BgA – Who’s It Gonna Be (Official Music Video)

Alright Fandom name, group color, new song It's all we got to figure out today

Easy! Why are we doing this again? That's what we need in order to be a K-pop band Says who? Everyone! The comments, uh, Google The hell is a fandom name? Fandom name is basically what the fans call themselves Like Justin Bieber fans are called Beliebers Um, don't we already have a fandom name? the BgA Army? According to the comments, that's already taken by some other group called like Behind The Scenes or I don't know Well since our first and only song is about poop Again, thank you for that, David What? ;-; Maybe something like uh K- Poopers?? Yeah, yeah, that makes sense I don't care That's pretty cool, but umm Do you think the fans would like being called poopers? F*CK YEAH! *fanservice* (I can hear fans nosebleeding right now) Umm

okay Yeah most of our fans are girls And girls like poop jokes so Cool alright, we got our fandom name, uhh

Next thing on the list, we got group color I'm just gonna throw it out there I personally like silver I could do silver But that's like second place What? Gold is first, silver is second Gold! GOLD tho! I look good in gold! Y'all know what I'm saying?! Y'know-you know what I'm- Know what I mean? No No, I don't know what you're saying So what color do you want to choose? Gold Oh me too Okay, well we have two for gold, two for silver Jun be our tiebreaker I-I'm fine with either Yeah so, which one do you prefer? Yeah so which one's better, gold or silver? Obviously gold, right? Don't try and convince him! Pick one you idiot C-can we do both? Yeah, I don't see why not Actually I never really thought of that before Yeah I've never seen 2 colours Yeah and we can have like the glow sticks that kpop groups have? Like add a silver and gold option? And we can have our logos, like, BgA on the stick Yeah, yeah! Oh God, that is the dumbest idea ever! Silver and gold doesn't even go together! Who's gonna buy these glow sticks? I'm not putting my money in for that garbage, man Okay well you know what we'll just come back to it because it's not that important What we REALLY need to figure out New song We haven't had a song since last year! Well whatever it's about I better get some lines in this one Because you took all the lines last time Obviously I'm the leader *scoffs* You're the leader?! Are you kidding me? I'm obviously the lead Have you not read my Twitter feed? They ALL say so Have YOU read the comments? You're like everybody's LEAST favourite! Yeah because you hog all the lines! Okay, I'm pretty sure Jun is everyone's least favorite I don't care about being the leader I just better be higher than Jun, okay? I think I'm about second place, cause I like silver What, silver? You just said that you liked gold! N-now you're flip flopping but all of a sudden Okay, all I know is that I better be higher than Jun (so he's gonna be topping Jun? I see that) *overlapping conversation* ALRIGHT! Alright, okay We're not gonna get anywhere like this There's only one way to figure out who the leader is How? We make a song, with everybody in it Equally, and we just see what happens Okay, but what's the song gonna be about? Exactly what we've been talking about this whole time Who's it gonna be? OH MY GOD! That better not be the name of the song THAT IS SO CHEES- "Who's It Gonna Be?" Singers: BgA K-Poopers, where u at? BgA BGA Jun? Is that really you? Wait what are you guys doing? Why do you look like that?! Look, man We're happy for you We really are But

Ever since you left the group It's been really tough for the rest of us Yea We've just been doing all we can to get by But it's only been one week Oh Well it's been a really tough week Yeah yeah 7 days long time WHY ARE YOU EVEN TALKING TO THIS TRAITOR? HE LEFT US YOU LEFT US WE KNOW ALL ABOUT YOUR TALKING TO THE MANAGER AND YOUR LITTLE CONTRACT So why are you even here? Actually That's exactly why I'm here This pretty much guarantees me fame, money and everything that we have been working forward together as a group But it says I have to do this alone Without you guys

Which is why I felt the need to come here and do this *rips paper* *throws* What's the point of fame and fortuneif it's not with you guys Dude


We could tape it! GLUE! I have some glue in the car! *talking in the background* Hey Are those Are those the glowsticks?! Told you gold and silver doesn't match *gives sh*tty gowsticks to Jun* *fanservice* Idiot [Baka] Ah, aaah! And it's Sign sign sign sign sign Sign sign right here right on his belly button Guys, it's gone THERE It's good Let it go

Guys, it's in my email I can print out another one You're so s *hits Jun* And now for some bloopers and credits that nobody really looks at *click* Well, obviously I'm the leader *asthma attack* Yeah, 'cuz you hog all the lines *cough* All I– MAKE IT TO NUMBER ONE!

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