Boy Band Gaming Music Video! (Dear Ryan)

"Dear Ryan, can you make a boy band music video about games?" We got asked to do something very similar before, but I think it was about um what was itsandwiches? Yep, that's what it was there's a small part of a bigger Dear Ryan I remember because so many of you were commenting about how you wanted the full version of this song you guys are commenting more about That small part that dear Ryan than you were about the rest of the videos so that was shocking guys I recorded the entire song in my closet using a very cheap microphone and using stock Garage Band that it comes with every single Mac and It sounded awesome, so yeah, I tried probably should've put it on I tunes I'm just kidding, it was so bad We were trying to parody basically 90's boy band which back in the nineties if you were alive Then didn't seem cringy then but you go and watch them now It's a straight-up big old-fashioned cringefest Why did I have to say it like that? I am so off topic back to the video Hey guys I probably should have commented on this first But as you can see the vlog room is finally completed courtesy of Sean and Daina They actually surprised me and created this whole thing without me knowing what it was gonna be and I I loved it They have a second channel video coming soon showing the whole thing anyway, so now that everything is set And I'm all moved in we can finally get back into the swing of things I know I know we've been a little slow on posting videos lately

That's you know carrying over from last year as well it's completely my fault not only because of the whole moving situation getting messed up, but also because well, I I don't know how else to say this, but I I relapsed again um It's hard for me to talk about as some of you guys already know I have had a very dangerous addiction to Well I've had a dangerous addiction to it When I get stressed out Okay fine this bit is not funny addiction is a real thing I know see this is just paper I don't actually smoke this was root beer and that well This one's real as you guys know I kind of do have an addiction to energy drinks, but you know what's the big deal nobody ever gets hurt from energy My chest the real dangerous addiction I relapse into was Well gaming too much energy drinks And I know I know a lot of you think that this is some kind of joke It's not when I get really into games It harms every aspect of my life because I'm one of those people that you know when I get into a game I get really into it You know because it's fun my eating patterns changed because I forget to eat a lot of times I skip meals when I'm playing games free time that I would normally use to workout or go hang out with people in real life Go straight to gaming I'm constantly sleep-deprived because I keep pushing myself making four hours is enough sleep three hours So you still feel okay? – two is not that bad Well the sun's already up so I might as well stay up I mean I got these I don't really need it I'm sure a lot of you gamers have very similar experiences Maybe not all of you But one of the biggest things that gaming can take a toll on relationships because more than anything Gaming takes away your time and your attention and that's one of the most important things you need for a relationship so if you're a hardcore gamer And you want to have a relationship really think about it before you get into one you're probably gonna have to Sacrifice something things are gonna change I'm not saying

It's not possible to have both There's always a balance, but trust me something has got to give and it's just not gonna be the same so Unless He's behind , not behind the

over the hill Over the hill, He's not behind the I just told you I just told you I just ohhh ummmYou know what guys I'm gonna have to go AFK for a little bit Just protect me, yep just protect me Okay, I'll admit it I did forget that I agreed to go shopping with you today, but um in my defense I Do recall saying I didn't want to really is it that much to ask you spend a few hours with me together Well, I mean we spend tons of hours together Why does it have to be out shopping like? we don't need anything new we own that we have groceries It's not about shopping It's about spending quality time together Just you and me except all you want to do is play your stupid little games with your stupid friends Why can't we just spend quality time together here? Doing what? Playing your games? Well, yeah, I mean you just said that it's not about what we do

It's just supposed to be Ughhh Justughh Gee G-g-gee come on All right guys I'm back

Let's do this Even though you probably don't want us to here we go again So muted my mic ever fought all night, I realized that It was really about spending time and why? I just Control just for you me no makeup to impress just like a We just Where to suffer just for you – You know my friends I've been mad We first added to the chatty we're give it a run or two and you see we all got each other's fast run – If there's no more room in my squad lobby Bravo I'll sit up just for you Oh, we'll just give very good My spirit The bias that On a completely unrelated note, and I just saw one thing Yeah, what's up, man? Thank God for Autotune Voiceover just for you we can live the dream at you if you be my player Hey I'm back ! You guys ready to hop on? Want me to text the guys? Who were you playing with? Ahhyeahummm What's going on here? Yeah? We kinda already started I don't think I got a text from you or any of the other What is it what what is this you guys started another group? Without me? Yeah,I mean look we kind of noticed that your KTa's been well Let's just say pretty average lately Yeah It might have dropped a little it's only because I've been working so hard like one of us has to pay for the virtual currency And even then you didn't need to start without me

There's still room for one more Well about that Yeah, you know believe it or not ever since we kicked Derrick out dude He's been practicing and he got really good so You replaced me with Derrick?! yeah Want to go What? I want to go shopping !! So leave your questions in the comments below, and you could be responsible for the next video Hey G?! Laughter Even then even then

I dont remember Do like some spins Burps Ohh dude What? Got your ears pierced? Yeah yeah some weird feet eww

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