Brane Games: What Color is the Dress?

What color is the dress? Is it black and blue or white and gold? Or maybe a different color all together Scientist have tried to science it, Theorist have attempted to theorize it But what is the true answer to this suddenly infamous question Find out next on an all new episode of Brane Games Hello, and welcome to Brane Games and today we are going to be solving the mystery of the ever so popular color-changing dress but before we do that, it's important that we warm up our brains a little bit first I have my volunteer here named Ryan, and he is going to be participating in Brane Games A-ha! That was the first test Did you realize Ryan? that we actually already did the intro sequence and that was the second time we showed it? Ryan: Err yeah I mean, that just happened right, before you introduced yourself You see, just like Ryan here your brain is not warm enough to be ready for such a difficult question such as, What color is the dress? So what we need to do first is warm up that brain with a little, Brane Games *awkward silence* You see? If you thought the title sequence was going to start again then you were completely wro– On to our first game, it's called "The Math Psychic" So this is for all of you at home, just follow along I'm going to hold up a number of fingers behind my back but before I reveal what that is, I want all of you at home to pick a number in your head, got it? Good Now add five to your original number Whatever number you are at now, subtract one and now, add two Now, subtract your original number that you started off with Because the number you are at, right now is the exact number of fingers I have up behind my back That's right, Six! Welcome to Brane Games Our next game is called "The Train Saw Massacre" I'm going to be using my volunteer, Ryan but I want all of you at home to follow along So Ryan, If two trains are on the same track headed towards one another Train A is going 50 miles per hour While Train B is going 50 kilometers an hour assuming there's no wind and both trains left the station at the same time What is most likely to be yelled out by the passengers on Train A? Is it A: All of the above B: Help! C: Nooooooooooooo! Or D: Look out! Ryan: I mean I-how am I supposed to I guess, C? So close The answer is B, C and D Actually would've been correct if we were talking about Train B because it's probably filled with foreigners being that they measure in kilometers However the question was about Train A, measured in miles per hour which means most of the passengers were Americans and those are not what Americans would say in that scenario Ryan: I mean, even with that all that's left is the letter "A" All of the above and there's nothing else above it so Wrong again The answer is actually "A" all of the above You have to think outside of the box Ryan: What box? You see, the correct answers were E: Who cares! F: This is so dumb G: This needs to stop because if it doesn't Or H: 2 trainz!!! Ryan: I couldn't even see those though, so that's not really fair right? You have to see the full picture Ryan I mean after all this is, Brane Games and finally we have our last game It's called "What do you see on the screen?" Probably one of our simpler games All you have to do is tell me What do you see on the screen? Ryan? Ryan: Umm

The letter "A"? Wrong, the correct answer is the color red Ryan: Oh I thought you were talking- Next question, What do you see on the screen now? Do you see the color blue? Ryan: Yes Wrong again, the correct answer is The letter "A" Ryan: But you're the one that asked me- Next question, What do you see on the screen now? Ryan: Well, I see the letter "A" and it's colored gray/grey Gray/Grey spelled with an "a" or with an "e"? Ryan: Does it matter? Not really :/ Ryan: Okay

I guess with an "a" then Wrong, the answer we were looking for- Ryan: Fine, grey with an "e" then Still wrong Ryan: What? The correct answer we were looking for was The letter "A" colored, a light black Ryan: I don't think that's even a color- However, if we were to darken this gray/grey colored "A" to the color black, What do you see on the screen now? Ryan: Okay, you said that that was the color black Correct Ryan: and nothing physically changed in the image from the last one, right? Indeed Ryan: Okay, then the answer has to be the letter "A" colored black Ryan, that, is absolutely wrong πŸ˜€ Ryan: What? The correct answer was, A 90-degree rotated-unfinished drawing of Pac Man, eating a Tic-Tac Next and final question, Ryan: Thank god What, letter, do you see on the screen now? Ryan: What letter? Correct Ryan: And nothing to do with the color right? Indeed Ryan: And it's not some stupid answer like, An unfinished drawing of Pac Man It's an actual letter in the English alphabet That is correct Ryan: OkayI can do this Ryan: Then it has to be, the letter "A" Wrong πŸ˜€ Ryan: What the f**k! The correct answer was, An extremely zoomed-in picture of the letter "B" Ryan: Okay, but the letter "B" is made up, of a bunch of "A"s So, technically my answer wasn't wrong this time, right? πŸ˜€ Wrong again, the "B" is not made from a bunch of "A"s Ryan: What? Then what is it made of then? Unfinished Pac Man drawings πŸ™‚ Ryan: You son of a- And finally, now that your brain is warmed up and ready, We'll ask the question once again, What color is the dress? Well, now that your brain is prepared You can finally see the full picture And I'll answer your question with another question Is the dress, even a dress? People assume that it was a dress when really, if you do what I've been telling you to do throughout this entire episode and see the full picture You'll see that this infamous dress is actually a Ryan: Shirt! It's a shirt! Now it all makes sense why you had me doing all those stupid exercises This whole time, everybody was arguing about the color of the dress but when you look at the full picture, the true answer to the question is It's a shirt Wrong Ryan:

What? The correct answer is actually, "A" Ryan: Seriously? You made me, and the audience go through all of this and you're not even going to give us a serious answer? I did answer it, the answer is "A" Ryan: That makes no sense! What does the letter "A" have anything to do with the color of the dress?! Oh, not the letter "A" The answer is "A" You have to see the full picture, remember? [You have to think outside the box] [The answer is actually "A"] [Is actually "A"] Ryan: All of the above? Yup! And the next time somebody asks you the question What color is the dress? All you have to do is say, 'A: All of the above, Who cares! This is so stupid! This needs to stop because if it doesn't' *suggestive look* Ryan: ? *more suggestive look* Ryan: If it doesn't then what? *points* πŸ˜€ *looks* Ryan: 2 Trainz!!! ? See, now you're on the right track 2 TRAINZ!!! TEEHEE! πŸ˜€ So thank you guys again so much for watching If you want to see bloopers and behind the scenes click the one on the left If you want to see the previous video, click the one on the right and, since I know you guys are already gonna ask The colors that I see are actually the colors

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