on here Oh, dude *laughing* I'm trying not to Oh! *bleeped out swear word* It scared me I guess I'm not an engineer, so What? *laughing* Look what we got so far We got *awesome music* *drop the bass* Don't drop that, I don''t wanna drop it Uh-oh What? Uh-Ohh What did we mess up? *laughing* What did we mess up? This bottom has to be flipped dude Ohhh, dude – We used the wrong sides UHH-OHHH We're in trouble Something's gonna bubble *bad snap noise* OH! Good? I don't know I hope so I hope so too Yay!!! Oh, god Nice, problem avoided Uh-Oh

*laughing* What? What did we do wrong? Oh no, we didn't, we didn't, we didn't Don't scare me like that Ta-Dah!!!! Ready? Ready 1, 2, 3 Fiirree *gibberish* Fiiirrrreeee Come on bro, you gotta pull it I am So much pressure, that's why Ready? 1, 2 ohhhh Wow That went hella far We are done! We finished making the catapult This bad boy Look at that At least it looks go- I mean, we might not, like, be the best at aiming with them But, it looks cool That's the main thing Let us know what you guys want us to do next Because clearly we don't want to be just driving around again, right Sean? Yup! Alright, right With that being said Skittle me This is gonna hurt, I already know With that being said, skittle me Sean 1, 2 Where'd it go? 1, 2 Ohh, dude Where'd it go?! 1, 2, 3 Wait, wait, I'm not ready *gibberish* I'm so scared Ready? Uh-huh 1, 2, 3 Dude, it hits you hard Ohh, that was my face Oh my god I'm so scared *happy he lived noises* Your turn 1, 2 Wait, where is it? Right here 3 Right at your face Hit my finger dude Ohhh, that was close Alright, I'm gonna try two at once That went over you Man, this is harder than I thought it was gonna be Too low, too low Oh, my head Orange, ready? Ohh, one of them broke Nice 1, 2, 3 You got it!!!! *happiness* Yeah!!! Now, we can finally end the damn video Game over Don't try that at home unless you want to lose some teeth Bye!!! What's up guys? Hope you enjoyed that video Clink that link to watch last weeks video and If you wanna see us do more things and, you know Comment in the comment box below You know what I'm saying? I don't know what I'm doing

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